How to raise a boring girlfriend

Tomoya Aki, a geeky high school boy, embarks on an unexpected journey as he organizes a team of female classmates to create a romance-themed video game. Surprisingly, genuine romantic connections develop between him and multiple girls.


  • Protagonist: Tomoya Aki
  • Objective: Organize a team to create a romance-themed video game
  • Outcome: Unexpected romance blossoms with several female team members

In this engaging tale, discover how a seemingly mundane project transforms into a romantic adventure for Tomoya Aki and his classmates.


How do I raise my boring girlfriend?

Saekano-How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- Streaming Announcement - YouTube

Tomoya Aki, a geeky high school boy, takes an unconventional approach to enliven his relationship. By organizing a team of female classmates to create a romance-themed video game, he inadvertently sparks genuine romance with several of the girls.

Key Steps:

  1. Initiate a Creative Project: Organize a team for a romance-themed video game.
  2. Collaborate with Female Classmates: Work closely with female classmates on the project.
  3. Unexpected Romance: Witness genuine romantic connections evolving during the game development.

Outcome: Discover how Tomoya Aki’s creative endeavor transforms his seemingly boring girlfriend into a central figure in a captivating romantic tale.

How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend plot summary?

Saekano 2 – How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend ♭ Review – OverlordAnime HUB

In this tale, otaku high school student Tomoya Aki experiences a life-changing encounter beneath cherry blossom trees. Inspired by this fateful meeting, Tomoya embarks on creating his own "gal-game" (dating-simulation video game), with the game’s heroine modeled after the mysterious girl he encountered.

Key Elements:

  • Protagonist: Tomoya Aki, an otaku high school student
  • Fateful Encounter: Happens amidst beautiful cherry blossom trees
  • Creative Pursuit: Inspires Tomoya to design a dating-simulation video game
  • Heroine Inspiration: The game’s central character is modeled after the mysterious girl

Explore the journey of Tomoya Aki as he translates a chance meeting into a creative endeavor, shaping the narrative of "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend."

Is How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend finished?


Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata) concluded its storyline with a film release titled "Fine." The finale premiered in 2019, reaching international audiences in 2020. Comparable to the gap between domestic and overseas releases for "Your Name" (Kimi no Na wa), this marked the culmination of the series.

Release Details:

  • Finale Format: Film titled "Fine"
  • Premiere Year: 2019
  • International Release: 2020

Explore the conclusion of "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend" through its cinematic finale, providing closure to the narrative introduced in the series.

Is How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend a romance?

Why I Couldn

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata or Saekano), a Japanese light novel series by Fumiaki Maruto with illustrations by Kurehito Misaki, falls within the romantic comedy genre. The narrative centers around romantic and comedic elements, offering a blend of both genres for an engaging storytelling experience.

Key Attributes:

  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • Author: Fumiaki Maruto
  • Illustrator: Kurehito Misaki

Explore the romantic and comedic dimensions of "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend" as it weaves a captivating tale within the realm of Japanese light novels.

Can you fix a boring relationship?

11 Things To Do When A Relationship Gets Boring

Feeling bored in a relationship doesn’t signify its inevitable demise. Collaborative efforts can rekindle passion and excitement. Consider the following strategies:

1. Spend Quality Time Together:

  • Prioritize dedicated time for shared activities.
  • Foster open communication to understand each other’s needs.

2. Change Your Perspective:

  • Explore and challenge negative thoughts about the relationship.
  • Focus on positive aspects and shared interests.

3. Try New Things:

  • Inject novelty by exploring new hobbies or activities.
  • Embrace change to break routine and invigorate the relationship.

By actively engaging in these strategies, you can work together to revive the spark and overcome the challenges of a boring phase in your relationship.

How do you raise a boring girlfriend genre?


  • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Certificate: TV-14

Explore a captivating blend of animation, comedy, drama, and romance in "How Do You Raise a Boring Girlfriend." The storyline, certified as TV-14, promises an engaging narrative with elements spanning multiple genres for a diverse and entertaining experience.

Why did Megumi break up with Tomoya?

In the epilogue set a decade after the story’s conclusion, Tomoya and his friends transition into adulthood, each pursuing individual paths. Tomoya, facing a lack of talent, abandons his dream to become a salaryman. Disheartened by this choice, Megumi expresses her disappointment and decides to end their relationship.

Who does Tomoya end up with?

In the conclusion of "Saekano the Movie: Finale," Tomoya and Megumi find happiness in marriage. Additionally, they take on leadership roles as the chairman and vice chairwoman of Blessing Software. The narrative concludes by portraying them as a content and thriving couple, showcasing their shared life in an apartment they’ve purchased together.

Is Saekano worth watching?

"Saekano" is a compelling anime that offers a unique emotional experience. Season 1 lays a solid foundation, but Season 2 takes it to another level, providing an exhilarating viewing experience. Regarded as one of the best harem anime, "Saekano" delivers moments that evoke strong emotions, making it a worthwhile choice for anime enthusiasts seeking a captivating and emotionally resonant series.

Is eriri a tsundere?

Eriri possesses a personality akin to a tsundere, characterized by her tendency to become easily embarrassed and blush. Despite her efforts to conceal her feelings for Tomoya, they are often apparent. Notably, when Utaha Kasumigaoka points out Eriri’s emotions, she responds with immediate embarrassment and a quick rebuttal, showcasing classic tsundere traits.

Is Saekano anime over?

Despite the anticipation for a third season, Saekano has concluded, and there is no chance for its return. The series, known for its high popularity and viewership, will not have a Season 3 according to reports. Fans should be aware that Saekano has reached its conclusion, and there are no plans for further installments.

Reflections on Love and Creativity in How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

In the captivating journey of "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend," viewers are immersed in the dynamic blend of romance, comedy, and drama. From Tomoya Aki’s creative endeavors to the blossoming relationships with his female classmates, the narrative weaves a tale that transcends the ordinary. The series, with its unique characters and engaging plot, takes the audience through the challenges and triumphs of love and self-discovery. As the story unfolds and characters evolve, "How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend" leaves a lasting impression, inviting viewers to reflect on the complexities of relationships and the pursuit of dreams. Whether drawn in by the humor, romance, or the relatable characters, this anime has left an indelible mark on the hearts of its audience, solidifying its place in the world of captivating storytelling.

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