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Ferdinand (March 12, 1983 – 2002) was a champion Thoroughbred racehorse who won the 1986 Kentucky Derby and 1987 Breeders’ Cup Classic and was the 1987 Horse of the Year. He entered stud in 1989 and was later sold to a breeding farm in Japan in 1994.


What are the names of the horses in Ferdinand?

With the help of hedgehogs Una, Dos, and Cuatro, Ferdinand and Lupe try to escape through the house. Ferdinand finds a wall of horns in a trophy room, including his father’s horns.

What do the horses say in Ferdinand?

They are a trio of horses who speak in heavy German accents, and make fun of the bulls for being “schtinky and ugly”. They’re painful stereotypes, and deliver lines like “I bet his parents are not even related!” Their rivalry with the bulls heats up in the middle of the movie, culminating in a dance battle.

Was Ferdinand slaughtered?

According to The Blood-Horse, in the Japanese racing industry, the term ”disposed of” means slaughtered. Speaking to The Associated Press, Watanabe said: ”Ferdinand was disposed of during last year. He was getting old and was in some discomfort.

Who plays the horse in Ferdinand?


"Code Black" actor Boris Kodjoe takes on the role of Klaus in the film "Ferdinand." Klaus is a horse who lives in Ferdinand’s town in Spain. Boris Kodjoe — who was born in Austria and raised in Germany — has been a fixture in Hollywood since the early 2000s.

Who is the voice of Lupe the goat in Ferdinand?


Voiced by Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon, Lupe is Casa del Toro’s resident “calming goat” whose job it is to keep the bulls chilled out. Trouble is the excitable Lupe is about as calming as a tornado. Nevertheless, she becomes Ferdinand’s best pal and helps him break out of Casa del Toro a second time.

Who is the goat on Ferdinand?



Lupe is a character in Ferdinand. She is a ”calming goat" whose job is to calm the bulls at Casa del Toro. Her dream is to find a fighting bull whom she can coach to greatness and thus prove that there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Where does Ferdinand go when he leaves the ranch?

Heartbroken, Ferdinand runs away from the ranch and escapes his captors until he ends up lost. He is found by a florist named Juan (Juanes) and his dog Paco (Jerrod Carmichael). They bring Ferdinand home to Juan’s daughter Nina (Lily Day), who immediately forms a bond with Ferdinand when she sees that he loves flowers.

What happened to Ferdinand the horse?

He entered stud in 1989 and was later sold to a breeding farm in Japan in 1994. Much to the outrage of many horse racing enthusiasts, reports indicate that in 2002, Ferdinand was sent to slaughter in Japan with no fanfare or notice to previous owners.

Was Ferdinand a gelding?

Bayer at first was told by Watanabe that Ferdinand had been "given to a friend." When she asked for more information, she was told Ferdinand "was gelded and I think he’s at a riding club far away from here." In fact, records showed Ferdinand was bred to six mares in 2001 and then two in 2002.

How are horses slaughtered in Japan?


In most Japanese slaughterhouses, horses meet a frightening death. They are killed, are cut apart, and end up as food for dogs and humans. During a PETA undercover investigation inside Japan’s largest horse slaughterhouse, in Kumamoto, we captured video footage of a Thoroughbred’s last minutes.

Is bones from Ferdinand a girl?


Bones is a bull and a main character in Ferdinand. He is voiced by Anthony Anderson as an adult and Nile Diaz as a calf.

Who are the hedgehogs in Ferdinand?

Tres is a hedgehog in Ferdinand and is the younger brother of Una, and Dos and older brother of Cuatro.

How does the matador scrape Ferdinand?


Humiliated and enraged, El Primero storms back inside with banderillas and proceeds to try in vain to kill Ferdinand but Ferdinand still resists every attempt on his life until finally, El Primero accidentally and unintentionally scratches Ferdinand on his right shoulder, which drives him so mad and in so much pain up …

Who is Cuatro in Ferdinand?


Gabriel Iglesias

Cuatro is a hedgehog and a supporting character in Ferdinand and is the youngest brother of Dos and Una. He is voiced by Gabriel Iglesias.

What breed of bull is Ferdinand?

Incorrectly regarded as goofs. Maquina has long and wide horns, despite the fact that his cattle-breed, Belted Galloway, is naturally polled (hornless). His horns may be a result of his presumed artificial genetic processes.

What are calming goats?


Goats, their owners say, can serve as companions for a nervous thoroughbred. Much like barn ponies, miniature donkeys or other animals that can help steady jumpy racehorses, goats make for a soothing presence in the stall.

Will there be a Ferdinand 2?

Ferdinand 2 is release schedule on December 11, 2020.

What happened to Ferdinand’s dad?


The matador ends up choosing Ferdinand’s father; much to Valiente’s father’s irritation. When his son tries to cheer him up, he angrily replies: "Who asked you?" He later sees Ferdinand witnessing the truck coming back without his father, meaning he was killed in the ring.

What is the name of the dog that lives with Ferdinand?


