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How do you cover an ottoman with a cow hide?

Lay the ottoman upside down on top of the cowhide. Wrap the cowhide tightly around the ottoman. While you are wrapping and pulling tight, staple the cowhide to the bottom of the ottoman. Cut the excess cowhide.

What are Ottomans used for?


An ottoman is a piece of furniture that is typically used as a comfortable footrest in front of a couch or chair, though you can also use it as a stool or even a coffee table.

Is cowhide a leather?

Cowhide is a byproduct of the beef industry, so it is plentiful. Leather is "animal skin dressed for use," according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Cowhide is a type of leather, but just one form of it. It is also the most plentiful and most common.

Can you use cowhide for upholstery?

One question that we’ve been asked a lot is: Can we use your cowhides to upholster some chairs (or seats or ottomans)? The answer is a resounding YES! In addition to being great rugs, our cowhides make for really wonderful upholstered furniture.

How do you attach cowhide to wood?


I cut the cowhide to size and then used regular old Goop/Gorilla Glue to adhere the hide to the wood. (I had been thinking that if I got tired of the cowhide, I could also do a similar treatment with burlap or some other fabric…) I used nail-head upholstery trim on the edges.

Is an ottoman worth it?

Ottomans Provide Extra Seating Even though they aren’t designed or marketed as seating, ottomans are a great piece to have around when you need extra seating. A small, round ottoman works well as a seat for one person, while a larger one can accommodate two or more.

Where do you put an ottoman?


If you plan on using it to store living room accessories, the ottoman can go virtually anywhere – next to the sofa, in the corner of the room or adjacent to the entertainment system. If you’re using the ottoman as more of a statement piece, place it between your seating arrangement to mimic a coffee table.

How large should an ottoman be?

The size of your ottoman or coffee table should generally be 2/3rds of the width of your sofa or sectional. Allow 14" – 18" of space between your ottoman or coffee table and your sofa. This allows for plenty of space to pass through, but still keeps the ottoman or coffee table within reach while sitting.

How can you tell if a cow hide is real?

You’ll know if it’s a genuine cowhide rug as the smell of good leather is unmistakable. A genuine rug won’t smell of chemicals or have the plasticky odor of synthetic materials.

How long does cowhide leather last?

Cowhide Leather It doesn’t matter whether the skin belongs to a younger cow or a seasoned one. These leather bags can last a lifetime.

Which is better cowhide or genuine leather?

Genuine leather stains extremely easily and does not wear well with age. Additionally, if any liquid comes into contact with genuine leather, it will peel and flake. And because the hide used to make genuine leather is so thin, it is sometimes bonded to vinyl to make it sturdier.

How do you put cowhide on furniture?

Take It Step by Step

  1. Make a template of what you will need. …
  2. Use your new template to cut foam to size to use for the cushions. …
  3. Next wrap the foam in the quilt batting. …
  4. Now it is time for the cowhide. …
  5. Iron the cowhide before you attach it to the furniture. …
  6. Use a staple gun to add the new cowhide upholstery.

How do you cut cowhide?

Can I staple leather?

How do you hang cowhide without nails?


A combination of a casing and rod hooks is a relatively simple way to hang your cowhide rug without nails. Mount the rod hooks onto the wall. This might require drilling screws into the wall, but at least it will just be in one spot on the wall. Be sure to measure the length of the rod against the back of your rug.

What is the best glue for leather to wood?


A: Any white or yellow wood glue will bond most raw leather to wood, Dudley. According to technical specialist Dale Zimmerman at Franklin International, that company’s original Titebond glue once was used to connect the ends of leather drive belts for heavy machinery in factories.

How do you glue cowhide?

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