How to tie mecate reins

HOW TO SAFELY TIE WITH MECATE REINS. DOWNUNDERHORSEMANSHIP.COM • 888-287-7432. STEP 1: Pull the reins to the left side of horse’s neck (a).


How do you tie up mecate reins?

How do you tie mecate reins to a rope halter?

How do you attach mecate reins to a bridle?

How do you tie mecate reins to Hackamore?

How does a mecate work?

The mecate is a single length of rope measuring which attaches to the bosal to create a loop around the neck of the horse. The remaining rope is tied around the saddle horn and used as a lead. Mecate reins are typically braided from horsehair or nylon and can be found in a range of thickness options.

How do slobber straps work?

How do you tie a saddle horn to a rope?

How do you attach mecate reins with slobber straps?

First, attach the slobber straps to the rings of the bit. The slobber strap will fold in half, and align the holes. Then take the popper end of your mecate rein. Pass this through all four holes of the slobber straps and end with about 6 inches of the rein freely through the furthest slobber strap.

How do you tie mecate reins to saddle horns?

What is the difference between a bosal and a Hackamore?


A hackamore is a bosal noseband with reins attached. A hackamore is a whole piece of equipment, while the bosal is the specific nosepiece used on it or a single piece of tack. Both can improve the communication between horse and rider.

How do you hold bosal reins?

How do I make my horse hair mecate?

How do you clean mecate horse hair?

Mecates can be washed.

  1. Take the mecate off of the bosal or snaffle bit and coil it up.
  2. Fill a large sink with tepid water and add a capful of Woolite laundry detergent. …
  3. Change the water as it gets dirty.
  4. Rinse in sinkfuls of clean water until no more dirt or soap comes out.

How do you tie a hooey knot?

How do you tie a lariat knot?

How do you tie a dally?

How do you use a bosal and mecate?

Can you direct rein with a bosal?

The mecate is a single long rope that is tied to create a loop of rein at one side of the bosal and a lead line at the other. You’ll almost exclusively use a direct rein. Hold your hands as wide as your hips and even with or slightly in front of the saddle horn.

Why use a bosal on a horse?

The Purpose The entire purpose of the bosal is to get the horse to work on light touch and promote flexibility in the horse’s neck. For example, instead of ‘direct reining’ the rider would lay the mecate across the horse’s neck in the direction they’d like to go.

Can a bosal hurt a horse?

Starting a horse in a bosal can preserve the horse’s mouth, but it can also bang up the nose and scar the bars of the jaw. Horses have to learn to bend and give to pressure before they can understand what is wanted of them when they are in a bosal.

How should a bosal fit on a horse?

How do you make a slobber strap?

How do you choose a mecate?

Diameter, length and color are the three main choices to make when ordering a mecate.

  1. Diameter. It is a matter of personal preference if the mecate is going to be used on a snaffle bit. …
  2. Length. Length is a combination of personal preference and necessity. …
  3. Color and Pattern.

What is horsehair hitching?


In hitching, a series of horsehair pulls, or strands, is knotted over string that is wound around a wooden dowel. The dowel provides something sturdy to hitch over and provides shape for the item to be hitched — usually in geometric patterns based on a diamond shape.

How do you soften a mecate?

After soaking or washing the mecate, “when you pick it up, it may feel better,” Douglas acknowledges, “because it’s a little bit soft and spongy, which then makes the message soft and spongy.

How do you make horse hair jewelry?


Clean hair well, but don’t use conditioner (will make the hair too slick). Allow hair to dry thoroughly (a few days) to prevent mold. 2. Separate long hairs from short or broken ones and create a bundle of hairs small enough to go in jewelry clasp.

What does horsehair mean?

Definition of horsehair 1 : the hair of a horse especially from the mane or tail. 2 : cloth made from horsehair.

What’s a hooey knot?

At the rodeo, hooey doesn’t mean foolish. It refers to the knot a cowboy uses to finish tying the calf’s legs together in tie-down roping. To see more rodeo terms, click through the photos above.

What knot do cowboys use?


The honda knot, lariat loop or bowstring knot is the most common way of tying a lasso or lariat by cowboys. The nearly perfect round shape of the knot helps it to slide freely along the rope (especially if it’s a stiff rope) it is tied around, unlike the bowline knot.

What does HOOey brand stand for?

The name HOOey was derived from the last wrap used to secure the calf’s leg in tie down roping, and his brand takes influence from not only the western style of rodeo but also incorporates popular music, culture, and other sports.

What kind of knot is used on a lariat?


honda knot

A honda knot is the loop knot commonly used in a lasso. Its round shape, especially when tied in stiff rope, helps it slide freely along the rope it is tied around. To tie, first place an overhand knot in the end of the rope.

What is a lariat loop knot used for?


Honda knot/Typical use

How do you tie a Matthew Walker knot?

What is dally and tie on?

“When you dally, you have to turn loose of the rope and grab it again, but when you’re tied on, you do not have to turn loose of the top strand of your rope,” he says. “You can hold one strand of your rope the whole time you rope.”

What direction do you dally?

Most people dally in a counterclockwise motion. Once the loop settles around the cow’s neck, the roper jerks the slack out of it, then immediately dallies.

How do you use Dally Wrap?

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