How to start liberty training your horse


How do I start teaching liberty?

What are Liberty exercises for horses?


Liberty training is- as the word already implies- a training with exercises, the horse performs without any halter or rope and also often in liberty and not in an enclosed arena.

Where do I start training my horse?

If you want to train a horse under saddle, groundwork would be the first place you start. While many people may be tempted to skip this step, it is vital to the success of not only your relationship with your horse but also your horse’s understanding of what you’re asking them to do.

What is liberty horse riding?

Liberty Training ® – A Definition: Liberty training is designed to bring a horse a sense of freedom and safety without using any tack, including halters or ropes. Working with a horse in this way will increase the horse’s desire to interact and will create a deeper bond and a dependable performance under saddle.

Can you teach an old horse liberty?

Liberty training is also suitable for older horses – there are just a few things to consider.

How do you lunge at liberty?

How do you start horsemanship naturally?

How do I teach my horse to smile?

How can I get my horse in shape faster?


Start out with short trotting sessions, separated by waking in between. Start off trotting in both directions 5 to 10 minutes each day, first with a slow, easy jog and then moving up to a faster trot (eventually long trot) as your horse continues to progress.

Can a beginner train a horse?


Horse training can be fun, but it also can be quite a challenge. For the beginner, it’s probably best to leave starting young horses to more experienced trainers. Youngsters are too unpredictable, and knowledge, timing, and skill are required for success.

When should I start training my horse?


Many wait until a horse is up to four or five years old to begin training under saddle. During this time the horse is still growing although they may be approaching their full height.

How do you get a horse to trust you?

The number one trust builder is to be predictable by being consistent! Be consistent with your energy level, emotions, and how you show up around your horse. Stay consistent with your communication, always sending and receiving messages in the same way — a way that both you and your horse clearly understand.

Who is Emma Massingale?

Emma is the first British person to have developed a language that is so well understood by horses that she can communicate with herds of horses at anyone time, they carry out complex exercises and manoeuvres working as a team.

How do you teach a horse to bow?

How are equestrian horses trained?

Training Methods Sometimes it will depend on the horse’s personality, on the skill of the rider, on the training system they follow. Generally, though, the process follows a few basic steps- first teaching the horse to walk, trot and canter, then working on lateral movements, transitions, extension, and collection.

Is it hard to train a older horse?

Training a horse is not an easy task at any age. You have to put a lot of effort into it to see the results. Therefore, I would say that training an older horse is also similar to training a younger horse. Though it may be a bit difficult, it is still possible – and it can be really rewarding.

What kind of tricks can you teach a horse?


There are so many tricks to choose from. You can teach your horse to bow, count, smile, give a kiss, pick up an object, shake his head ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or retrieve an object. The possibilities for trick horse training are endless! Think of all the things you have seen horses do in the movies.

Can you do liberty work with dogs?

Companion Movement is an easy one. In dogs we call in Heeling. If we have Magnetic connection, we will be able to work with our dogs well at Liberty or off leash! Leading from behind works for moving reluctant dogs.

How can I learn lunging for free?

How do you teach a horse to free lunges?

What is free lunging?

How do you back a horse with natural horsemanship?

What is Western Pleasure showing?


Western pleasure is a western style competition at horse shows that evaluates horses on manners and suitability of the horse for a relaxed and slow but collected gait cadence, along with calm and responsive disposition. The horse is to appear to be a “pleasure” to ride, smooth-moving and very comfortable.

How do you lead a stubborn horse?

How do you talk like a horse?

What do horses like to play with?

Playing with and knocking around sturdy rubber balls gives your horses something to do in their stalls and on pasture. While beach ball or yoga balls are great options, the most important thing to do is get balls that are too big to bite, or else your horses will destroy them quickly.

What is the easiest trick to teach a horse?

How many times a week should you ride your horse?

For a horse and rider who require a moderate level of fitness, The horse should be ridden four days a week. At least two of the days should include a more intense workout while the other days could result in a slightly easier and less strenuous ride.

Does lunging a horse build muscle?

You can use lunging as a cross-exercise for building muscle in your horse. While riding is a fantastic way to build muscle, you can’t always tell what muscle groups are being worked from in the saddle.

Can you ride a 24 year old horse?


Some horses have physical conditions or diseases that require an early retirement. Other horses can be ridden late into their life without issues. As a general rule, most horses should stop being ridden between 20 to 25 years old. Any horse, no matter their age, still requires a decent amount of exercise.

What is the best way to train a horse?

What age should you back a horse?

Most horses, especially sports horses, should be backed by the age of three to minimise these issues.

What age is a horse fully grown?

around 4 to 5 years old

Most horses can reach their final height at around 4 to 5 years old. However, this is not true of all breeds. Some larger breeds like drafts and warmbloods take much longer to mature. They can still grow well up to 8 years old.

Should you look a horse in the eye?

Never look a horse in the eye This common misconception comes from a very basic and old idea that horses are prey animals and because of that fact, they cannot tolerate the peering eyes of a predator. Many novice trainers and some more advanced trainers stick to this principle. But they are misguided.

How do horses show disrespect?

Horses can be disrespectful in many ways; here are the most common disrespectful behaviors when it comes to dealing with horses: Grazing While Being Led or Ridden. Bumping Into You. Dragging You or Walking Too Slow When Being Led.

How many horses does Emma Massingale have?

I meet Emma at her smallholding near Holsworthy and with 16 horses and two ponies on site along with a cat and three dogs, it is clear that animals are her passion and life: “From an early age I knew I wanted to be able to connect with animals and horses in particular.

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