How to seed tomatoes?

There’s more than one way to remove the seeds from a tomato before you use it in recipes like tomato sauce, tomato soup, and salsa. We’ll walk you through two simple techniques.


Why Seed a Tomato?

Since there is no substantial evidence to support the belief that tomato seeds are bitter, removing the seeds is purely cosmetic. You may not want to see tomato seeds in your dish at times, particularly if you’re creating salsa, tomato sauce, tomato soup, or gazpacho. But, if you want maximum taste and the additional pulp and juice from the seeds won’t make your dish too soupy, leave the seeds in!

But this is about how to remove seeds from a tomato, so let’s get on with it.

Two Ways to Seed a Tomato

You’ll seed tomatoes the same way whether they’re peeled or unpeeled.

The first step is to cut the tomato in half . The majority of tomatoes should be chopped in half about the center rather than from top to bottom. If you’re sowing Roma tomatoes, though, you may chop them in half from top to bottom. You have two alternatives for removing the seeds at this stage.

Option 1: Squeeze

The first approach is to squeeze the tomato lightly. Be cautious with the amount of pressure you exert when squeezing, otherwise, you might destroy the shape of the tomato (which will make dicing more difficult).

Option 2: Scoop

The second option is to scrape the seeds out of the tomato with a small tool or even with your finger. This process takes longer but preserves the tomato’s form better than the squeezing method.

You may also use a spoon to remove the compartment walls to make a lovely tomato cup for filling. If you intend to use the tomato for a cup, slice off a very thin slice from the bottom so that it will not fall over, tilt, or roll around when served.

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