How to call a turkey

Sometimes it is ok to call a lot to a bird. The rule of thumb I use is if he is gobbling a lot, you can get away with more calling. That is …

How do I make a phone call to turkey?

How to Call Turkey from the U.S.

  1. First, dial 011 to exit the U.S. telephone system.
  2. Next, dial 90, the country code for Turkey.
  3. If the phone number you’re calling starts with 0, drop that from the number. It’s the trunk code, which isn’t used for international calls.
  4. Now dial the 10-digit local number.

How many yelps do you need to call turkeys?


The plain yelp – something along the lines of 5-7 repetitive yelps given at a moderate cadence and volume – is often a good ice breaker. It’s like saying, “hola, bon jour,” or “Hello, anybody home?” Then a turkey gobbles in response. The novice turkey hunter is likely going to reply with those same 5-7 yelps.

How far can you call a turkey in?

As a general rule a gobble made in a tree can be heard twice as far as one made on the ground. That same “twice-as-far” rule applies to all other turkey sounds. A gobbler in an open field will sound clear and can generally be heard twice as far as a gobbler in timber.

When should you stop calling turkeys?

Therefore, when you setup near a field or opening and a gobbler is in view, let out a few soft yelps and see what his reaction is. If you’re using decoys and he continues to waltz in closer, stop calling and let him close the distance at his own will.

How do you call Turkey from home?

Within Turkey, they may be written 0212 555 1212 because that’s what you’d dial to call from withn Turkey, but when calling from outside of Turkey, it would be +90 212 555 1212.

How much does it cost to call to Turkey?

You can call Turkey for 0.039 ¢ per minute to a landline and 0.169 ¢ per minute to cell.

How many digits is Turkey mobile number?

Calling a cell phone from outside Turkey is the same except the three digit numbers are replaced with the ones of the companies. Like [9] + [0] + [cell company id number] + [seven digit number]. … Telephone numbers in Turkey.

NSN length10
Typical format(0xxx) xxx xxxx
Access codes
Country calling code+90

What time do gobblers leave hens?

Toms strut and drum but gobble little if at all as they have their fun. The so-called "gobbling lull" is the toughest time of day to hunt. But along about 9 o’clock some hens begin to leave some of the gobblers. Some girls simply lose interest in the boys, while others slip off to lay eggs.

How do you call turkey for hunting?

Should you call turkeys in the evening?


But in the evening, as birds work their way toward a roost area, they don’t want to call attention to themselves. Turkeys are as cautious in the evening as they will be all day. And as the wind lays low and sunshine illuminates from the side, any of your sounds and movements are amplified and exaggerated.

How do you tell if a turkey likes you?

Turkeys love to be stroked, petted and cuddled. They will remember your face and if they like you, they will come up to you to greet you. Turkeys also love music and will cluck along with the songs.

Do turkeys respond to calls in the fall?

One of the biggest myths of hunting is that male turkeys respond to calling only in the spring. The fact is, toms gobble all fall, too, and are sometimes more vocal in autumn than in spring. And they can be very responsive to a call.

What does it mean when a turkey putts?

Clucks and Putts But at the same time it can easily be confused with a “putt,” which is a single, staccato note that turkeys use as an alarm. Turkeys usually putt when they see or sense danger, not to simply warn other turkeys, but also to warn a predator it’s been spotted and shouldn’t waste its time.

Should you call turkeys on the roost?

Don’t Call If You Don’t Have To If you get to your spot, step out of the vehicle and hear a bird sound off in the roost, do not rush headlong into the woods while calling to him. He’s already let you know where he is so there’s no need to start hammering away.

Why do turkeys puff up?


Because “strutting” is the term used to describe the behavior of a turkey puffing its feathers. This is what makes this bird go from bland to grand. Indeed, turkeys exhibit this fascinating behavior to attract mates, show their dominance, or defend against predators.

What time of day is best for hunting turkeys?

first thing in the morning

Time of Day: Since Turkeys make their nest in trees and on the ground in wooded areas, one of the best times of day to hunt is first thing in the morning. Get out to your blind early and listen for the yelps, cackles, and gobbles of turkeys as they start in search for breakfast.

Why do gobblers go silent?

He contends that there are two major reasons why birds go silent, the first of which is timing of the season. As a conservation measure the state purposely and prudently sets the start of the season to begin after the peak of gobbling, for the roughly two weeks before most hens start sitting on their nests.

