How to Paint an Outdoor Concrete Patio

1. Pressure wash your concrete. Clean thoroughly of any dust and dirt. · 2. Use a concrete cleaner/etcher product. Rinse well. · 3. After the …


Is painting a concrete patio a good idea?

The good news is that painting a sad concrete patio is a simple design fix that will cheer up your outdoor space with a little time and elbow grease and without a huge hit to your budget. Just remember to resurface or repair any cracks before painting your patio using concrete-friendly paint.

Can I just paint my concrete patio?

Almost any concrete surface that’s in sound condition can be painted. That includes interior floors and walls as well as exterior surfaces such as patios, sidewalks, and pool decks. Just make sure the surface is clean and free of existing coatings or sealers that could prevent the paint from adhering.

What kind of paint do you use on outdoor concrete?

Masonry paint (also called elastomeric paint or elastomeric wall coating) is a good choice for concrete painting because it contains binders that contract and expand with the concrete. Exterior house paint can crack and peel on concrete.

How do you paint a concrete patio exterior?

How to Paint a Concrete Porch

  1. Pressure wash the porch & let it dry. …
  2. Tape off anything you don’t want painted with painter’s tape. …
  3. Apply 1 coat of Valspar’s Concrete Binding Primer. …
  4. Apply 2 coats of Valspar’s Porch, Floor and Patio latex paint. …
  5. Wait 72 hours before you move your furniture back onto the porch.

Do I need to seal concrete before painting?

As previously stated, concrete is porous and can absorb moisture. If you are painting interior concrete, it is vital to seal it. This will prevent moisture from seeping in underneath the paint and causing mold. Use a masonry sealer and follow the manufacturer’s directions on how many layers to apply and when.

How long does concrete paint last outside?

Most brands suggest that you apply a new coat every 3–5 years, depending on use. Some may last much longer if the area is protected from the elements or seldom tread upon.

How do you prep concrete for painting?

The following steps are critical before painting any type of concrete.

  1. Clean the Area. …
  2. Apply an Etching Solution. …
  3. Fill All Cracks. …
  4. Apply Concrete Sealer if You Don’t Want a Painted Surface. …
  5. Thorough Wash and Moisture Test. …
  6. Purchase the Right Paint. …
  7. Apply Two Coats.

Is it better to paint or stain concrete patio?

For the ultimate in long-lasting, durable color, choose concrete stain. Because concrete stain doesn’t just sit on the surface of the concrete, but actually penetrates into the pores of the concrete to some degree, your color is not going to peel, chip, or flake.

How do you get paint to stick to concrete?

Before applying a water-resistant paint, clean and roughen the surface. Use a trisodium phosphate solution or strong detergent to scrub the floor. Sanding with coarse emery paper may be required to give the old surface a rough texture for good paint bonding. Test a small area to make sure the new paint will adhere.

Can I paint concrete with regular paint?

Ordinary latex paint is well-suited for interior concrete walls. Use an eggshell or satin latex paint on concrete walls that aren’t exposed to much duress. For concrete walls within weight rooms, work rooms and kids’ play rooms, choose a semi-gloss latex paint that will resist stains.

Can you paint concrete patio slabs?

Can You Paint Concrete Patios? The first step is to establish whether concrete patios can be painted. The answer is yes, they can be painted, however they cannot be painted using any generic paint. Contrary to popular belief, a standard masonry paint is not suitable to be applied to a concrete patio.

How much does it cost to paint a concrete patio?

The basic cost to paint a concrete patio floor is $1.90 – $3.65 per square foot. This is the cost for a single 2 coats of paint on a clean, dry, and level surface.

How do you spruce up an old concrete patio?

What’s the best paint for concrete?

The best kind of paint to use on a concrete floor is epoxy paint because of its durability. You can also use latex paint, though it won’t hold up as well as epoxy. Acrylic paint also works well, especially for exterior concrete walls as it can withstand harsh weather.

What happens if you paint concrete without primer?

While priming a concrete surface seems like one more unnecessary step, it is actually a crucial part of your concrete painting project. Without the appropriate primer, you can expect a poor finish to your project, as well as peeling and cracking of the paint over time.

How long after painting concrete can you seal it?

28 days

Concrete takes 28 days to fully cure and most concrete sealers require that the concrete is cured before sealing. There are however some sealers, referred to as Cure and Seals, that are designed specifically for concrete 2-28 days old.

Do I need to acid wash concrete before painting?

In most cases, special cleaning and/or etching of the concrete surface will be required before painting, and the appropriate cleaner (often TSP, trisodium phosphate) and etcher (usually a solution of muriatic acid) can be obtained. These chemicals, especially the etcher, must be used with care.

Does painting concrete make it slippery?

A concrete floor, once painted, can indeed become dangerously slippery, especially when wet. This is because most paints and sealers add a thin and smooth layer, which covers the outer texture of the concrete, getting rid of the grip that it has.

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