How to Prune a Dappled Willow

As you shape and trim a dappled willow, maintain its graceful natural shape, upright and slightly rounded. Use loppers and/or pruning shears to …


Can I trim my dappled willow in the summer?

Do you cut back dappled willow?

These are very forgiving trees and will thrive no matter how you trim them. In fact, cutting back dappled willow almost always makes them more attractive. That’s because all new shoots grow in with lovely pink-tinged foliage.

When should I prune dappled willow?

Pruning should be done while dormant, in either early winter or VERY early spring before catkins appear and any growth begins. You may hard prune it down to about 12” every few years, which will produce a lot of regrowth and a very dense plant.

How do you prune an overgrown dappled willow?

How tall does a dappled willow get?

Reaches 15 to 20 ft. tall and wide; maintain at 6 to 10 ft. with pruning. Showy catkins in spring linger through fall.

Why are the leaves on my dappled willow turning brown?

Browning of leaves is caused by under-watering, exposure to frost, and fungal diseases. Sometimes, the leaves of the dappled willow may turn green. This can be countered with proper and regular pruning, along with timely feeding. Exposure to full sun is also beneficial for retaining the foliage colors.

What does dappled willow look like in winter?

Tri-color dappled willows take this effect to the next level, with a stunning color-changing show, shifting from pale pink to whitish-green leaves. Even their stems show visual interest, turning bright coral red in winter.

How do you prune an ornamental willow tree?

Mature willow trees don’t need a lot of pruning. The tree will heal faster with fewer disease problems if you remove broken branches and those that rub against each other. If you shorten the branches, always cut just beyond a leaf bud or twig. Don’t allow branches to grow on the lower part of the tree.

How do you prune a willow hedge?

Maintaining Your Willow Hedge “During the summer any side-shoots are rubbed off to keep the lattice work of the fence clear of growth, but the top three or four buds are allowed to grow out. These shoots are trimmed back to the top of the fence in the winter.”

How do you care for a willow bush?

They need constant moisture to grow their best. The roots will seek out moisture in the soil and its recommended to plant willows at least 35 feet away from leach fields and septic systems to avoid the roots from clogging these drainage areas. Plant in a full to part sun location in spring or summer.

Do rabbits eat dappled willow?

They are crafty! We have watched rabbits visiting our Dappled Willow to eat, but there is never any major shrub damage. I think they nibble on it as salad.

Is a dappled willow a tree or a bush?


Plant Description: The Dappled Willow is a tri-color shrub that is sometimes large enough to resemble a tree, and it is adored for its spectacular variegated foliage which emerges pink and evolves into pink, white, and green. Leaves can grow up to four inches long and are lance-shaped.

How do you train a dappled willow into a tree?

Using Pruning to Rejuvenate or Maintain Growth. Thin the dappled willow for a natural form. You can simply thin out branches if you want to keep the willow in a natural form. Cut select branches down to the ground every 1-2 years, and you will have a tall tree that produces an array of blooms.

How do you shape a willow tree?

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