Deck the Halls with Taste of Country’s New Merch: Perfect Gifts for Every Country Fan!

Taste of Country is excited to make your holiday shopping a breeze this year with a brand-new line of merchandise, perfect for country music enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a loved one or treating yourself, our store has you covered.


Unique T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for Every Country Fan

Chung Cake: A Must-Have Food In Vietnamese Tet Holiday

Artist Campaign Shirts

Campaign for your favorite country stars with our exclusive Artist Campaign Shirts. Choose from the spirited "Dolly / Reba ’24" or the dynamic "Wallen / Hardy ’24." These designs come in assorted color combinations, and fans can even opt for a hooded sweatshirt in both styles.

Put Your Damn Phone Away Shirt

Enhance your concert experience with the "Put Your Damn Phone Away" T-shirt. Say goodbye to those distracting live-streamers and let your shirt do the talking. This design is available in T-shirt and sweatshirt options, each in two stylish color combinations.

Yellowstone Train Station Tour Shirt

For fans of the hit show Yellowstone, our Train Station Tours shirt is a must-have. With three different colors to choose from, it’s the perfect gift for any Dutton Ranch lover.

Unisex Fit and Classic Fleece Pullovers

Regional Manager (Additional Adult Unisex Tee)

All our T-shirts are available in a comfortable unisex fit, ranging from sizes small to 3XL. The sweatshirts are classic fleece pullovers, also offered in sizes small to 3XL.

Where to Find These Exclusive Items


To explore and purchase these fantastic new designs, visit Stay in the loop with our latest offerings by checking out the "New Arrivals" tab.

Celebrate Country Music Milestones

In addition to our exciting new merchandise, take a trip down memory lane with "30 Country Songs Turning 30 in 2024." Tracy Lawrence captured it perfectly when he sang, "Time Marches On." Discover the timeless tunes that will be entering a new decade in 2024, all released back in 1994.

Make your holiday season memorable with Taste of Country’s New Merch, available just in time for the festivities. Shop now and spread the joy of country music with these exclusive items!

Fashioning the Holidays with Taste of Country:

What’s New in Taste of Country’s Monthly Top 40 List?

Taste of Country’s revamped monthly Top 40 list brings exciting changes to how you engage with your favorite songs. Departing from the traditional reverse order, we’ve integrated insightful data to enhance your music discovery experience. Take a look at the notable improvements:

  • Diverse Artist Presence: Explore the dynamic Top 40 featuring talents like Bailey Zimmerman, Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll, and Morgan Wallen, each contributing with two songs.

Stay tuned for an enriched music journey as Taste of Country continues to elevate your experience with the latest and greatest in country music.

Is Taste of Country a Good Place to Buy Christmas Food?

Looking for Christmas delights? Taste of Country emerges as a prime destination for your seasonal food purchases. We boast an extensive selection of baked, frozen, and packaged confectionery items. Additionally, our inventory spans a wide variety of gifts, home decor, cooking essentials, and craft items, making us the go-to hub for seasonal holidays. When it comes to quality, rest assured, our items are consistently rated as "good." Elevate your festive experience with the diverse and high-quality offerings at Taste of Country.

What is a Taste of the Country?

Discover the essence of rural living with "A Taste of the Country," a celebration that beckons both town and country dwellers to embrace a deeper connection with the land and the food on their plates. With only 1 item left in stock, this experience is a unique invitation to engage more intimately with the surroundings and the culinary delights that define the country lifestyle.

Is "Something in the Orange" a Top 10 Country Song in 2022?

In 2022, the compelling combination of exceptional songwriting and a subtly powerful performance has propelled "Something in the Orange" into the ranks of the Top 10 country songs. With no hesitation, Zach Bryan emerges as the breakout star of the year, and his poignant heartbreak anthem is taking the lead in shaping the country music landscape.

Are the T-shirts and Sweatshirts Available in Different Sizes?

When it comes to sizing, our T-shirts and sweatshirts cater to diverse preferences. Sweatshirts offer a more relaxed and loose fit, ensuring comfort and style. Meanwhile, our T-shirts come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit based on your body size. Embrace the freedom to tailor your style with Taste of Country’s range of sizes for both T-shirts and sweatshirts.

How Do I Buy Taste of Country Music Festival Tickets?

Optimize your ticket-buying experience with SeatGeek, the preferred platform for exploring, locating, and purchasing Taste of Country Music Festival tickets. Simply peruse the listings above to find the event that suits your preferences. Upon discovering the ideal date and show time, click on the right-hand side button of the event to unveil all available tickets for that specific show. Streamline your ticket purchase process and secure your spot at the Taste of Country Music Festival seamlessly through SeatGeek.

Where Can I Find Country Coach Logo Apparel?

Discover a fantastic array of Country Coach Logo apparel at our Junction City showroom and on our website, Dive into our collection of CC logoed jackets, hats, and shirts, showcasing the epitome of style. Additionally, explore logoed aftermarket items like license plate frames, key fobs, and coffee mugs to add a touch of Country Coach flair to your everyday essentials.

Is Country Attire a Good Brand?

With numerous orders placed over the years, Country Attire consistently delivers positive experiences. Boasting a diverse range, their swift dispatch, and hassle-free returns, if needed, make them a highly recommended company. Despite occasional hiccups, such as faulty items, the brand’s commitment to quick refunds contributes to an overall positive customer perception.

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