How to do your hair after shoulder surgery

Rotator Cuff Surgery recovery doesn’t mean sacrificing your hairstyle! Watch me style my hair with just my non-dominant hand!

How do I style my hair after surgery?

Can I wash my hair after shoulder surgery?

If you need to apply deodorant or wash under your arm, you will need to lean over like you are doing a pendulum exercise. You will be able to zip your pants, button a shirt, and brush your teeth, but you won’t be able to wash your hair with your surgical arm.

When can I wear a bra after shoulder surgery?

Clothing for Hospital Should Include Loose Fitting Upper Apparel. A loose fitting sleeveless undershirt followed by a loose button down shirt. Please do not wear a traditional bra for two weeks, but one with a T-back or racer back straps are okay.

How should I dress after shoulder surgery?

Loose-fitting shirts that are easy to put on, like button-down shirts and oversized t-shirts, are best for post-surgery. You can also find post-surgical shirts made specifically for shoulder surgery patients at online retailers. When getting dressed, focus on putting the surgical arm in first.

How do you put your hair in a sling?

How do you braid your hair for surgery?

How can I wash my hair without raising my arms?

Etac’s Beauty Hair Washer allows you to shampoo your hair and massage your scalp without unnecessary strain on your hands, shoulders, and arms. The Beauty Hair Washer has soft "finger tips" on the top of the brush allowing you to massage and wash your hair, as you would using your hands.

Can you wear deodorant after shoulder surgery?

What should be used to clean under the arm following shoulder surgery? Use warm water only. Avoid using soaps or deodorant, as these tend to irritate the skin under the armpit area.

Can I take my sling off to sleep?

So, it’s okay to take it off when you are sitting at home with the arm at your side. You can take the arm out of the sling and place it on a pillow, mimicking the position that it would be in with the sling. When you are up moving around, when you are sleeping, and especially when driving the sling MUST be on.

How do you go to the bathroom after shoulder surgery?

Keep laxatives on hand Purchase a stool softener or fiber laxative such as psyllium before your surgery so it’s there if you need it. Fiber-rich foods such as oatmeal, beans, pears, strawberries, vegetables, and bran cereal also help prevent constipation.

What is the fastest way to recover from shoulder surgery?

5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery

  1. Wear your shoulder immobilizer or sling. …
  2. Participate in physical therapy. …
  3. Eliminate pain medication as quickly as possible. …
  4. Avoid certain shoulder positions and arm movements. …
  5. Don’t rush your recovery.

How do you shower after shoulder surgery?

You can take a shower 3 days after your surgery. Before you take a shower, wrap your shoulder in plastic (your shoulder should be wrapped in plastic until your stitches or the strips have been taken out). DO NOT take baths until your surgeon says it is safe to do so. Keep the dressings and puncture sites clean and dry.

How long should you sleep in a recliner after shoulder surgery?

Sleeping on an incline for 4-6 weeks after surgery is best. For the first week or two, a recliner may be the most comfortable option. Purchasing a 45 degree wedge from a medical supply store can also provide a stable base to prop yourself up in the bed. Wear your sling.

How do you put a Tshirt on after shoulder surgery?

How should I sleep after shoulder surgery?

The best position for most people with shoulder surgery is the reclined position because it reduces tension in the shoulder joint and the surrounding soft tissue. Lie on a reclined position on the bed with a few pillows to strengthen your lower and middle back.

How do people with one arm do their hair?

How do I dry my hair with one arm?

How do I wash my hair with one arm?

Can you wear a ponytail in surgery?

Hair tie or elastic band: You may want to put your long hair into a ponytail or braid with an elastic band before surgery so it’s out of the way.

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