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A freemartin is genetically female, but has many characteristics of a male. The ovaries of the freemartin do not develop correctly, and they …


What is a free Martin in cows?

Quick Summary. A freemartin is a female that is born as a twin with a male and is sterile as a result of exposure to masculinizing hormones produced by the male in utero.

What makes a free Martin heifer?

A freemartin is a bull and heifer combination of calves carried at the same time. The male hormones in the uterus of the pregnant cow prevents the heifer’s reproductive tract from forming. Your veterinarian can determine at 3 to 6 months of age if the tract is normal by examining or passing a test tube in the tract.

Why is a calf called a free Martin?


When a set of twins is born and one is a bull calf and the other is a heifer calf, more than 90% of the time the female is infertile. The infertile female twin is called a freemartin. This happens because early in embryonic development it’s common for the separate embryos to fuse and share the same blood supply.

How do you tell if a heifer calf is a freemartin?

Your veterinarian can examine the heifer at 3 to 6 months of age to see if the female tract is developing (some use a test tube to conduct the test). Vaginal length for normal heifers are usally 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) or greater. Freemartin vaginal length are typically 7 to 11 cm (2.8 to 4.3 inches).

Does freemartin happen in humans?

Freemartins do not occur in humans, although women treated with male hormones to prevent miscarriage have been reported to deliver female babies that after puberty might have shown some secondary virile characteristics.

Will a freemartin heifer come in heat?

They do not come in estrus, and may have a fairly normal vulva except for the occasional presence of a prominent clitoris and a tuft of vulvar hair.

How common are free Martins?

Freemartins are most common in cattle, says Palmer, but “this also occurs in sheep and goats, but only about six percent of co-twins in sheep and goats are freemartins.” The freemartin heifer is a result of shared exposure of hormones in the uterus. “This occurs early in the pregnancy, around 30 days of gestation.

Why is it called a free Martin?


In the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World, a "freemartin" (mentioned in chapters 1, 3, 11 and 17) is a woman who has been deliberately made sterile by exposure to hormones during fetal development; in the book, government policy requires freemartins to constitute 70% of the female population.

Can human twins be freemartin?

It has been suggested that freemartinism does not occur in humans because the pathogenetic effects of vascular anastomoses differ between humans and cattle among sex discordant, monochorionic twins.

Can a freemartin get pregnant?

A heifer calf born as a twin to a bull calf has only a one in 10 chance of growing up normal and fertile. Ninety percent of the time, she will be born a freemartin, unable to conceive. Freemartinism is only seen when a cow bears twins.

What happens with a free Martin calf?


Freemartinism is recognized as one of the most severe forms of sexual abnormality among cattle. This condition causes infertility in the female cattle born twin to a male. When a heifer twin shares the uterus with a bull fetus, they also share the placental membranes connecting the fetuses with the dam.

Can female twin calves reproduce?

Although the male twin in this case is only affected by reduced fertility, in over ninety percent of the cases, the female twin is completely infertile.

Will twin heifer calves be fertile?

“Although the male twin in this case is rarely affected by reduced fertility, the female twin is completely infertile in more than 90% of cases,” Selk says.

What animals have freemartins?

Reproductive Diseases Development of the reproductive tract is compromised in about 95% of female calves born co-twin to a male. Affected calves are called “freemartins.” (The origin of the term is not known.)

Should you keep a heifers first calf?

Time quickly gets away when you’re a cow-calf operator, but it’s essential to keep the first calf heifers on track. Heifers conceiving early in their first breeding season will have increased lifetime production and efficiency.

How do you test for a free Martin?

Producers can identify freemartins by examining the external genitalia. A prominent clitoris and loosely attached or feathery vulval lips are a dead give away. The genital opening may be located down between the back legs toward where the prepuce would be on a bull.

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