How to Build a Deck Railing

Step 1. Steps to Determing Railing Post Spacing. ; Step 2. Cut the Deck Railing Posts. ; Step 3. 2 by 8 Bracing to Support Anchors. ; Step 4. Screw a Railing Post …

How do you build a basic deck railing?

Can I use 2×4 for deck railing?

According to the IRC (2018), you can use a 2×4 to make a handrail, but you must cut finger recesses along both sides of the board and position the lumber lengthwise on its end. Using a 2×4 as a handrail laid vertically is not allowed. Porch and deck guardrails made from 2x4s laid horizontally are permitted.

How do you attach a railing to a deck post?

How far apart should posts be on a deck railing?

Spacing of Deck Posts The two most common sizes used for deck posts are 4×4 and 6×6. When using 4×4 posts, place them no more than 6 feet apart, and when using 6×6 posts, no more than 8 feet apart. The reason for these standards is that the railing system won’t have proper support if the posts are too far apart.

How do you make a simple outdoor railing?

How do I build a cheap deck railing?

Can I use 2×6 for deck railing?

No matter whether you prefer 2x4s or 2x6s, they both work. A 2×6 top rail has the benefit of width and can be place over top intermediate posts thus making a stronger railing.

How far apart should deck spindles be?

4 inches

Balusters are the vertical guards that support the handrail. They must be installed close enough that the space between them is less than 4 inches. Most city inspectors carry a 4-inch ball with them to test the spacing. Installed balusters should withstand 50 pounds of pressure exerted over a 1-sq.

Can I use 2×6 for handrail?

A variety of gripping shapes may be acceptable but must meet requirements for the gripping surface. Flat 2×4 and 2×6 handrails do not meet the requirements for graspable handrails. If you are using a circular cross section, then the handrail must have an outside diameter of between 1-1/4” and 2”.

How far should deck boards overhang?

Between one and two inches of deck board overhang is ideal when you attach an outer fascia board, or at least 1 ¾” to 2 ¾” of overhang before installing the fascia.

How do you calculate railing spacing?

Measure the length of the space between the end supports of the balustrade. For this example, assume it’s 13 feet 5 ½ inches, or 161 ½ inches. Divide that length by four to determine the number of spaces you will need while having a minimum of 4 inches distance between balusters.

Can I use 4×4 posts for my deck?

Deck posts must be a minimum of 4×4 according to the IRC but many jurisdictions require a 6×6 post as a standard. To avoid code violations, many deck builders choose the 6×6 even if the 4×4 is acceptable.

How long can a railing be without a post?

You’ll need to install posts on either side of the stringer where the stairs meet the deck, which will affect the spacing of the other posts on that side. For stairs with stringers more than 5.5 feet long, you’ll need to install additional posts between the head and foot of the stairs.

Where should a handrail start and stop?

The railing must be continuous, starting at the nosing of the upper landing and extending at a minimum to the nosing of the lowest step or “riser”. For optimal safety, whenever possible the handrail should run the entire length of the Nosing Line.

How many bolts should be in a deck post?

Bolts (at least 5 in. long for 4×4 deck posts, 2 bolts per post) Power drill. Long drill bit (same length as the bolts)

How do you connect handrail pieces?

How do you attach a 4×4 post to a stringer?

How do you cut a deck railing angle?

What can I use instead of deck railing?

Consider stainless-steel cables, metal tubes, or composite railings if you’re looking for low-maintenance alternative to wood balusters and railings for your deck.

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