How to get rid of foxes on hay day

Therefore, the only way to get rid of foxes in Hay Day is waiting for apple trees and raspberry bushes growing up. When they ripe, foxes will …

Why do foxes show up on hay day?

Foxes are usually attracted by bushes. A good way to get fewer of them is to space out your bushes so they don’t form tight ranks (which trap the foxes) and not to have all your bushes in the same area. Hope this helps!

How do you trap foxes on hay day?

How do I get rid of foxes?


If you’d rather not host a fox (or a family of) in your garden, there are some simple tricks you can try.

  1. Keep it tidy. …
  2. Install a fence. …
  3. Deter pests with prickle strips. …
  4. Add lights to your garden. …
  5. Install motion-activated sprinklers. …
  6. Try an ultrasonic fox repellent.

Is there a way to cheat on hay day?

No, there are no cheat codes or hacks valid for Hay Day. If a person on Twitter or Reddit is willing to give you cheat codes in return for your ID and password or real-world money, it will be a scam.

Do butterflies help in hay day?

Flowers attract butterflies, bird houses attract birds, and ponds attract frogs.

What do the frogs do in Hay Day?

Is Greg from Hay Day Real?

Greg, simply, is a NPC. A non-playable character designed by the game. He is introduced during the tutorial, when you unlock Level 1. He is your first friend in the game – one you cannot unfriend – to show as an example of how to play.

What attracts frogs on hay day?

Some farms without ponds or with ponds far away from the river seems to have lots of frogs. OTOH at the beginning of the game you get more frogs as you get rid of the ‘natural’ ponds. So maybe you need more decorative ponds or to move them away or space them out, I dunno.

What does red heart with number mean in hay day?

Reputation bar. Reputation points come in the form of red hearts (rep. ), which fill up the reputation bar shown at the top of the screen in the town. When the player has accumulated the number of required hearts the bar resets to 0 and they change reputation level, which unlocks new items, new features, and rewards.

How do I get rid of foxes without killing them?


Try boiling the chilli pepper and garlic with some water, then mix it in a blender. Spray this mixture anywhere in your garden that you don’t want foxes to go near. It’s a great natural repellent that is highly effective, and is a great way to get rid of foxes in the garden without causing any harm.

What is the best way to trap a fox?

Dig a hole about 6 inches in diameter and around 10 inches deep. Bury slightly spoiled meat in the hole, being certain to leave a little bit exposed. Add a bit of commercial fox lure or bait to the hole. Place the cage trap over the hole so that the rear of the trap covers the actual hole itself.

How do I stop fox poo?

Keep your garden tidy. To stop foxes pooing in gardens, make your garden as clear and tidy as possible. Foxes like overgrown areas as they provide shelter and places to hide. As well as cutting back plants, also tidy away objects that foxes find interesting, like old shoes and gardening gloves.

What do foxes do in Hay Day?

What is the most profitable item in Hay Day?

The 12 Most Profitable Items on Different HayDay Levels For Roadside Shop

1 – 17bacon & egg201
18bacon pie219
19 – 20cotton shirt241
21 – 24wooly chaps309

What is the highest level of Hay Day?


From level 500 you will need 20,000 more points for each next level. The maximum experience level is currently set at 800.

Are pets useful in Hay Day?


Animals are a central feature of Hay Day. There are three types of animals in the game: farm animals, which produce goods needed to make many other products; pets and wild animals, which give experience points and supplies; and finally, animals which give life to the game but do not have any other function.

What are paint buckets used for in Hay Day?

Paint buckets are supplies used to upgrade the bed and breakfast, the diner and the Town Hall. They are unlocked at experience level 34. They are stored in the barn.

Can you sell animals on Hay Day?

Unfortunately, SUPERCELL has not yet implemented any "selling" feature in regards to animals, buildings, or any other thing not related to selling crafted goods or products.

How do you attract butterflies on hay day?

Tap repeatedly on the Decorations shown below to attract your desired animals:

  1. Flowers attract Butterflies.
  2. Birdhouse attracts Birds.
  3. Ponds increase the number of Frogs.
  4. Foxes tend to hang around bushes.

How do you level up fast in hay day?

How do you unlock animal sanctuary in hay day?


To access the sanctuary, players need to reach reputation level 3, have one strip of land touching the sanctuary (land #11 or #12 in map below) and repair the sanctuary book stand. Repairing the book stand costs 10,000 coins and takes 4 hours (or 21 diamonds). Players get 11 experience points for repairing it.

How many active players does Hay Day have?

4 million players

Hay Day, by game developer Supercell, draws 4 million players per day, 69% of them women. Another aspect of a game’s soul is emotion. You have to feel it, especially in a mobile game where screens are small and gameplay simple.

Who created Hay Day?


What can Tom get in Hay Day?


Tom can find any item the player has unlocked except building supplies and expansion supplies. Tom always looks for the cheapest price and offers three options: ✦1 to 3 of the item.

What is Edit mode on hay day?


Edit Mode Edit Mode Button Locked. From experience level 23 onwards, players can use the Layout Edit Mode to edit the current layouts of their farm, and to create new ones. The same features unlocks at experience level 34 for the town.

How much are squirrels on Hayday?

When 5,500 peanut pods have been collected, a second pair of doors are added and two more squirrels can be purchased for 5,000 coin. each. At 80,000 peanut pods a third pair of doors is added and two more squirrels can be purchased for 6,000 coin.

How do you get bird tickets on hay day?

How do you get the golden statue in hay day?

How long does it take to make bacon in hay day?

Bacon is collected from pigs which have been fed pig feed. Once fed, pigs need 4 hours to get fatter. Players can then put them in a steaming machine to get bacon.

How much does it cost to unlock the town in hay day?

39.000 coins

The Town area unlocks at Farm level 34. Repairing the platform next to your Neighborhood house costs 39.000 coins and 3 days. When it is ready, you can use the handcar to take you into the joyful Town area.

What smell do foxes hate?


Foxes have a strong sense of smell, which they use to find accessible food sources. You can take advantage of this trait by using scents they dislike, such as chili and cayenne pepper (which are made up of Capsaicin), garlic, white vinegar, and the scent of humans nearby.

What animals are foxes afraid of?

Their size accounts for some of their misfortune, being on the smaller side of most carnivorous mammals and plays a part in what eats a fox. Either way, it’s dangerous in the wild for animals such as the fox. … Fast guide to what Eats a fox.

Mountain LionsBobcats

What animals keep foxes away?

Many livestock owners use guard dogs or guinea fowl to scare away predators. These are often effective at chasing off foxes, if you can stand the noise. Try commercial scare products.

Do fox traps work?

You can use cage traps and snares to catch foxes. You should check cage traps at least once a day to stop a captured fox suffering. You shouldn’t relocate or release captured foxes. This will cause foxes stress by transporting and relocating them to an unfamiliar environment.

How do you snare a fox?

What is the heart trap for foxes?

Approach the trap gently and cautiously. Avoid contact with the fox: wear heavy gloves, hold the trap away from your body and never stick your fingers inside the cage. Keep the fox as calm as possible: speak softly and drape a cloth over the trap.

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