Kelleigh Bannen’s Heartwarming Journey: Expecting Her First Baby at 42

Kelleigh Bannen, the renowned singer and Today’s Country Radio host, has a heartwarming announcement to share with the world. At 42 years old, she and her husband, Jeff Grossman, are expecting their first child, a beautiful baby girl. This news has filled their lives with an incredible sense of joy and gratitude.


A 20-Year Love Story

Kelleigh Bannen Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby

This delightful revelation comes just as the couple is about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Kelleigh expressed her amazement at this timing, stating, "In a million years, I would have never been able to predict that we’d be expecting our first baby within a month of our 20th wedding anniversary — at 42."

The Journey to Parenthood

Kelleigh and Jeff’s path to parenthood was not without its challenges. Their journey is an inspiring testament to their dedication and love. Kelleigh shares, "Jeff and I went through a lot to get here, and it just makes us that much more thankful that we get to experience the gift of becoming parents."

Counting Down the Weeks

Kelleigh can hardly contain her excitement as she eagerly anticipates the arrival of their baby girl. She says, "I wake up every morning counting down the weeks until we get to meet our baby girl. This whole season has felt so precious and hopeful."

"I Know Better Now" Music Video

Kelleigh Bannen steps back into singer-songwriter spotlight with "I Know  Better Now"

In a touching tribute to their journey, Kelleigh Bannen has documented her pregnancy in the music video for her latest song, "I Know Better Now." This heartwarming video follows the couple through their long path to parenthood, beginning with glimpses of their wedding, a true celebration of their love.

The Emotional Ballad

The music video is a moving black-and-white montage of moments shared by Kelleigh and Jeff. As the music plays, the camera focuses on Kelleigh singing in a cozy living room, dressed in a flowing gown and accompanied by a soulful piano and strings. The song’s tender ballad reflects on the often-painful process of growing up and the profound lessons learned through life’s evolution.

A Journey Through IVF

In an emotional twist, the video offers glimpses into the couple’s journey through in vitro fertilization (IVF). Viewers witness Kelleigh self-administering injections and preparing for what appears to be a surgical procedure, possibly an egg retrieval. These scenes underscore the couple’s unwavering determination to bring a child into their lives.

The Heartwarming Conclusion

The video’s final frames capture a heartfelt moment as Kelleigh walks into their home, embracing her husband with a warm hug, before they sit down together on a cozy couch. The camera pans to an end table where a sonogram photograph of their unborn baby rests, encapsulating the joy and anticipation of this special time.

Upcoming Album

According to People, "I Know Better Now" is part of an upcoming album from Kelleigh Bannen, which is yet to be officially announced. This album will mark her return to the music scene, following her 2019 release, "Favorite Colors."

Celebrating New Life in Country Music

Country Stars Who Have Welcomed Kids in 2022

Kelleigh Bannen’s announcement adds to the joy in the world of country music. The year 2023 has seen several country stars welcoming new additions to their families, and Kelleigh’s news is a heartwarming addition to this trend.

In Memoriam

In contrast, we also take a moment to remember the country artists, songwriters, and industry members that we’ve lost in 2023. It’s a reminder that in the midst of life’s celebrations, we also face moments of grief.

Kelleigh Bannen is pregnant, expecting her first baby, and her journey serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. We join her in celebrating this incredible milestone and eagerly await the arrival of their baby girl.

Engaging Insights to Pique Your Curiosity

Who is Kelleigh Bannen’s husband?

Kelleigh Bannen’s husband is Jeff Grossman, her devoted partner for almost two decades. In her exclusive music video for the song "I Know Better Now," featured on PEOPLE, Kelleigh lovingly captures the profound moments of her journey to pregnancy.

How to break pregnancy news?

