How to watch videos while on the phone

To use MX Player to play video while on a call, open it, go to Settings, Player, and then activate Background Play. This allows your phone to …


How can I play a video while in call?

One way is to use an app like Video Call Screen. This app will allow you to watch videos while on a call without having to leave the call screen. Another way is to use Google Chrome. If you have the Chrome browser open and a video playing.

Can you watch a video while talking on the phone?

Here a few things you might not have known you could do while on a call: Watch videos or listen to music: The other person on the call won’t be able to hear any audio, even if you use speakerphone (we tested it). The audio reduces to background level, so you hear the other party.

Why do videos not play while on the phone?

If the video has already been downloaded, but you can’t play it on your Android phone, then it can have the following reasons. The video could not be downloaded properly from its source. The header of the video file could be missing or corrupted. There can be issues with the syncing of its video or audio component.

How can I watch videos on my iPhone while on the phone?

How can I listen to YouTube while on a call?

Can you watch Netflix while on a call?

If you wish to watch Netflix while on a phone call, you are going to have to get something else to watch Netflix on, or something else to make the call on, because you will continue to get the audio reduced while on any phone call, or FaceTime call.

How do I use Android apps while on the phone?

Use Another App

  1. While you are on a call, press the Home button (the big round button at the bottom of the screen). This will return you to the Home screen.
  2. Tap the app you want to open. …
  3. When finished with the app, tap the green bar at the top of the screen to return to the Phone app.

Can you FaceTime and watch a video at the same time?

Watch video together while on a FaceTime call On your iPhone or iPad, start a FaceTime call. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the FaceTime call, then open a video streaming app that supports SharePlay. Choose a movie or TV show, and press play.

Can you watch videos while on WhatsApp call?

What this feature does is allows users to watch Facebook, Instagram and YouTube videos in a small video at the bottom of their chat interface. This way, users can watch videos, navigate through WhatsApp and continue chatting with their friends, all at the same time.

Why do videos not play on iPhone?

The first solution to videos not playing on iPhone apps is checking the network use of your app. When using your iPhone app, you should make sure that the iPhone app is using a cellular network or WIFI. You can check the network use of your iPhone app at: Settings > WLAN > Apps Using WLAN & Cellular.

Why are my videos not playing on my iPhone gallery?

Optimize Storage Option is Enabled. This is the most common reason why your content is not properly loading in the Photos app on your device. The optimize storage option saves your content on iCloud and only shows the thumbnails of your content on your device.

Why are YouTube videos not playing on my phone?

Go to Settings > Apps (Applications > Application Manager) and make sure you select the All apps filter. Scroll down and tap on the YouTube app. Open YouTube App in Android Application Manager. Tap on Storage and select Clear Cache.

How do you watch videos while using other apps iOS 14?

The feature was added in the latest iPhone software update this fall. … This is all you do:

  1. Open the app you want to use, such as Netflix.
  2. Start playing a movie or TV show.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom screen after it starts playing, as if you’re closing the app.
  4. The video will start playing in a small window on your screen.

How do I multitask on iPhone?

Step One: Touch and hold the bottom of the screen. Step Two: Swipe up and hold your finger in place until multitasking options appear. Step Three: Tap and hold on the app you want to quit until the red circle with the “–” symbol appears in the top left corner of the app. Tap the symbol and your app will force quit.

How do you watch two things at once on iPhone?

How can I listen to music and call together?


JQBX. If you and your friends use a lot of different devices—iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC—JQBX is the best way to listen to music together across all of them. Pronounced “Jukebox,” this multi-platform service is available for iOS, macOS, Android and even as a web app for Windows users.

How do I listen to YouTube and browse on iPhone?

How do you keep YouTube playing on iPhone?

  1. You can play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone using YouTube Premium or Safari.
  2. YouTube Premium lets you play videos when the app isn’t open, but it costs $11.99 per month.
  3. You can also play YouTube videos in the background in Safari using view mode.

How do I keep Netflix playing on my phone?

Go to Apps & Notifications. Expand “Advanced” and tap Special app access. Go to Picture in Picture. From the next window, tap Netflix and toggle on “Allow picture-in-picture.”

How do you watch Netflix on FaceTime on iPhone?

How to Watch Movies / TV Shows Together Over FaceTime

  1. Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad and initiate a call.
  2. When the call has connected, tap the SharePlay button at the top-right corner of the screen in the new control panel.
  3. Tap Share My Screen in the dropdown.

What app can you watch Netflix together?

If you want to have a Netflix Party with friends while on the go, Rave is for you. A Rave app is available for iOS and Android, and apps are also available for Windows and Mac. It lets you watch Netflix movies and TV shows with others, as well as YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Vimeo.

How do I open another app while video calling?

