How many horses did matt dillon have


Did Matt Dillon ride the same horse in Gunsmoke?

Buck is just supposed to be an impersonator of sorts of all these horses Matt Dillon would be riding to get his jobs done. In this case, however, James Arness had to stick to the same horse due to his height and overall size. Not only that, but Arness seemed to think Old Buck wasn’t really all that.

Did Matt Dillon ride the same horse as Ben Cartwright?

62 What horse was ridden by Marshall Matt Dillon? The Buck of ‘Gunsmoke’ was in fact the very same Buck as was ridden by Ben Cartwright in ‘Bonanza’. Lorne Greene actually bought Buck (whose real name was Dunny Waggoner) when the ‘Gunsmoke’ series ended.

What kind of horse did Matt Dillon have in Gunsmoke?

How old was Matt Dillon’s horse buck when he died?



He then donated Buck to a therapeutic riding center. Buck taught mentally and physically challenged children to ride until his passing in 1992 at the age of 45, an unusually long life for a horse.

Was Peter Graves and James Arness related?

(from the archives of “Pioneers of Television”) Peter Graves reveals fascinating tidbits about his brother James Arness, who played Matt Dillon on “Gunsmoke,” and who died this week.

What happened to Little Joe’s horse?


After mourning the loss of Little Joe’s horse, the show had to go on. Landon’s horse got replaced by another black and white pinto, and it was this horse that accompanied Little Joe during appearances at rodeos and events around the country.

What Western actor was afraid of horses?

Clint Eastwood may be one of the greatest on-screen cowboys. He’s known for his various westerns he made early in his career. But the actor also faced one unique issue when it came to filming with horses. Despite being on-screen partners, Eastwood was allergic to horses.

What horse did John Wayne ride in El Dorado?

Zip Cochise

Zip Cochise – El Dorado (1967) Any movie that stars John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan is bound to be gold, but major props (no pun intended) have to be given to the horse Wayne rides in on, an Appaloosa (or spotted breed) that went by the name of Zip Cochise.

Who was the best horse rider in western movies?

Westerns expert James Denniston adds, “The Duke [in his early career], Wild Bill Elliott, Randolph Scott, Slim Pickens, Richard Boone and Jimmy Stewart all rode well. As big as he was, Andy Devine was a good rider.

Did James Arness ride the same horse in Gunsmoke?

James Arness rode the same Buckskin horse (Buck) in this movie as he rode in many episodes of Gunsmoke (1955).

Did James Arness use his own horse in Gunsmoke?

A: Yes, I did most of my own stunts and fight scenes unless it was really dangerous then I had great stunt men who would stand in for me. I also did all the riding and over the years I had a number of horses that I used on the show. All their names were Buck, which is a question many fans have asked.

Did James Arness and Lorne Greene use the same horse?

Ben Cartwrigt (Lorne Greene) and James Arness (Gunsmoke) rode the same buckskin horse. “Buck”was foaled ,and trained at fat jones stables in north hollywood. james arness had a bad back,he was able to ride him because of his smooth gates. The series was cancelled in 1973.

Did John Wayne ride the same horse in his movies?

In such films as Tall in the Saddle and The Conqueror, Wayne rode a stallion named Steel, one of the most famous horses of his era. Occasionally Wayne would take the reins of Cocaine, the stunt horse used by Chuck Roberson, who was Wayne’s double in more than 30 movies.

How old was James Arness when he passed away?


James Arness, who burnished the legend of America’s epic West as Marshal Matt Dillon, the laconic peacemaker of Dodge City on “Gunsmoke,” one of the longest-running dramatic series in television history, died on Friday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 88.

What kind of horse did little Joe ride?

Paint Horse

Cochise is Little Joe’s beautiful Paint Horse with spotting pattern of white and black. The horse is named after the famous Indian Cochise.

Does James Arness have twin brother?


Peter Graves

James Arness / Brother

Peter Graves was an American actor. He was best known for his role as Jim Phelps in the CBS television series Mission: Impossible from 1967 to 1973 and from 1988 to 1990. His elder brother was actor James Arness.

Who was bigger James Arness or Clint Walker?


Parker (Daniel Boone) stood 6 feet 5 inches, Walker (Cheyenne) 6 feet 6 inches and Arness 6 feet 7 inches. Arness was so tall, in fact, that his Gunsmoke co-stars often had to stand on platforms—or he had to stand in a low spot—for scenes in which they appeared next to him.

Why was Dennis Weaver taken off of Gunsmoke?

“The reason I got away from ‘Gunsmoke’ was that I wanted to leave the second banana role,” Weaver said to the Toronto newspaper. “It was a very important — and frightening — step for me career-wise.

Did Dale Robertson own horses?


There were champion horses along the way named Hy Dale, Nuggett Hug, Wingo Boy, Three Tiers, Rebel Cause, Doll Up and many others. The one horse which Dale prized above all the rest was Jubilee. He purchased that horse at the Hollywood Race Track and Jubilee stood sixteen hands high, a sight to see.

What is Matt Dillon’s horse’s name?

On the television show “Gunsmoke,” the name of Marshall Matt Dillon’s horse was Faithful Old Buck, according to an interview with actor James Arness.

What was Red Rider’s horses name?