How long should you sit in one spot turkey hunting?

If I’m in a good spot, I discipline myself to sit for at least 30 minutes, more if I feel confident. That’s not to say that if you’d given it one more minute, you’d have killed the bird that sneaked in on you, but staying longer is better than leaving too soon.

What time do turkeys fly up to roost?

Turkeys predictably fly up in a tree at dusk and come down in the morning to begin their day. This fact is a building block for successfully scouting and hunting turkeys.

How do you get a turkey to come to you?

Why do turkeys gobble back?

If you hear an occasional gobble, then there is a turkey nearby responding to a sound it’s hearing, likely another turkey that is keeping it oriented with the flock. It can also warn other turkeys that a predator is nearby, especially if the gobbling is a little louder.

Can I call Turkey for free?

Make free calls to Turkey using PopTox. All you need is internet connection to make free calls to Turkey. Simply enter the phone number using the dial pad and click on "Call". You can now make free calls to Turkey mobile and landline phones from PC, Mac or Smartphone.

Can I use O2 in Turkey?

For £6 a day in Turkey, and selected destinations outside Europe, you’ll get all the data you need, plus Unlimited minutes and texts to use within your travel destination and back to the UK. You’ll only be charged on the days you use O2 Travel.

Can I use 3 in Turkey?

As you’re on Pay As You Go, your device should already be set up to use abroad, but you can check that international roaming is activated on your account by going to your My3 account either on your computer or on your phone: Go to your International Settings section in My3. Log in using your phone number and password.

How can I call internationally for free?

How to Make Free International Calls

  1. Skype. Skype is one of the easiest ways to make free international calls. …
  2. WhatsApp. WhatsApp is another easy – and popular – way to make free international calls. …
  3. Viber. …
  4. LINE. …
  5. Messenger. …
  6. Google Voice. …
  7. PopTox. …
  8. VoipBuster and VoipStunt.

What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

Cheap Ways to Make International Calls

  1. Skype’s Phone Service. Skype is ubiquitous as a video-calling app, but it’s also possible to use the app as an affordable way to make long distance phone calls. …
  2. International Calling Cards. …
  3. FaceTime on Apple Devices. …
  4. VoIP Landline Service. …
  5. International SIM Cards. …
  6. Rebtel.

Do long distance calls cost money?


Long-distance calls are typically charged a higher billing rate than local calls. The term is not necessarily synonymous with placing calls to another telephone area code.

What are the first 3 digits of a phone number called?

area code

General: The standard American telephone number is ten digits, such as (555) 555-1234. The first three digits are the "area code," which, in the past, indicated in what part of the country the phone was located.

What country code does Turkey use?

Turkey Country Code 90 Country Code TR.

Which country code is 971?

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates (country code +971)

How do you hunt a turkey that won’t gobble?

Hunt in a high-percentage strut zone Even if the birds aren’t gobbling every time the wind blows, you can bet your biscuits & gravy they will still want to strut and drag those wings to impress all the single ladies and even the married ones! There are always areas that toms love to strut and be seen.

Can you turkey hunt in the middle of the day?

If you can legally hunt past noon—or simply want to scout—midday is the time to sneak toward loafing areas. Preseason scouting likely uncovered a few select, shady areas adjacent to field edges and feeding zones. Turkeys congregate here to escape the midday heat. Turkeys also spend the midday hours dusting.

What is the easiest turkey Call for beginners?


Strut is the ideal choice for the beginning or the advanced turkey hunter. Made from select walnut, this call is easy to use and offers fingertip control. It creates soft clucks, purrs and yelps. Great call for all skill levels, beginner to seasoned veteran.

When should I start my turkey call?

Hens will begin sitting on the eggs after they’re all laid and incubation will take about 25 to 30 days. From my experience, it’s easiest to call in a tom when the real hens aren’t cooperating very well.

How do you find a turkey in the morning?

How smart is a turkey?

Not to be confused with their distant and stupid cousin, the domesticated turkey commonly found in freezers, wild turkeys are highly intelligent and unpredictable. They can fly as fast as 55 m.p.h., run up to 20 m.p.h. and have keen eyesight.

How often should I call to turkeys in the fall?

But don’t call too often – less is more. Calling every 15 minutes or so and starting off quieter and then getting more aggressive/louder as the day goes on are good rules of thumb. If you hear a hen, try to mimic her exact vocalizations.

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