Start a video call. Tap your Home button. For Android 8.0 and up, the Duo call will continue. … Remove picture-in-picture

  1. Double-tap the PIP window and the call becomes full screen.
  2. End the call.
  3. Tap Close. to close the PIP window.
  4. Open another app in full screen. The video call will continue in the background.

How do you multitask on an Android phone?

How to open two apps simultaneously

  1. Open the Recent apps screen – either through the navigation bar button or screen gestures.
  2. Tap on the icon of the app.
  3. Choose the Split screen option.
  4. Select the second app to split the screen with.

Can you split screen on Android?

Android 7.0 provides split-screen mode on handheld devices and picture-in-picture mode on TVs. Split-screen mode fills the screen with two apps, showing them either side by side or one above the other. Users can drag the divider separating the two apps to make one larger and the other smaller.

What app can you FaceTime and watch movies?

Here are 5 services that allow you to watch online content on services like Netflix and YouTube in sync with your friends.

  1. Twoseven. If you want something which is hassle-free, Twoseven is the service you want. …
  2. Syncplay. …
  3. Watch2gether. …
  4. Rabbit. …
  5. Plex VR.

Can I watch TikToks while on FaceTime?

SharePlay lets you watch TikToks with your friends at the same time. Here’s how. Stay in sync even when you’re not together. Apple SharePlay is a fun new feature that enables people on FaceTime to watch videos or listen to music together.

How can I watch something online together?

Here are eight ways to watch movies together while staying apart:

  1. Netflix. Previously known as Netflix Party, the Teleparty Chrome extension (which requires everyone viewing to be on their own Netflix account) is pretty straightforward. …
  2. Hulu. …
  3. Disney+ …
  4. Amazon Prime. …
  5. Scener. …
  6. Metastream. …
  7. TwoSeven.

How do you multitask on WhatsApp iPhone video call?

From the Calls tab

  1. Tap the Calls tab.
  2. Tap the New call button.
  3. At the top of the contact list, tap New group call.
  4. Select up to seven people and then tap the Video button.
  5. After the call starts, you can add more people to the video call (up to eight, including yourself).

How do I turn on floating video call on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to any chat. After that, tap on the Camera icon located at the top to start a video call and then tap on Call when asked for a confirmation.

Why does a video pause during a WhatsApp video call if I use another app in iPhone?

The fact that the video pauses has to do with the what’s app application. They must define their app as a background running app and you must allow it to run in the background. But all that is for not if you try running another app that needs the camera, mic, or speaker.

Why can’t I watch videos on Safari on my iPhone?

Update iPhone So, if you still can’t get the videos to play in Safari, then it’s time to check for any pending updates for your iPhone. To check for software updates, open the Settings app and tap on General. Go to Software Update to download and install any pending updates.

Why can’t I watch videos on my iPhone 7?

Tap Wi-Fi. Try to play YouTube videos on your iPhone again and see if you can now do so. If your iPhone still couldn’t play YouTube videos, try to forget your Wi-Fi network or use a different Wi-Fi network available. Alternatively, you may try resetting network settings on your iPhone 7.

How do I watch downloaded videos on my iPhone?

Tap Movies to watch movies that you’ve purchased. Tap Home Videos to watch videos, including movies or TV shows that you added to iTunes yourself rather than purchased from the iTunes Store. Tap Downloaded to watch videos that are stored in your iPhone’s internal storage.

Why does YouTube keep stopping?

Clear the app cache You watch videos on YouTube several hours a day, and during the period, the app caches several data to make it work efficiently. But sometimes, where the cached files get corrupted or outdated, the YouTube app might keep crashing.

Why does YouTube stop playing after a while?

The principal reason your YouTube video may pause is because the Auto-Pause feature is set by default. This feature is designed to pause the videos if you’ve been inactive on the device for a while and prevent you from missing important details in the content you were watching.

Why are YouTube videos Black on my phone?

However, as they continue collecting your data, they can, over time, get corrupted, causing apps to crash and not work. So, if your YouTube is showing a black screen, try clearing YouTube’s cache files. If you use an Android phone, you find the Clear Cache option by going to Settings > YouTube > Storage > Clear Cache.

How do you minimize a video on iOS 14?

Does iPhone have floating window?

Apple introduced Picture in Picture mode back in 2020 with the release of iOS 14, which allows you to watch videos in a floating window anywhere on your phone or tablet. If you want to watch Netflix or HBO Max without being in the app, you can easily do so by swiping up out of it, which usually enables PiP by default.

How do you overlay videos on iPhone?

Add a video clip or photo as an overlay

  1. With your project open, scroll the timeline so that the playhead (the white vertical line) appears where you want to add the overlay clip.
  2. Tap the Add Media button , then do one of the following: …
  3. Tap the More Options button , then tap an overlay option.

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