Child actor Bobby Blake appeared in all 23 films as Little Beaver. Wild Bill Elliott as Red Ryder rode a magnificent black stallion named Thunder. Elliott used a very unique saddle in these exciting productions. When Allan “Rocky” Lane took over the role of Ryder, he used the same horse and a similar saddle.

Did Clint Eastwood have horses?


Not only because of his age, but also because Eastwood’s horse riding is a little rusty: he hasn’t been on a horse since filming Unforgiven three decades ago.

Who was the best horsemen in Hollywood?

The 10 best screen cowboys – in pictures

  1. Gary Cooper. Born in Montana, Cooper became an authentic star in the first major sound western, The Virginian (1929), heir apparent to the great silent cowboy William S Hart. …
  2. John Wayne. …
  3. James Stewart. …
  4. Henry Fonda. …
  5. Randolph Scott. …
  6. Gregory Peck. …
  7. Paul Newman. …
  8. Clint Eastwood.

Who is the most famous Western actor?


Clint Eastwood The Man With No Name. It’s a title that conjures up the most mythical of figures in all of Western cinema.

Did John Wayne serve in the military?


Wayne never enlisted and even filed for a 3-A draft deferment, which meant that if the sole provider for a family of four were drafted, it would cause his family undue hardship. The closest he ever came to World War II service was portraying the actions of others on the silver screen.

Did Randolph Scott own his own horse?


Scott confirmed in interviews that Stardust was his favorite horse. He apparently did not own the horse, but it was made available for him to ride in almost all of his many cowboy movies, particularly those made in the Alabama Hills area near Lone Pine, California.

What is John Wayne’s most famous movie?


12 True Grit (1969) – 7.4 The film earned Wayne his first and only Academy Award for Best Actor. To this day, the film is regarded as a truly iconic film of the Western genre. While the 21-century remake is excellent, True Grit stands as perhaps Wayne’s most iconic role.

Did Audie Murphy ride his own horses in his movies?

Unlike other actors, when Audie was required to ride, he insisted on riding his own horse while doing his own stunts in as many scenes as the director and studio would allow. Audie’s love for horses led him to own, race, and breed well-known horses.

Who were the best horsemen in history?

Leading Riders

1Russell Dilday$193,417
2Robert C. “Bob” Avila$143,333
3Ted Robinson$140,033
4Jake Telford$124,933

Did Hopalong Cassidy have a wooden leg?

Mulford first created the character in a series of short stories. Called “Hopalong” due to the fact that his wooden leg made him appear to move around with a slight hop, the original depictions of the cowboy were a bit gruff.

How many times did Matt Dillon get shot in the series Gunsmoke?

A: According to several Gunsmoke references online, Matt Dillon — the marshal that James Arness played — was shot more than 50 times during the series’ 20-year episodic run and its reunion movies.

What was the name of Hoss Cartwright’s horse?

As the imposing powerhouse Hoss Cartwright, actor Dan Blocker was matched with a 15.3 hand Quarter Horse / Thoroughbred-cross gelding, named Chub, who weighed a sturdy 1.250 pounds. Over its 14-year run, many horses (and actors) came and went, but Chub remained with the series from start to finish.

Is Leslie Nielsen related to James Arness?


James Arness Brother Leslie Nielsen: Peter Graves Passes Away at 93.

Did they drink real beer on Gunsmoke?


On Gunsmoke, the actors seemed to be drinking “beer” when they were drinking. Gunsmoke actors drank beer rather than whiskey, but they drank tea or colored water in place of whiskey.

What happened to James Arness after Gunsmoke?


After Gunsmoke ended, Arness performed in Western-themed movies and television series, including How the West Was Won, and in five made-for-television Gunsmoke movies between 1987 and 1994. An exception was as a big-city police officer in a short-lived 1981–1982 series, McClain’s Law, co-starring with Marshall Colt.

Where was Gunsmoke filmed?


Kanab, Utah

There were 635 episodes and many of the outdoor scenes for this show were shot in Johnson Canyon near Kanab, Utah. The setting of Gunsmoke is Dodge City, Kansas during the 1870’s. A replica of the Hollywood set was created just three miles outside of Kanab.

Did Michael Landon have horses?


Michael Landon’s horse on ‘Bonanza’ Although Landon didn’t ride horses in his spare time, he did care for the horses he worked with. There was reportedly an incident on the Bonanza set where the horses the Cartwright characters rode were attacked.

What happened to Michael Landon’s horse on Bonanza?

According to MeTV, during the second season of the show, an intruder broke onto the set. The horses were not shot but instead mutilated. The person had stabbed several of the horses. As a sad result, Landon’s horse passed away in October 1964.

Did Randolph Scott ride the same horse in his westerns?

In the years of Western movies, Scott rode a palomino horse named Stardust. He was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1975. Following the production of “Ride the High Country” in 1962, co-starring Joel McCrea, Scott retired from films.

Did Matt Dillon and Ben Cartwright ride the same horse?

62 What horse was ridden by Marshall Matt Dillon? The Buck of ‘Gunsmoke’ was in fact the very same Buck as was ridden by Ben Cartwright in ‘Bonanza’. Lorne Greene actually bought Buck (whose real name was Dunny Waggoner) when the ‘Gunsmoke’ series ended.

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