Exploring the Intense ‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Finale: Dutton Family Divided and a Shocking Cliffhanger

SPOILERS ALERT: ‘Yellowstone’: Season 1 Finale Leaves the Duttons Divided + an Enemy Hanging.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 recently concluded its run on CBS, marking the first-ever mainstream network broadcast of this popular series. The Season 1 finale, Episode 9 titled "The Unraveling, Pt. 2," left viewers on the edge of their seats with intense twists and a gripping storyline.


Dutton Family Divided


The finale picks up from where the previous episode left off, with Rip (Cole Hauser) facing an investigation for shooting a bear. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) steps in to rescue Rip, uncovering that the sheriff was hiding evidence that could exonerate him. The tension within the Dutton family grows as a result of these events.

Jamie’s Political Ambitions

In this episode, John advises his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) to hire a new family lawyer. This decision is spurred by Jamie (Wes Bentley) choosing to prioritize his political career over family loyalty. John firmly opposes Jamie’s bid for Attorney General and advises him to step down as Livestock Commissioner due to ongoing investigations.

Protecting the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

The Duttons Needed a Permit | Gallatin Conservation District

John also urges Beth to safeguard the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s legacy by placing it in a trust to ensure it’s never sold. His mission is to preserve the family’s way of life for generations to come, but this decision is not without its challenges.

Unconventional Spying

Rip takes an unconventional approach to protect the Yellowstone, recruiting a woman named Avery (Tanaya Beatty) from a local strip club to spy on their enemies, Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston). Her reward is a place in the bunkhouse, which sparks controversy among the men.

Family Dynamics

The family dynamics continue to evolve as Kayce (Luke Grimes) returns to the Yellowstone, while Monica (Kelsey Asbille) decides to go back to the reservation with Tate (Brecken Merrill). Jimmy (Jefferson White) grapples with finding his place within the ranch’s hierarchy.

Jamie’s Dilemma

The reporter investigating the Duttons convinces Jamie to go on the record against his own father, a move aimed at furthering his political campaign. This decision adds to the mounting tensions within the Dutton family.

The Shocking Cliffhanger

The Season 1 finale takes a shocking turn as it ends with Kayce, Rip, Jimmy, and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) kidnapping Dan Jenkins in broad daylight. They set him on a horse in the middle of nowhere with a noose around his neck. Jenkins defiantly reveals his plans for the valley, presenting John with an ultimatum to sell his land or lose it. In a chilling act, they leave Jenkins hanging from the noose after sending his horse away, leaving his fate uncertain.

What’s Next?

CBS has not yet announced a schedule for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2, and there have been delays in the second half of Season 5 on the Paramount Network due to an actors’ strike. Fans will have to wait for further information.

As ‘Yellowstone’ fans eagerly await the next season, the Season 1 finale has certainly left them with plenty of questions and anticipation for what’s to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on the future of ‘Yellowstone’ as we continue to cover this gripping drama.

"SPOILERS ALERT: ‘Yellowstone’: Season 1 Finale Leaves the Duttons Divided + an Enemy Hanging."

Unmasking the Suspense: The Shocking Cliffhanger in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 1 Finale

What Episode Do They Hang Dan in Yellowstone?

In the Season 1 finale of ‘Yellowstone,’ it appeared that the cowboys were hanging Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston). However, the Season 2 premiere reveals that he did, in fact, survive this hanging ordeal.

What Happened to John Dutton?

John Dutton Sr. led an adult life working alongside his uncle, Jacob Dutton, on the family’s land. He had a family of his own, including his wife, Emma, and their son, Jack. Tragically, John met his demise in an ambush orchestrated by the family’s adversaries.

How Many Children Does John Dutton Have?

John Dutton III, portrayed by Kevin Costner in ‘Yellowstone,’ holds the position of the family’s patriarch and later becomes the Governor of Montana. He is the father of four children: Lee, Beth, Kayce, and Jamie, although Jamie is technically his adopted son. Tragically, John’s wife, Evelyn, met her demise in a horseback riding accident.

Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much?

Beth’s deep-seated animosity towards Jamie can be traced back to a significant incident from their teenage years. Jamie’s role in facilitating an abortion left Beth permanently unable to have children, an event that continues to haunt her. Furthermore, Jamie’s status as an adopted child and his past actions in prior ‘Yellowstone’ seasons have compounded Beth’s resentment, intensifying her anger towards him over the years.

Who Got Hung in Yellowstone Season 1?

In a pivotal moment in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 1, Kayce returns home and takes a bold step to safeguard the family legacy. He hangs Dan Jenkins, effectively eliminating the threat Dan posed to the family ranch. However, the story takes a dramatic turn when Season 2 begins.

Who Were the Hanging in Yellowstone?

In ‘Yellowstone,’ Kayce, Rip, and other members of the bunkhouse took drastic action against Dan Jenkins, who had earned the enmity of the Duttons. They tied a rope around Dan’s neck and hung him from a tree, marking a dramatic turning point in the series.

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