Is dectomax safe for pregnant cows

DECTOMAX Injectable has a 35-day pre-slaughter withdrawal period. Do not use in female dairy cattle 20 months of age or older. Do not use in calves to be …

What animal should not use Dectomax?

PRECAUTIONS: Dectomax has been developed specifically for use in cattle and swine only. This product should not be used in other animal species as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may result.

How long does Dectomax last in cattle?

DECTOMAX Pour-On has the longest duration of any nonprescription product on the market with protection for up to 77 days against the biting cattle louse (Bovicola (Damalinia) bovis).

Is Dectomax safe for pregnant goats?

DECTOMAX® injectable solution is well-tolerated, has excellent syringeability and has a long action, making it particularly suitable for controlling parasites in cattle, sheep, goats and swine.

What animals should Dectomax be used for?

DECTOMAX Injectable has been developed specifically for cattle and swine. Use in dogs may result in fatalities.

Can you use Dectomax on pregnant ewes?

Not permitted for use in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption. Do not use in pregnant ewes, which are intended to produce milk for human consumption, within 70 days of expected parturition.

Is Dectomax and ivermectin the same?

The activity of Dectomax was stronger and last longer than Ivomec as it reduced the number of mites on the tested animals four weeks after treatment. The Ivomec (1% ivermectin) dose of 0.2 mg kg-1 on body weight basis is not effective in killing the mite infestation in a short period of time.

Is ivermectin pour-on safe for pregnant cows?

Can You Use Ivermectin On Pregnant Cattle IVOMEC Super Injection for Cattle will not affect the fertility of cows and bulls and can be given to all ages of animals. IVERMECTIN Pour-On for Cattle is formulated for external use only in can you. Ivermectin is reported as safe drug in ruminants during pregnancy.

Does Dectomax have a withholding period?

Withholding periods Milk: Nil. Meat: DO NOT USE less than 42 days before slaughter for human consumption. Export Slaughter Interval (ESI): DO NOT USE less than 42 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Can you give Dectomax orally?

Is an injectable product labeled for swine. Controls round worms, lung worm, kidney worm, lice and mange mites. Dectomax should be injected intramuscularly, in the neck of the animals.

What is the difference between ivermectin and doramectin?

Although both drugs were applied at the same time and at the same dose, the third group (high degree of infestation), revealed, both microscopically and macroscopically, that ivermectin has more rapid effect than doramectin. Treatment was effective in all groups.

Is Dectomax an antibiotic?

Doramectin (Dectomax) is a veterinary drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of parasites such as gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms, grubs, sucking lice and mange mites in cattle. Mutational biosynthetic antiparasitic antibiotic structurally related to the avermectins.

What Wormer is safe for pregnant goats?

Prairie Pride® Goat Dewormer offers a medicated approach to eliminating removing and controlling the spread of worms in goats. This goat dewormer is mixed into the feed and can be used in all stages of goats, including pregnant and lactating does.

Is Dectomax safe for calves?

DECTOMAX Pour-On is safe for use on any age or class of beef cattle, including pregnant cows, calves and bulls up to 20 months of age.

How long does Dectomax injectable last?

28 days

Dectomax Injectable protects against the development of viable cattle tick for 28 days. It also controls sucking lice and aids in the control of biting lice and mange mites.

Is Dectomax safe for puppies?

Dectomax Injections The manufacturer, Zoetis, warns that using Dectomax in dogs "may result in fatalities." Consider Dectomax only if other treatments for this frustrating skin condition fail.

What’s the withdrawal on dectomax?

Withdrawal Time: 70 days for animals intended for meat and offal, not permitted for use on animals producing milk for human consumption.

Can I give dectomax to lambs?

1 For effective treatment and control of both adults and L4 larvae of Nematodirus battus a dose rate of 300 mcg/kg is required. … Dectomax 10 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Cattle and Sheep.

Dictyocaulus viviparus35
Bunostomum phlebotomum22
Oesophagostomum radiatum21
Trichostrongylus axei28

Can you give dectomax to sheep?

YES, in gastrointestinal roundworms in sheep (very high), goats (very high) and cattle (high) particularly in: Sheep & goats: Haemonchus spp, Ostertagia spp /Teladorsagia spp, Trichostrongylus spp, Nematodirus spp, Chabertia ovina.

How often should you deworm cattle?

Mature cows usually only need to be dewormed once a year. They should be treated shortly before calving. Calving is a stressful time in a cow’s life and it can lead to suppressed immune function which makes her more susceptible to parasites. Treating twice a year may be needed if you have a large parasite load.

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