How do I show my model horse?


What do you do with Breyer Horses?


Feed your Breyer horse two times a day.

  1. Make pretend grains for the horse. It could be barley, oats, corn, or a mix. You could also use a pellet feed.
  2. Make sure your Breyer has hay when eating its grain. It helps the horse to digest its food better.
  3. Provide a toy bucket. Always make sure your horse has access to water.

How do you store a model horse?


Open-air display is generally recommended for plastic models whenever possible. Sealed containers like plastic totes hasten the aging process, as any off-gassing of the plastic is trapped within the plastic tote, much the same way you can ripen bananas more quickly by placing them in a closed paper bag.

Do Breyer horses have any value?


These can sell from $300 to upwards of $600 dollars each. Certain vintage pieces have sold for up to $3500! A good resource for establishing the age, rarity, and even identity of your models is the website www.IdentifyYourBreyer.com.

What is the most valuable Breyer horse?


This brand has been involved in creating exciting molds of horses and animals for over 65 years and counting. A dappled sabino buckskin Alborozo model was purchased for a whopping $22,000 at the 2008 Breyerfest, making it the most expensive Breyer Horse in history.

How do you clean a Breyer horse?


Fill a tub or sink with warm, soapy water (hand dish soap seems to work well) and let your model soak, submersed, for several minutes. Breyers like to float, so you can also get the model wet and soak one side at a time, placing a wet wash cloth on the “up” side to help soak the dirt and grime loose.

How do you name a Breyer horse?

Do Breyer horses melt?

Keep away from sunlight and heat. Breyers will melt if left in very hot conditions, such as a car during the summer. Even in cooler temperatures, direct sunlight can cause them to fade or change shape.

What are Breyer horses made out of?

Founded in 1950, the company, now a division of Reeves International, Inc, specializes in model horses made from cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, and produces other animal models from the same material as well. Less well known are its porcelain horse figures, which are aimed at the adult collector market.

What is the oldest Breyer horse?


# 57 Western Horse

Its first model horse, the # 57 Western Horse, made its appearance in 1950.

How do you make a horse a Breyer model?

Provide a photograph for use in the creation of your horse’s special custom Breyer gift box and certificate of authenticity. Provide a 125 word write up about your horse and his achievements for placement on the custom gift box. Provide three options for dates or a time frame for your personal factory tour.

When did Reeves buy Breyer?


In 1984, Reeves International, a forerunner in the toy industry during the time and today, purchased Breyer Animal Creations.

What is the difference between Breyer traditional and classic horses?


Traditional Series models are for play, collecting, showing and more. They are packaged in window boxes. Classics are designed to appeal to junior collectors with a variety of breeds, complemented by accessories, and action figures. Stablemates are just as detailed and authentic as all Breyer Models.

How can you tell if a Breyer horse is chalky?


Most chalkies were painted over non-white, often brightly colored plastic, and while it is not always obvious, checking any rubbed areas can help identify these models. If a suspected chalky does not have any rubs, the bottom of the hooves are a good place to check.

How do you fix scratches on a Breyer horse?

To repair the rub, simply put a little bit of acrylic paint on a fine detail paintbrush and carefully paint over the damaged area. You’ll likely need to do multiple coats to get good coverage, so take your time and let the paint dry thoroughly between coats.

How do you remove stains from Breyer Horses?

How do you make a model horse movie?

How do I start a Breyer horse collection?

Are Breyer horses good quality?


If you have never held a Breyer Horse in your hands, the quality and attention to detail on these models might surprise you. They are beautifully made and incredibly solid and sturdy. Because they are so solid and sturdy, Breyers make a great toy for kids to enjoy.

What kind of paint does Breyer use?

Breyer produces prototype models which are painted in acrylics — not the airbrushed paints used for the final product. While the final product will be molded in translucent white material, these prototypes don’t have any white markings painted on.

How does Breyer paint their horses?

Every Breyer horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world’s leading equine experts. Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes – a process which is still done by human hands, not machines.

Are Breyer horses marked?


Identify Your Breyer – Breyer Mold Marks. Breyer has used a variety of mold marks on their model horses. The most common of these are the “copyright” stamps, usually found on the inner hind leg or lower belly of the model.

What is BreyerFest?

BreyerFest® is Breyer Animal Creations®’ annual celebration of horses – a fabulous family festival that combined the excitement of a horse fair with model horse activities!

Can you put a Breyer horse in the oven?

It comes in different colours that do not need to be painted once baked. You cannot use this clay to directly customize on your model, as Breyers will melt in the oven.

What is a Breyer Shrinky?


“Shrinky” is a term coined by Breyer collectors for models that have shrunk in size to become smaller than most models on their mold.

How do you paint a model horse?

How big is a traditional Breyer horse?

about 9 inches high by 12 inches long

Traditional models are about 9 inches high by 12 inches long. Classics are about 6 inches high by 9 inches long. Of course foals are smaller than adult horses.

Where is Breyer horses based?


Breyer is 100% American owned and operated, founded in Chicago in 1950, operating out of New Jersey since 1984. Every Breyer product is designed by the world’s leading equestrian artists,overseen by equine experts with degrees and experience in equestrian sciences.

What scale are traditional Breyer Horses?

approximately 1:9 scale

Generally considered to be approximately 1:9 scale, Traditional models average around 12″ tall (though every model is different). This is Breyer’s original, and most popular, size.

How tall is a 1/12 scale Breyer horse?


6″ H

Breyer Freedom Series (Classics) Chestnut Sport Horse | Model Horse Toy | 1:12 Scale (Classics) | 9″ L x 6″ H | Model #924.

How tall are Breyer freedom horses?

Classics are generally considered to be approximately 1:12 scale. They average about 6″ high, though every model is different.

How much does a traditional Breyer Horse Weigh?

Product information

Product Dimensions13.75 x 2.5 x 8.75 inches
Item Weight1.43 pounds
Item model number1716
Manufacturer recommended age5 – 15 years

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