How to Treat Oak Wilts

Because Oak Wilt is spread through root grafts and insect carriers, We recommend the treatment of non-infected oaks in close proximity to the infected trees to …


Can trees recover from oak wilt?

Oak wilt has been identified in over 20 states. Once an oak tree is infected with the oak wilt fungus, the tree will die and there is no treatment to save the tree. When an oak wilt infection is confirmed treatment can be applied to the surrounding trees to prevent the spread of this disease.

Can oak wilt be cured?

Once an oak tree becomes infected with oak wilt, there is no known chemical treatment that is capable of “curing” the disease; however, fungicide research is continuing.

How do you fix oak wilt?

We recommend a trunk injection of Propizol. Propiconazole is a systemic fungicide that will suppress Bretiziella fagacearum. Because Oak Wilt is spread through root grafts and insect carriers, We recommend the treatment of non-infected oaks in close proximity to the infected trees to slow the spread of the disease.

Can oaks recover from oak wilt?

Prevention is key with oak wilt, as there is no cure for the disease. There are preventative treatments, but trees that are already infected with oak wilt should immediately be removed and destroyed before the disease spreads to healthy trees.

Should I cut an oak wilt tree down?

Homeowners can reduce the risk of oak wilt infections by not pruning or otherwise injuring oaks after April 15. While high risk of infection decreases to lower risk after mid-July, it’s prudent to simply avoid pruning oak trees from just prior to bud break to leaf drop.

How long can a tree live with oak wilt?

Trees may die only 1 or 2 months after symptoms appear and seldom survive more than a year. Disease symptoms are more variable for species in the white oak group.

How much does it cost to treat a tree with oak wilt?

For instance, if there are 30 high-value trees spaced out relatively evenly throughout the property, and the median diameter is about 15” dbh then the total costs of $4,500.00 (plus tax) and say the disease would move through the property in 4.5 years – the annually allotted oak wilt injection costs would be about …

Is oak wilt always fatal?

Nearly always fatal, oak wilt can kill a grove of mature Oak trees in mere months, sometimes weeks.

When do you apply fungicide to oak trees?

A protective fungicide may be required if damage persists. Apply necessary sprays in the spring during leaf emergence and repeat in 7 to 14 days as needed. Water oak, post oak, red oak and live oak are most often infected with the oak leaf blister fungus. Of these, water oak is the most susceptible.

When is the best time to treat for oak wilt?

While the best time for tree treatment may be in the spring after the new leaves have set, successful treatments can be made at any time that there are sufficient green leaves on the tree to be treated. We’ve found that if the Oak Wilt threat is imminent, a treatment should happen soon to avoid major damage.

Is oak wilt contagious?

Oak Wilt is a highly contagious fungal disease that infects and destroys the water-conducting system of Oak trees leading to the death of these trees in some instances. Our staff of certified arborists is dedicated to properly identifying, analyzing and treating Oak trees plagued by this fungal disease.

What spreads oak wilt?

Oak Wilt is spread in two ways: overland infections and root graft infections (local spread). Most overland infections are initiated by fungal spores transported on the bodies of sap feeding and wood boring insects.

Does oak wilt affect all oak trees?

So far all oaks are thought to be susceptible to Oak Wilt, however disease is typically most severe on red oak species. What is it? The Oak Wilt fungus (Ceratocystis fagacearum) grows in the vascular tissue of infected trees and, once established, spores of the fungus can spread systemically throughout to tree.

Which oaks are most susceptible to oak wilt?

Red and pin oaks are very susceptible to the oak wilt fungus and can die within 4 to 6 weeks. White and bur oaks are susceptible, but the symptoms develop slowly. Trees can be infected by the fungus through root grafts or by sap-feeding beetles that carry spores to newly wounded trees.

Is there a way to prevent oak wilt?

To prevent oak wilt, do not wound oaks from April through July, which is when oaks are most susceptible to infection. If hazardous branches or trees must be cut during this high-risk period, immediately apply water-based paint or shellac to the cuts (or the outer sapwood of a stump in the case of entire tree removal).

Is it safe to burn oak wilt wood?

Firewood cut from freshly killed oak wilt trees (which just died this summer) can be used but should be burned by next April 1. After April 1 the firewood should be covered with a thick plastic (4-mil or heavier) one full year after the tree died from the fungus.

How fast does oak wilt spread?

Oak wilt fungus grows quickly within infected red oaks and plugs the xylem tissues, causing death of the tree in as little as two months. In some case, death can take up to a year or more.

How do you save a dying oak tree?

To save a dying oak tree, employ the following tactics:

  1. Prune and discard any diseased branches.
  2. Spray diseased areas with fungicide.
  3. Inject fungicide into your oak tree.
  4. Fertilize your tree.
  5. Mulch near the base of your tree.
  6. Ensure your tree is not overwatered. Dig drainage ditches if the tree is in boggy ground.

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