How can I save a cherry tomato plant growing inside the house?

If you like the flavor of homegrown tomatoes, you can consider growing a few container-grown plants within your house. You could choose a regular size tomato variety and harvest a few plump red fruits, but cherry tomatoes grown indoors can be just as plentiful as those planted in the garden. Learning how to cultivate indoor cherry tomatoes is essential.


Tips for Indoor Cherry Tomatoes

Growing indoor veggies comes with a unique set of challenges, especially during the winter months. As with any indoor plant, use a well-drained planter with a good quality potting soil mix or a soilless medium. One cherry tomato plant per 12 to 14 inch (31-36 cm) container is recommended. Check the surface of the growing media before watering to avoid root rot.

Pests may also be a concern when growing cherry tomatoes indoors. Clear pests off foliage with a gentle spray of water or use an insecticidal soap. Try these extra indoor cherry tomato suggestions.

  • Start early Off-season tomato seedlings are seldom found at nurseries. Cherry tomatoes grown indoors during the winter months will most likely need to be started from seed or by rooting a stem cutting from an existing plant. Plant seeds at least four months before the harvest date.
  • Provide artificial light Tomatoes are plants that thrive in the sun. A southern-facing window in the summer may give enough light for an indoor cherry tomato. Growing full sun plants with supplemental light during the winter is often necessary to provide the 8 to 12 hours of light needed per day.
  • Feed regularly Tomatoes are voracious eaters. Use a time-released fertilizer when potting the tomato seedling or routinely feed with a balanced fertilizer, such as 10-10-10. If a cherry tomato grown indoors in a container is slow to blossom, switch to a fertilizer with a higher phosphorous ratio to encourage flowering and fruiting.
  • Pollination assistance Tomatoes are self-fertile, with each bloom capable of pollinating itself. When cultivated outside, insects or a moderate wind aid in the movement of pollen inside the bloom. To ensure pollination occurs inside, use a fan or gently shake the plant.
  • Compare type : Before starting an indoor cherry tomato growing project, choose either a determinate or indeterminate type of tomato plant. Determinate tomatoes tend to be more compact and bushier, but only produce for a limited time period. Indeterminate varieties are more vinier and need more staking and trimming. Indeterminate tomatoes grow and mature over a longer length of time.

Best Indoor Cherry Tomato Varieties

Determinate varieties:

  • Gold Nugget
  • Heartbreaker
  • Little Bing
  • Micro-Tom
  • Tiny Tim
  • Torenzo
  • Toy Boy

Indeterminate varieties:

  • Jellybean
  • Matt’s Wild Cherry
  • Sungold
  • Supersweet 100
  • Sweet Million
  • Tidy Treats
  • Yellow Pear

Cherry tomatoes are delicious in salads and as a nutritious bite-size snack. To enjoy this tasty homegrown treat whenever you wish, try indoor cherry tomato growing in your house year-round.

Related Questions

  • Can you grow cherry tomatoes inside the house?

    In truth, planting tomatoes on a windowsill may be really simple. The best technique to produce cherry tomatoes inside is to use a bright light source, preferably in front of a south-facing window. Cherry tomatoes need artificial illumination to grow in the absence of a strong natural light source.

  • Why are my indoor tomato plants dying?

    Possible causes include lack of water, fungal wilt diseases, tomato spotted wilt virus, walnut toxicity and stalk borers. Water scarcity. Tomato plants need around 1 inch of water every week. Plants may wilt badly when soils are dry, but will revive rapidly when they are watered.

  • Can you grow tomatoes indoors all year?

    If you like this delectable fruit and wish to cultivate your own at any time of year, you’ll be relieved to find that you can grow tomatoes inside.

  • How often should I water indoor cherry tomatoes?

    As the water begins to drain out the bottom of the container, stop watering the plant. Water cherry tomato seedlings every two to three days to keep the soil uniformly wet. Little cherry tomato plants, on the other hand, should be watered frequently.

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