How to clean a wild turkey

Some hunters rinse the meat, but that’s not necessary unless it’s a mess of dirt, blood, feathers or internal residue. Use clean water. Do not …

How long can you keep a wild turkey before cleaning it?

Fresh turkeys can be stored safely in the fridge at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below for up to two days, or in the freezer at 0 degreeindefinitely.

Should you soak a wild turkey in salt water?

Soak the turkey meat overnight in lightly salted, cold water– Once the turkey has aged, pluck the feathers and prepare it for a whole roasting turkey, or breast it. Place either the whole turkey or the breast meat in cold water that is lightly salted for about 8 hours or overnight.

How do you clean and pluck a wild turkey?

What do you do after you shoot a wild turkey?

After the organs have been removed, rinse out the carcass with water and wipe it down with paper towels, or pack it with dry grass if you’re still in the field. Place the bird in a cooler to start lowering the body temperature and keep the meat from spoiling.

How long do you have to clean a turkey after killing?

Fortunately, 90 minutes is generally not an issue. Once home, you can pluck the feathers and clean the turkey in cold water.

How do you prepare wild turkey?



  1. Preheat oven to 325°. Place turkey on a rack in a roasting pan; place apples in turkey cavity. …
  2. Cover and bake until a thermometer reads 170°, 3-1/2 hours, basting occasionally if desired. Turkey may be uncovered for the last 30 minutes for additional browning if desired.

How do you clean a wild turkey for Thanksgiving?

It’s easy enough to cut off with a good sharp knife. While Rinella prefers to pluck the tail, body, and breast feathers off the bird, some folks prefer to peel off the skin with all the feathers still attached. Then they slide their blade down the center of the bird along the breastbone as they peel the meat back.

How long do you scald a turkey before plucking?

3-4 minutes

To scald a turkey, plunge it into the hot water (145-155 degrees F) and let it sit for 3-4 minutes. I like to swirl it around a bit to give the water a chance to permeate all the surfaces and feathers. You’ll know it’s ready to pluck when you pull on the tail feathers and they come off easily.

What is the best way to clean a turkey?

Do you hang a turkey after killing?

If you wish to hang birds, do so after they have been plucked but not gutted. The timing is, again, personal preference, but in summer hang a young chicken in a cool flyproof place for 2 days; in winter, a week. This helps to break down the muscle fibres and tenderise the meat.

How do you clean a freshly killed turkey?

Where should you aim on a turkey?


When hunting wild turkeys with a shotgun, greater success is achieved when hunters shoot at the head and neck area of the bird. The most effective firearm shot for a turkey is to the head and neck. The preferred shot angle for bowhunters is broadside, aiming for the heart or lungs.

How long will a wild turkey keep in the fridge?

within three days

Storage tips: For immediate use, birds should be stored in the refrigerator at 40 °F or less and used within three days. For long-term storage, the whole cleaned carcass or individual parts may be frozen at 0 °F or lower. Do not freeze birds without plucking and cleaning them first.

How do you process a turkey after hunting?

How do you dress a turkey after hunting?

Do you field dress a wild turkey?

Considered the traditional style of cleaning a wild turkey, plucking is a perfect way to prepare your bird to be roasted, smoked or whole deep-fried. Before you remove the entrails or field dress the turkey pluck the turkey’s feathers to preserve the skin and keep moisture in the turkey while cooking it whole.

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