Discover the Top 10 Trending Living Room Designs for 2023

When it comes to modern living spaces, the possibilities are endless. The basic elements of a living or family room, including seating, a coffee table, lighting, and often a television or fireplace, serve as a canvas for creativity. People all over the world are constantly seeking inspiration to transform their homes into inviting and stylish havens.

In a recent Trending Now report by Houzz, we explored the most-saved living room and family room photos uploaded between June 15 and September 15, 2023. These 10 living rooms have garnered significant attention and serve as a testament to the ever-evolving world of interior design.


1. Southern California Elegance

The Best New Living Room Trends That Will Dominate 2021, According to  Designers | Apartment Therapy

Mindy Gayer Design presents us with a living room that seamlessly blends transitional-style silhouettes, earthy textures, and a neutral palette. This room, located in Southern California, incorporates Spanish-style architectural elements, such as a rustic wood-paneled ceiling and header. Symmetry is key here, with twin sofas and antiqued mirrors flanking a contemporary fireplace, adding a touch of elegance.

2. Indiana’s Functional Oasis

Everything Home created an inviting living space in Indiana with entertainment in mind. Ample seating, including swivel chairs that bridge the living room and kitchen, make this space highly functional. A charcoal paneled accent wall above a stone fireplace creates a contemporary focal point. The chunky wood fireplace mantel and rustic wood floors infuse a dash of European country charm.

3. Midcentury Marvel in Missouri

My Houzz: Bright Midcentury Charm in Missouri - Midcentury - Games Room -  Kansas City - by Jessica Cain | Houzz IE

Joni Spear Interior Design takes us to St. Louis, Missouri, with a midcentury ranch home boasting an eclectic mix of metallic accents, retro furnishings, and vibrant art and textiles. The black-and-white rug and console complement the parquet marble checkered floor in the adjacent family room, evoking the ambiance of stately English manors with its green walls and antique furniture.

4. Dallas-area Sophistication

In Dallas, Spruill Custom Homes presents a living room characterized by soft, sophisticated tones. Beige, pale oak, gray, and hints of black create a timeless look. The smooth-faced fireplace is flanked by built-in cabinetry, featuring a slim mantel aligned with one of the floating shelves. Twin sofas and chairs sit atop a blue-gray Moroccan-style area rug, breaking the monotony of straight lines and symmetry.

These living rooms are just the beginning of the journey to find the perfect style for your home. Whether you’re drawn to Southern California’s elegance, Indiana’s functional oasis, Missouri’s midcentury marvel, or Dallas’s soft sophistication, these designs offer a wealth of inspiration for creating your own cozy and inviting space.

In summary, the 10 Most Popular New Living Rooms Right Now showcase the boundless possibilities of interior design. Each room tells a unique story, reflecting the creativity and individuality of homeowners seeking to make their living spaces warm and inviting.

Maximizing Space in Modern Homes

What is the most popular living room on Houzz?

  1. Soothing, Sophisticated Coastal: Nestled in Orange County, California, the title of the most sought-after living room on Houzz for the year 2021 goes to the elegantly crafted coastal sanctuary by Tamara Rene Designs. It’s a tranquil and sophisticated space that captivated the hearts of many.

What are the most popular living room photos of 2021?

  1. Great Room With Grand Views: The top living room photograph of 2021 showcases a splendid combination of design and breathtaking vistas. This Minneapolis gem, brought to life by Tays & Co Design Studios, seamlessly blends with the kitchen, boasting a striking stone fireplace wall, soaring double-height ceilings, and striking black-framed windows that frame picturesque lake panoramas.

What are the 2022 living room trends?

  • Embrace Functionality: In the realm of living room trends for 2022, the focus shifts toward functional furniture pieces over ornate decor. Opt for sleek, user-friendly furniture units.
  • The Rise of Black Accents: 2022’s design insights predict a surge in black accent designs, often juxtaposed against lighter and earthy color palettes. Expect a dynamic interplay of shades to make a statement in your living space.

What makes a great living room in Minneapolis?

  • Elevating Minneapolis Living: In the Minneapolis living room crafted by Tays & Co Design Studios, a striking feature takes center stage – a floor-to-ceiling plaster-covered fireplace surround. The design harmony is maintained by a light wood fireplace mantel that harmonizes with the ceiling beams. Complementing this grandeur, dark blue pleated curtains on either side of the fireplace resonate with the deep blue tufted sofa. It’s a captivating display of great room grandeur.

What is the most popular living room layout?

  • The Timeless Living Room Arrangement: One of the enduring and favored living room layouts is the face-to-face seating concept. This arrangement positions two sofas, or a sofa paired with a set of chairs, directly opposite each other. The design’s focal point is elegantly emphasized at one end, creating a harmonious and inviting living space.

Do people still use living rooms?

  • The Evolution of Home Spaces: Over time, the living room has evolved to become the focal point of modern homes. In contemporary settings, it has transformed into a spacious open area that seamlessly integrates the kitchen and sitting room. In some cases, it has even merged with other spaces, reflecting a shift in how we perceive and utilize this central area within our homes.

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