How are horses measured

When it comes to horses, you measure them in “hands”. One hand is equal to 4 inches. Horses are measured from the ground to the top of their withers. The difference between a horse and a pony is the size.

What unit is used to measure horse?


The hand remains the primary unit of measuring horses in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and India, while most European countries and the FEI use metres and centimetres.

Why do they measure horses by hands?


Horses are measured by hands because they didn’t have standard measuring tools in ancient societies, so they commonly used hands to measure horses; this tradition continues to the present. One hand is considered 4 inches, so a 15-hand horse is 60 inches tall.

How tall is a 16 hand horse?

64-66 inches

Equine Size-Chart

HORSE16 H64-66 inches
16.2 H66-68 inches
17 H68-70 inches
17.2 H70-72 inches

What does 18 hands mean for horses?


Light riding horses are typically 14–16 hands (1.42–1.63m), larger riding horses are 15.2–17 hands (1.57–1.73m), and heavy or draft horses are usually 16–18 hands (1.63–1.83m). Growth can also be influenced by genetics and nutrition.

What is 18 hands on a horse?

Plus, it is crucial information you need when choosing the right horse for you. The right way to measure the horse height is from the highest horse’s withers point to the ground. …

Horse heigh
Horse typeHandsInches (meters)
Horse17 hands68 inches (1.73 m)
17.2 hands70 inches (1.78 m)
18 hands72 inches (1.83 m)

What’s the biggest horse ever?


shire gelding Sampson

The tallest and heaviest documented horse was the shire gelding Sampson (later renamed Mammoth), bred by Thomas Cleaver of Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, UK. This horse, foaled 1846, measured 21.2½ hands, 2.19 m (7 ft 2.5 in) in 1850 and was later said to have weighed 1,524 kg (3,359 lb).

How big is a quarter horse?


The height of mature animals varies from 14.3 to 16 hands (about 57 to 64 inches, or 145 to 163 cm), and their weight varies from 950 to 1,200 pounds (431 to 544 kg). They have a calm, cooperative temperament. Palomino American Quarter Horse cutting a cow from the herd.

How big is a Clydesdale horse?


The Clydesdale averages 17 to 18 hands (68 to 72 inches [173 to 183 cm]) tall and 2,000 pounds (900 kg) in weight. The colour is usually bay, dark brown, or black, with prominent white markings.

How do you read a horse’s measuring stick?

How many hands is the biggest horse?


20 hands 2.75

Big Jake the Belgian Gelding horse has earned worldwide fame for his extraordinary height. Standing (without shoes) at a majestic 20 hands 2.75 in (210.19 cm, 82.75 in), he officially became the Tallest horse living when measured on 19 January 2010.

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