How to beat crazed cow

Crazed Cow is by far one of the easiest Crazed Cats to beat. All you truly need is The Flying Cat, Bahamut, and meatshields. Lineup: Mohawk Cat, Crazed Cat, …

How do you beat a crazed cow easily?

Is the crazed cow easy?

Crazed Cow is by far one of the easiest Crazed Cats to beat. All you truly need is The Flying Cat, Bahamut, and meatshields.

How much health does crazed cow have?

130,000 HP


Crazed Cow Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
130,000 HP2,600 damage (7,800 DPS)100 (Single Target)
Special Ability

How do you beat the maniac cow?

What’s the easiest crazed Cat stage?

Crazed Fish Cat

Easiest was Crazed Fish Cat. Harder was Crazed Tank or Crazed Titan.

How much HP does crazed lizard have?

600,000 HP


Crazed Lizard Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
600,000 HP1,300 damage (795.92 DPS)755 (Area Attack)
Special Ability

Is crazed Cat hard?

crazed cat is easy and crazed lizard is hard but is easy if you have a long range area atack good dps cat.

Is Lil Cow Cat good?

Due to being the Li’l version of a Normal Cat, Li’l Cow Cat suffers from a severe lack of good basic stats, which makes this unit underperform greatly in his field. For this reason, usage of Li’l Cow Cat prior to unlocking his True Form is not recommended.

Is the Sumo Cat good?

A somewhat stronger version of Tank Cat, with a faster attack rate, more health and more damage. Very useful in the early game if you want a resilient unit to protect your long-ranged units, but he will eventually be replaced by Eraser Cat and Crazed Wall Cat.

How much range does crazed tank have?


Crazed Tank Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
3,200,000 HP30,240 damage (13,540 DPS)390 (Area Attack)
Special Ability
Base Destroyer (deals x4 damage to Cat Base)

Is Mer Cat good battle cats?

Cameraman Cat is an extremely efficient DPS unit against Floating enemies. A big enough stack of them will reduce even the mighty Teacher Bun Bun and most of his variants to rubble.

Is Fish Cat good?

This unit is great in Empire of Cats for clearing out Pigge and B. B. Bunny, but loses use quickly due to high cost and close range. It is better to stack long ranged cats such as Gross Cat and Lizard Cat.

Is crazed bird good?

Crazed Bird Cat can be good when stacked with proper meatshielding. They can be used to attack enemies like Shadow Boxer K, Crazed Cow and Manic Lion, and other rather strong but short-ranged peons. Their spammability lets them be stacked easily and deliver high amounts of DPS in a small area.

How much health does crazed fish have?

87,000 HP


Crazed Fish Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
87,000 HP4,200 damage (7,000 DPS)260 (Area Attack)
Special Ability
3% chance to perform a Critical Hit

How do you get kyubey in Battle Cats?

Kyubey Cat is a Rare Cat exclusive to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Collaboration Event. This unit used to be a treasure drop in all versions of Witch’s Labyrinth and can currently be obtained by beating any stage in Be a Magical Girl II.

How much HP does crazed tank have?

15,660 HP


Crazed Tank Cat
15,660 HP102 damage (45 DPS)8.33 – 2 seconds
Attack TypeSpecial Ability
Area Attack
Manic Eraser Cat

Is crazed AXE Cat good?

His health makes him ineffective at defending against Red enemies, while his range, single target, health, and costly spammability prevent him from making use of his impressive DPS in most cases. This leaves Crazed Axe Cat without a proper place to shine, although there are rare instances where he can be of help.

How much HP does crazed Titan have?

2,560,000 HP


Crazed Titan Cat
HealthAttack PowerAttack Range
2,560,000 HP17,000 damage (6,296 DPS)320 (Area Attack)
Special Ability
100% chance to knockback all Cat Units; 40% chance to slow all Cat Units for 200f ; 15% chance to create Lv.7 Wave Attacks.

Is Titan Cat good?

Titan Cat has high health and attack power, as well as moderate attack speed. Use him to tank for long-ranged cats like Gross Cat, UFO Cat and Dragon Cat, or to break past groups of enemies.

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