Did phil off of duck dynasty died

On Thursday (August 11) the actor’s reps officially confirmed that Phil Robertson is not dead. “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized …

Is Phil Robinson from Duck Dynasty alive?

He is also featured on the television show Duck Commander, a hunting program on the Outdoor Channel. …

Phil Robertson
BornPhil Alexander Robertson April 24, 1946 Vivian, Louisiana, U.S.
Alma materLouisiana Tech University
OccupationHunter, businessman, reality television star
Years active1972–present

Is Bobo from Duck Dynasty still alive?

Also, Bobo is doing fine. He’s in therapy now. Dad has got ’em doing some therapy with him at least while we’re away. Phil Robertson chimed in to explain that when he brought the story up on the podcast a week+ ago, he was under the impression that what happened with Bobo was a rare event.

Who Molested JEP?

Robertson’s revelation comes in the wake of revelations that several of the Duggar family sisters were molested by their older brother Josh when he was a teen. Jep and his wife can relate to the public scrutiny the “19 Kids and Counting” family is now facing.

Why did Duck Dynasty end?

Duck Dynasty’s cancellation was a "mutual decision" The numbers don’t lie, and viewers were simply tuning out following the controversy. The GQ piece ran between seasons 4 and 5; by the end of that fifth season, viewership had dropped by 2.4 million from the previous season’s record breaking numbers.

How much is Phil from Duck Dynasty worth?


Phil Robertson Net Worth: Phil Robertson is an American hunting enthusiast, businessman, and reality television star who has a net worth of $10 million. Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family which owns and operates a multi-million dollar hunting accessory company called Duck Commander.

Did Miss Kay leave Phil?

FOX411: In "The Women of Duck Dynasty" you [write that you] forgave Phil for his drinking and abuse and infidelity. Miss Kay: The worst advice I ever got was when they told me to leave him. I attribute a lot of [sticking with Phil] to my grandma.

Did Miss Kay have an accident?

Miss Kay is currently recovering at home "Duck Dynasty" star Kay Robertson was hospitalized on Tuesday night after she was apparently bitten by the family’s dog, Bobo, in an attack that left a piece of her lip missing.

How does Miss Kay feel about Phil’s daughter?


Miss Kay’s reaction: ‘I always wanted a daughter’ The sons said all of them and family matriarch "Miss Kay," who suffered from Phil’s philandering in the early days of their marriage, have welcomed the 45-year-old daughter, Phyllis, and her husband and children into the family.

Was Jep a drug addict?

In the book, Jep also writes about his drug and alcohol addled past as a teen, which began after he fell in with the wrong crowd. "I got to be friends with some guys that had just graduated," Jep told ET.

What church do the Robertsons go to?

The church that the Robertsons attend and where Phil Robertson is an elder, White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, La., has received hundreds of phone calls from fans across the country, said Mike Kellett, the senior pastor.

When did Phil Robertson find his daughter?

May 28, 2020

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Discovered He Has an Adult Daughter. Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson dropped shocking news on May 28, 2020 during his Unashamed With Phil Robertson podcast– He learned that he fathered a daughter outside of his marriage to Miss Kay.

What is duck Commanders net worth?

Willie Robertson – Duck Commander – Net Worth

Net Worth:$40 Million
Date of Birth:Apr 22, 1972 (50 years old)
Nationality:United States of America

How much money does Duck Commander make a year?

Duck Commander

Duck Commander Logo since 2000
Revenue$40 million (2012)
Operating income$20 million (2012)
OwnersWillie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jep Robertson

How much did Duck Dynasty make per episode?

Duck Dynasty Gets $70,000 Per Episode from Louisiana Taxpayers.

Who owns Duck Commander now?

Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures top-of-the-line duck calls, and the star of Duck Dynasty, one of America’s most highly rated shows.

What is Justin Martin’s net worth?


Justin Martin net worth: Justin Martin is an American businessman and reality television personality from the reality show Duck Dynasty who has a net worth of $700 thousand.

How is Duck Commander doing now?


WILLIE AND KORIE Willie runs a Duck Commander store, which sells hunting gear and apparel. He and Korie launched a production company called Happy Camper Productions in 2018 and filed to keep it active in August 2021. The couple films their own series, At Home with the Robertsons, on Facebook.

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