Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus Unite: ‘Wrecking Ball’ Cover Revealed

In a stunning musical collaboration, the legendary Dolly Parton has joined forces with Miley Cyrus to deliver a fresh rendition of "Wrecking Ball." Let’s dive into the intriguing details surrounding this cover and the exciting Rockstar album set to release on November 17th.


The Inspiration Behind ‘Wrecking Ball’ Cover

Dolly Parton Shares New "Wrecking Ball" Cover, Feat. Miley Cyrus: Listen

Dolly Parton’s connection with "Wrecking Ball" began at Miley Cyrus’s New Year’s Eve Party on December 31. Together, they performed a medley live on NBC, which included not only "Wrecking Ball" but also Parton’s own "Jolene," Patsy Cline’s "Walkin’ After Midnight," and Joan Jett & the Blackheart’s "I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll." Parton, expressing her admiration for the song, revealed, "When I heard ‘Wrecking Ball,’ I almost wept in my car. When it started into the chorus, it hit me like a wrecking ball! I thought how great can a song be and how great can Miley Cyrus be?"

‘Wrecking Ball’ in the Rockstar Album

Dolly Parton

This captivating cover of "Wrecking Ball" will be featured in Dolly Parton’s upcoming 30-song Rockstar album, which is scheduled for release on November 17. The Rockstar album marks an incredible milestone as Parton’s 49th studio album. This time, she takes a unique approach by embracing rock classics and offering her own interpretations.

Exploring Other Covers in Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Album

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album is an eclectic mix of covers, and she has already unveiled several remarkable tracks:

  • "Let It Be," featuring Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
  • The 4 Non Blondes hit, "What’s Up?" with Linda Perry.
  • Additionally, one original song, "World on Fire," is set to grace the album.

Here’s the complete tracklist for Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Album:

Track Number Song Title Featured Artist(s)
1 "Rockstar" Richie Sambora
2 "World on Fire"
3 "Every Breath You Take" Sting
4 "Open Arms" Steve Perry
5 "Magic Man" Ann Wilson with Howard Leese
6 "Long as I Can See the Light" John Fogerty
7 "Either Or" Kid Rock
8 "I Want You Back" Steven Tyler with Warren Haynes
9 "What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done for You" Stevie Nicks with Waddy Wachtel
10 "Purple Rain"
11 "Baby, I Love Your Way" Peter Frampton
12 "I Hate Myself for Loving You" Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
13 "Night Moves" Chris Stapleton
14 "Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus
15 "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction" P!nk and Brandi Carlile
16 "Keep on Loving You" Kevin Cronin
17 "Heart of Glass" Debbie Harry
18 "Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me" Elton John
19 "Tried to Rock and Roll Me" Melissa Etheridge
20 "Stairway to Heaven" Lizzo and Sasha Flute
21 "We Are the Champions"

The Rockstar album promises an exceptional musical journey, and Dolly Parton’s rendition of "Wrecking Ball" with Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly one of its highlights. Make sure to mark your calendars for November 17th and don’t miss the release of this incredible album!

Experience the power of their voices and their unique take on "Wrecking Ball" as it weaves its magic through your speakers.

Exploring the Significance of ‘Wrecking Ball’ in Dolly Parton’s Musical Journey

Did Dolly Parton Cover ‘Wrecking Ball’ with Miley Cyrus?

Dolly Parton, at the age of 77, teamed up with Miley Cyrus, her goddaughter, and a talented singer and actress, to release a rendition of "Wrecking Ball." This collaboration showcases the original artist, Miley Cyrus, joining forces with the legendary Dolly Parton for a refreshing take on the song. Released on a Friday, this cover brings together two generations of musical talent in a unique and captivating way.

Who Sang ‘Wrecking Ball’?

In this memorable performance, Miley Cyrus, renowned for her hit "Wrecking Ball," joined John at his piano to deliver a captivating rendition of the song. With her strong ties to classic music, notably being the goddaughter of Dolly Parton, Cyrus’s contribution to this performance added a special and unique touch to the song, making it a remarkable musical experience.

Are Miley Cyrus & Dolly Parton Collaborating on a Classic Song?

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton have united to create a classic tribute. Dolly Parton, who is Miley’s godmother, released a cover of Miley’s hit "Wrecking Ball," infusing it with a nod to her own iconic song, "I Will Always Love You." This remarkable collaboration begins as a ballad, offering a fresh and unique arrangement that pays homage to the classics in a delightful way.

Who Wrote ‘Wrecking Ball’ Miley Cyrus?

The song "Wrecking Ball" is a track from Miley Cyrus’s fourth studio album, Bangerz (2013). Released on August 25, 2013, as the album’s second single under RCA Records, the song’s creation involved a talented team of songwriters and producers. "Wrecking Ball" was penned by Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Mozella, Stephan Moccio, Sacha Skarbek, David Kim, and Miley Cyrus herself, showcasing a collaborative effort that led to its musical success.

Why Did Dolly Parton Cover ‘Wrecking Ball’?

Dolly Parton’s decision to cover "Wrecking Ball" was rooted in her genuine appreciation for both Miley Cyrus and the song itself. Their joint performance of "Wrecking Ball" and "I Will Always Love You" during Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve celebration served as an inspiration. Parton, who holds deep affection for the song, shared, "I thought, well, I have to do ‘Wrecking Ball’ because I love Miley and I love the song." This emotional connection made the inclusion of the song on her album a natural and meaningful choice.

When is Dolly Parton’s Rockstar Album Releasing?

Dolly Parton’s highly-anticipated Rockstar album, her forty-ninth solo studio release, is set to hit the music scene on November 17, 2023. This exciting musical venture, in collaboration with a diverse group of rock musicians, marks a significant departure for Parton into the rock genre. The album will be jointly released by Butterfly Records and Big Machine Records, promising a unique and memorable musical experience for her fans.

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