How to text more than 10 on android

Depending on which Android you are using, * in your text message, there is a pen icon, press the icon to open messages. * In the enter recipients choose all …


Why can’t I text more than 10?

The MMS header size is larger than the header for SMS, and therefore can handle a larger number of recipients. In some cases, it is also possible that your mobile providers may have requested that blocking more than 10 phone numbers in the recipient TO: input box to prevent spam.

How do you send more than 10 texts at a time on Samsung?

Send Group Text

  1. Tap the “Contacts” icon in the Galaxy home screen, and then tap the “Groups” tab.
  2. Tap the entry for your all-inclusive contact group.
  3. Press the “Menu” key, and then tap “Send Message.” A list of contacts in the contact group displays.

How can I text more than 20 recipients Android?


  1. Tap Android Messages.
  2. Tap Menu (3 dots in the top right corner)
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Tap Group Messaging.
  6. Tap "Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)"

Why can’t I have more than 10 recipients Android?

The maximum number of recipients depends largely on your mobile device and carrier. Some older phones only offer up to 10 recipients but some models may allow you to choose up to 30 recipients. Group messages are typically sent as an MMS and must be enabled from the settings.

How do I send a large group text?

6 Top Apps For Group Text Messaging

  1. WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a versatile chat client that lets you talk with friends around the world. …
  2. GroupMe. …
  3. Google+ Hangouts™ …
  4. 4. Facebook Messenger. …
  5. Voxer® …
  6. WeChat.

Why can’t I text more than 10 on AT&T?

Why Are There Limits? AT&T has implemented a limit to the number of group message participants as a way to protect our customers from spam and/or malicious software. AT&T is vigilant about protecting you, our customers, from unsolicited text message spam.

Is there a limit for group texts?

Android: Android phones have an upper limit of 100 users, which may be lower depending on the phone. iOS: iOS allows for a maximum of 20 users in a group chat, but this changes according to the Apple device being used.

How do I send a mass text without group messaging?

Part 1: How to Send Text to Multiple Contacts on Android

  1. Turn on your Android phone and click Messages app.
  2. Edit a message, click + icon from Recipient box and tap Contacts.
  3. Check contacts you want to transfer to, press Done above and click Send icon to send text to multiple recipients from Android.

Is there a limit on group text Samsung?

Maximum number of recipients is 10. Delete recipients." Is this a limit that Samsung puts onto their phones? I already spoke to a rep from my carrier (Mint Mobile) and they confirmed that there is no problem on their end as they permit group texts with more than 10 people.

How do you text more than 20 on Samsung?

Navigate to and open the Samsung Messages app, and then tap the New conversation icon at the bottom. You can select this from either the Conversations or the Contacts tab. Input the name or number of the first person, or tap Add (the plus sign) to add someone from your Contacts.

How can I send 100 SMS at a time in Android?

Even if you select multiple recipients in your SMS app, most cap you to a maximum of 100 people at a time. … Let’s take a look at some of the best apps that let you send SMS to a bigger audience with your Android device.

  1. Multi SMS Sender. 2 Images. …
  2. Bulk SMS Plans. …
  3. Group Messaging. …
  4. Bulk SMS Sender (BSS) …
  5. Multi SMS & Group SMS.

How can I send bulk SMS from my phone?

Go to the messaging app, tap the Contacts icon, pick your group and then either Select All or make specific choices for a subset. Tap Done and you return to the messaging app where you can add more recipients and send your message.

How do I send a group text on Android?

Open the app and tap Start chat to open the New conversation screen. Tap Create group to open the New group conversation screen. Tap the first few letters of each person you want to add to your group, then select their name when it pops up. When you’re done, tap Next and enter a group name in the Add group name.

Can I send a mass text on Android individually?

The top options is for “Group Messaging,” which is what you want. Tapping on this entry will open a simple pop-up menu with two options: “Send individual SMS messages to all recipients” and “Send a single MMS to all recipients.” Change this setting to the first option, and away you go.

Can you text more than 10 people with AT&T?

With continued advancements in technology, it baffles me that AT&T has decided to recently (March 2020) limit group text messages to a 10 recipient limit.

How do you use advanced Messaging on Android?

You can manage Advanced Messaging, including turning it off, in the messaging Settings menu. In your phone’s messaging app, go to Settings and tap Advanced Messaging to turn Advanced Messaging on or off.

How do I turn on AT&T advanced Messaging?

Edit other notifications as desired. CHANGE NOTIFICATION SOUND: From the App notifications screen, select General notifications > Sound > desired sound > Back icon. TURN ON/OFF ADVANCED MESSAGING: From the Messages settings screen, select Advanced Messaging > Advanced Messaging switch.