Paco is an elderly Bearded Collie owned by Nina and Juan. He is a supporting character in Ferdinand. He is voiced by Jerrod Carmichael.

Why did they pick Ferdinand?

Ferdinand is picked on for not fighting and not wanting to go to the bull ring. The only bull that doesn’t pick on Ferdinand is his young nephew Ramon. Ferdinand is a mentor figure to Ramon, who looks up to him. Throughout the story, the other bulls play tricks on Ferdinand, but he refuses to be provoked.

What happens to ex racehorses in Japan?

When thoroughbreds are no longer useful in Japan, they are almost always slaughtered. In the Kumamoto Shokuniku Center, the largest horse slaughterhouse in Japan, 4,500 horses are slaughtered each year, including 600 former racehorses.

What happened to the horse Eight Belles?


Note: Delaware horse Eight Belles was euthanized at the Kentucky Derby in 2008 after breaking both front legs. This story ran Sunday, May 4, 2008 in the News Journal. Horse racing fans in Delaware were surprised to see Eight Belles stumble and fall after she crossed the finish line second in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Where is War Emblem now?


Retirement and death The operation was a success with a full recovery by War Emblem at the age of 17 in 2016. War Emblem was found dead in his paddock at Old Friends Equine on March 11, 2020 at the age of 21. The cause of death was later found to be a ruptured small intestine.

What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1986?


ESPN.com – Horse Racing – Ferdinand won the 1986 Kentucky Derby. TOKYO — Ferdinand, the 1986 Kentucky Derby winner ridden by Bill Shoemaker and trained by Charlie Whittingham, is dead, the horse’s former owner said.

How many thoroughbreds are slaughtered each year?

The Thoroughbred-racing industry sends an estimated 10,000 horses to slaughter annually, meaning that half of the 20,000 new foals born each year will eventually be killed for their flesh.

Why are horses shipped to Japan for slaughter?

Japan is one of the biggest horse meat importers, according to the CFIA. “It’s very rich in iron. It’s eaten in places like Japan, France, Switzerland and Quebec,” Jessica Davis, co-owner of Hooves N’ Hounds, a local organization that rescues horses.

Does Canada sell horse meat?

CALGARY — Canada – and in particular Alberta – is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of horses for meat. More than 25,000 are slaughtered annually. The meat is frozen and exported, mainly to Japan, France and the U.S.

What does bones admit to Ferdinand?

Bones grieving over Guapo being sent to the slaughter house. He blames Valiente for pressuring Guapo to put on a show for the matador, but admits to Ferdinand that he also blames himself. He explains that he tried to teach Guapo to be stronger, to get him to focus and face his fears.

What breed of cow is bones in Ferdinand?

Scottish bull

Angus is a Scottish bull in Ferdinand. He is voiced by David Tennant.

Where did Guapo go in Ferdinand?

When the bulls fail to impress him on the first try, Guapo is suddenly taken to a nearby slaughterhouse. When Valiente and Ferdinand discover that Guapo is still alive, and Ferdinand questions Valiente’s courage after Valiente refuses to help him rescue Guapo.

Where do they take Ferdinand?

After winning the fight, Ferdinand and his friends are taken in a truck by Moreno back to Juan’s farm in Seville where Ferdinand grew up most of his life.

What is the main idea of Ferdinand?

The Story of Ferdinand raises questions about conformity, the ethical treatment of animals, and the value of peace vs. aggression. A peaceful bull lives in a pasture with his mother and other young bulls. All the other bulls like to run and buck, but Ferdinand likes to sit under his favorite tree and smell the flowers.

Does Ferdinand escape?

His size is beyond anything the men at the ranch have ever seen, but Ferdinand still refuses to fight. When he decides to escape with the help of his new friend Lupe (Kate McKinnon), he learns the truth: that no bull ever wins, and he sacrifices himself to save the others.

Who are una Dos & Cuatro?

Una’s brothers’ names are also numbers in Spanish, Cuatro which means four, Tres means three and Dos which means two. Even though Una´s name is based off the number, uno, Una in Spanish means A, the first letter of the alphabet.

What happens to the bull if it kills the matador?


There’s typically no way for the bull to win a fight – even if he kills the matador, he’ll still be slaughtered by the other bullfighters. In another gruesome tradition, the mother of the “victorious” bull is also killed in order to cut off the bloodline and make things easier for cowardly matadors in the future.

Is bullfighting legal?


Bullfighting is illegal in most countries, but remains legal in most areas of Spain and Portugal, as well as in some Hispanic American countries and some parts of southern France.

Why are Spanish bulls so mean?

For bullfighting events, bulls are bred for aggression on Spanish ranches, "where they are tested for bravery and ferocity," according to HowStuffWorks.com. The Spanish fighting bull is a breed known particularly for being a brawler.

Why are horses calmed by goats?


Goats can help nervous horses. They become their “barn buddies.” Symptoms of a nervous horse can be walking or even running around in their stalls. They also can do what is called weaving, which is rocking side to side.

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