Can we consume tomatoes in winter?

Don’t wait till summer. This cooking technique makes winter tomatoes perfectly tasty.

You don’t have to be an award-winning restaurant chef to know that tomatoes in the winter are just sad—and rarely worth the money. They’re pink, gritty, and as flavorless as concrete. After all, tomatoes thrive in the summer light and heat. They get their profound taste by ripening for hours in steamy temperatures during long July days. The cold temperatures of winter do nothing for these delectable fruits.

So, should you avoid winter tomatoes entirely? Certainly not. In fact, I’m going to reveal the most wonderful reason why you should purchase winter tomatoes on a regular basis.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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This dish is the single reason you should go directly to the tomatoes the next time you go grocery shopping. Slow roasting is one of the greatest ways to prepare winter tomatoes since it brings out their sweetness. These tomatoes may be served as a basic side dish with a piece of steak or chicken and a whole grain, or you can get creative:

– Put all the roasted tomatoes in a bowl. With an immersion blender, mix until lumpy or smooth (your preference). You have a homemade tomato sauce that’s perfect on top of pasta, with fish, or as the base of a hearty tomato soup.

– Chop finely once cooled. Mix in the minced onion and basil. For a wintery bruschetta, spoon over whole-wheat baguette pieces. Pour a balsamic glaze or reduction over the top.

– Finely chop cooked tomatoes. Add to cooked spaghetti for a supper that couldn’t be simpler. Be sure to save a bit of the pasta water when you drain your noodles, and then stir it back in when you combine the pasta and tomatoes. The water provides thickness and creaminess, making the tomato sauce velvety rich without the need of calorie-laden cream.

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