What is the difference between mass text and group MMS?

Group conversations: Send an MMS reply to all recipients. Mass text: Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies.

How do I Groupchat with Android and iphone?

How can I send 1000 texts at once?

How do I send a BCC text on Android?

How to Send BCC Text Message on iPhone and Android

  1. Step 1: Get Hit Em Up App. …
  2. Step 2: Open Hit Em Up and select the folks you’d like to send your BCC Text Message Blast to like this:
  3. Step 3: Compose your personalized BCC Text Message by tapping the ‘Compose’ Button:

How do I enable MMS messaging?

If you need to set your devices MMS settings manually, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Tap Apps. Tap Settings. Tap More Settings or Mobile Data or Mobile Networks. Tap Access Point names.
  2. Tap More or Menu. Tap Save.
  3. Tap the Home Button to return to your home screen.

Why does group messaging not work on Android?

If you’re having trouble sending group text (SMS) messages, you may need to update your account and messaging app settings. When you send a text message to multiple recipients, most smartphones will send it as one message rather than several individual messages.

How do I send a text to multiple contacts?

Does Verizon have a group text limit?

Verizon Messages does have a maximum of 20 recipients that can participate in a group text. You are able to install a third party application so you can include more recipients in your group messages.

How do I send a text message 100 times?

How many SMS can be sent at once?

TRAI extends the 100 SMS per day per SIM limit to 200 SMS per day per SIM. TRAI extends the 100 SMS per day per SIM limit to 200 SMS per day per SIM.

What is the best text app for Android?

Best Android SMS apps

  1. TextMagic. TextMagic is the ideal choice if you’re looking to get started with an SMS service within minutes of sign-up. …
  2. EZ Texting. …
  3. SimpleTexting. …
  4. Salesmsg. …
  5. Chomp SMS. …
  6. Pulse SMS. …
  7. Handcent Next SMS. …
  8. QKSMS.

Should I turn on MMS messaging?

MMS messaging works on Android phones by default, so if there are considerable problems with the messaging service, it is helpful to take your phone for repair to see if it is malfunctioning. One important use of MMS messaging is that it adds color and depth to text marketing campaigns.

How do I change my SMS to MMS on Android?

How do I switch from SMS to MMS?

  1. Open the app for Messages.
  2. Tap on the conversation in question.
  3. Tap on the message’s timestamp.
  4. You will see the option to “Switch to text (SMS/MMS).” Click on it.

How do you create a group on an Android phone?

Create a group

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Contacts.
  3. At the top left, tap Menu. Create label.
  4. Enter a label name and tap OK. Add one contact to a label: Tap Add contact . Select a Contact. Add multiple contacts to a label: Tap Add contact . Touch and hold a Contact.

How do I send a group text without everyone responding?

The option you’re looking for is located at Settings > Messages > Group Messaging . Turning this off will send all messages individually to their recipients. Note: Disabling MMS Messaging will remove the Group Messaging toggle from the list.

How many can be in a group text AT&T?

As noted above, ATT’s limit on group texts is 10 or at least it was 10 so not sure how you manage to send to 16. It’s possible the limit has been increased to 20.

What is MMS group messaging?

Group Messaging is classified as MMS. It’s also known as Group Chat, which is the ability to send and receive text messages involving multiple recipients using long code phone numbers. It is not bulk messaging.

What is the difference between MMS group and broadcast?

What is the difference between a group text and an SMS broadcast text? Group texts are all sent and received within the same message chain. Individuals in a group text can read all of the messages sent to each person, while an SMS broadcast starts separate message chains between your company and each individual.

Is advanced messaging free?

How much does Advanced Messaging cost? There is no cost to buy or use Advanced Messaging. Data charges may apply.

Can you use iMessage on Android?

Yes, you can send iMessages from an iPhone to an Android (and vice versa) using SMS, which is simply the formal name for text messaging. Android phones can receive SMS text messages from any other phone or device on the market.

What is the difference between RCS and SMS?

Whereas SMS/MMS requires a data connection to your cellular service, RCS also works over cell networks or Wi-Fi. If you don’t have a signal for whatever reason but you can find a wireless network, your message can still go through.

How do I enable RCS messaging on my Samsung?

Give these steps a try:

  1. Open the Messages app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Tap the three-dot overflow menu button at the top of your conversations.
  3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap on Chat Settings within the next Settings panel.

What does RCS messaging stand for?

Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Services (RCS or Chat for short) is a new messaging protocol, intended as a replacement to good old SMS and MMS on Android. RCS packs richer features, including many of those available in the best instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

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