Hay for Sale – Order hay from Rainbow Run Farm!

At rainbow run farm we take pride in making what we feel is the very best hay produced on the East coast. Vertical tillage, no till planting, soil testing, and proper fertilization all give a great start to a nice crop. From that point on, timing of cutting the hay becomes important to control weed growth and control the use of pesticides. There is no substitute for good hay equipment. We use a computer moisture tester system that tests moisture three times every small square bale to guard against bacteria growth in the bale. While cutting the hay we use all roller bar conditioners so as not to knock the leaves off of our alfalfa plants. Once the hay is cut, proper handling ie, tedding and raking become crucial in their timing and technique. So if it is orchard grass,alfalfa and orchard grass mix, or just pure alfalfa that you need, give us a call. We think that your horses will agee that this is the best hay in the East.

Types of Hay for Sale:

Equine Hay
•Fine quality
•Various types
•Straight alfalfa
•Alfalfa/orchard grass mix
•Straight orchard grass
•Cattle Hay
•Quality round bales
•Various types

Baleage available:

•High Protein
•Less spoilage
•Less grain needed to
maintain fine cattle.

Please contact us for all your hay needs.

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