Creative Ways to Share Your Pregnancy News

Discover 12 ingenious methods to share the joy of your impending arrival with your partner. Here are some memorable ways to break the baby news:

  1. Put a Bun in the Oven: Surprise your partner by baking a special treat and revealing the news with a sweet twist.

  2. Let a T-shirt Say It for You: Find a clever, baby-themed T-shirt that announces your pregnancy without saying a word.

  3. Take a Photo with a Twist: Capture the moment in a unique photo that creatively conveys your baby news.

  4. Write It on Your Belly: Use body art to share your excitement by writing a heartfelt message on your belly.

  5. Buy a Baby Book: Gift your partner a baby book or parenting guide to reveal the upcoming chapter in your lives.

  6. Spell It Out in Scrabble: Arrange the words to spell "baby" or "pregnant" during a game of Scrabble for a delightful surprise.

These creative ideas can make breaking your pregnancy news a cherished memory for both you and your partner.

How do I break the pregnancy news to my husband?

Unique Ways to Share Pregnancy News with Your Husband

Breaking the exciting news of your pregnancy to your husband can be a memorable and heartwarming experience. Consider these creative ideas for sharing your joyful news:

  1. Piggy Bank Surprise: Present a piggy bank as a charming pregnancy announcement, symbolizing the savings needed for your growing family.

  2. Pizza Reveal: Order a special pizza with a personalized message inside the box to delight your husband with the news.

  3. Table for Three: Plan a romantic dinner and set the table for three, indicating the arrival of your little one.

  4. Conspiring With the Kids: If you have children, involve them in the surprise by having them announce the pregnancy in a fun and imaginative way.

  5. Chalkboard Announcement: Use a chalkboard to craft a creative and artistic announcement that your husband will cherish.

  6. Baby Basket: Prepare a thoughtful basket filled with baby-related items to convey the upcoming arrival.

  7. The Classic: Sometimes, a heartfelt conversation and a simple announcement can be the most touching way to share the news with your partner.

  8. Baby Shoes: Gift your husband a tiny pair of baby shoes to reveal your pregnancy, symbolizing the little steps that lie ahead.

These unique and endearing ideas can make your pregnancy announcement a moment to treasure for both you and your husband.

How to say I m pregnant?

Creative Ways to Share the Pregnancy News

When it comes to revealing the news that you’re expecting, why stick to the mundane? Explore these inventive ways to announce your pregnancy:

  1. Pregnant: Though it may seem plain, this word is the fundamental starting point for sharing your wonderful news.

  2. Expectant: This synonym for pregnant adds a touch of excitement, making it feel like there’s a grand celebration at the end of the journey.

  3. Caught: A playful and unexpected way to inform your loved ones that a new life is on the way.

  4. Enceinte: This elegant French word adds a touch of sophistication to your announcement.

  5. Childing: A unique and charming way to express the impending arrival of a little one.

  6. Gravid: A less common term, but it holds a certain mystique that can make your announcement more intriguing.

  7. Knocked Up: A casual and fun way to share the news, ideal for those who appreciate a light-hearted approach.

  8. Preggers: Informal and endearing, this word conveys your pregnancy with a sense of playfulness and affection.

Selecting the right word can add a unique and memorable touch to your pregnancy announcement.

Should I tell my ex I’m pregnant?

Deciding to Share Your Pregnancy News with Your Ex

The question of whether to inform your ex about your pregnancy is a complex one. Before making a decision, it’s advisable to reach out to a trusted advisor, such as a friend, family member, or clergy. They can offer valuable perspective and support, helping you consider your options and plan how to navigate this significant moment in your life.

How do I share my wife’s pregnancy news with my boss?

Sharing Pregnancy News with Your Boss

When it comes to sharing the news of your wife’s pregnancy with your boss, transparency and planning are key. Begin by notifying your boss with a straightforward message. Here’s a suggested approach:

"Dear [Boss’s Name],

I am delighted to inform you that my wife and I are expecting a baby, with the due date set for [XX date]. I have thoroughly reviewed our company’s parental leave policy and have begun crafting a comprehensive plan to ensure a smooth transition during my absence. While we have ample time to address the specifics and logistics, I wanted to keep you informed early in the process. Your support and understanding are greatly appreciated as we embark on this exciting journey. I look forward to discussing further details and arrangements in the coming months.

Thank you for your consideration.


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