How to Plant Monkey Grass

Monkey grass prefers growing in soils with a slightly acidic pH balance. Plant your grass to the height of the cell packs above the roots and …


How long does it take monkey grass to spread?

Standard mondo grass reaches a mature spread up to 1 foot wide within a year or two, but dwarf mondo grass needs two to three years under ideal conditions to reach its spread of 3 to 4 inches.

How do you install monkey grass?

Does monkey grass need sun or shade?

Some prefer full sun, while others are better suited to shade. Some clump, and others creep. All monkey grasses fall into one of two groups: the genuses Liriope or Ophiopogon. In general, all liriopes do well in filtered sun to full shade and aren’t picky about soil.

How far apart do you plant monkey grass for a border?

You can also use it to edge paths and border flower beds. Space monkey grass seeds 12 inches apart, and they will grow together to form a solid mat.

What kills monkey grass?

If you want to get rid of monkey grass, the only way to control it is to use a product that contains glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up. Be careful spraying Round-Up in your lawn as it is a non-selective herbicide and will kill both the Liriope and your desired grass.

Does monkey grass need a lot of water?

Monkey grass doesn’t need much water to thrive in the garden, which is one of the reasons why it’s such a drought-resistant plant. If you overwater the plant, and the soil does not drain the water away effectively, root rot will eventually show up in your monkey grass.

Does monkey grass multiply?

If you have monkey grass (liriope) in your garden now, you have the opportunity to have more of this perennial plant for free. It multiplies readily, and runners can be dug up, and placed in another area of the garden in no time at all. The plant sends out underground runners which form into smaller new plants easily.

Does all monkey grass spread?

I have monkey grass in several areas of my garden, but I have to keep an eye on it, or it will spread everywhere. The perennial plant spreads by means of runners which are easy to transplant to other areas of the garden.

Does monkey grass stay green all year?

When to Trim Monkey Grass: Like other types of ornamental grasses, the best time to cut back monkey grass is in late winter or early spring. That way it will stay green all winter and insulate its roots from the cold, then after trimming the monkey grass only be bare for a few weeks while new leaves grow.

How do you keep monkey grass looking good?

Pruning Tips Use sterilized clippers for small clumps or a lawn mower (on its highest setting) for large areas of monkey grass. Cut blades down to about three inches high. Using a lawnmower is not only quicker, but it will keep your monkey grass at a consistent height and make the area look cleaner.

Is monkey grass easy to take care of?

Monkey grass is a low-growing, easy-care evergreen grass-like plant that is ideal for ground cover or turfgrass replacement. Also called lilyturf, monkey grass is easy to plant, survives drought, and is useful to decorate garden landscapes.

Why is my monkey grass dying?

Monkey grass crown rot, like any crown rot disease, is caused by a fungus that thrives in moist and warm conditions. Normally, this problem is found in warmer, more humid states, but it can occur in cooler areas as well.

Does monkey grass need to be cut back?

Trim: Although cutting back your monkey grass isn’t a necessity, it is recommended. As the leaves on the plant begin to age, they develop brown spots on the tips that won’t do much for the beauty of your yard.

Is monkey grass poisonous to dogs?

This plant, also known as monkey grass, looks a lot like long grass and is found in many southern yards. Though it is part of the lily family, monkey grass is toxic to both cats and dogs.

What is the best fertilizer for monkey grass?

Usually monkey grass needs no fertilizer, but a layer of good compost will boost soil nutrients.

Is monkey grass invasive?

The spreading form is Liriope spicata and is quite invasive. You can dig up as much as you can and then watch what sprouts from remaining roots and spray those with a glyphosate product (Round-up). It will take a few seasons before you are monkey grass free.

How tall does monkey grass get?

10-18 inches

How to Use Monkey Grass. Most liriope grows to 10-18 inches (25-46 cm.) in height, although the clumping type spreads to 12-18 inches (30-46 cm.)

How do you Edge monkey grass?

In time, monkey grass will spread by rhizomes and produce smaller versions of itself. This helps a border to fill in, but if you want the area more controlled and sparse, simply dig out and detach the new plants. You can always plant them in a container or elsewhere.

What time of year do you cut back monkey grass?

If you want to know when to cut back monkey grass, you can cut the plants back to 3 inches (8 cm.) in early spring. Pruning monkey grass helps take out the battered leaves and permits new leaves to come in and flourish.

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