Unlocking Elegance: Top 10 New Entries and Mudrooms for Stylish Homes

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression in your home’s entryway while efficiently managing clutter, then you’re in the right place. Discover inspiration for transforming your entry and mudroom spaces with our countdown of the Top 10 New Entries and Mudrooms. These designs, uploaded to Houzz between June 15 and Sept. 15, 2023, offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.


1. Chicago’s Rattan Elegance

33 Stylish Mudroom Ideas 2023 - Best Ways Organize a Small Mudroom

In a Chicago entry designed by DEW Design, an inviting blue paint sets the tone for a charming space. Rattan doors, woven baskets, a wood bench, and other wooden details create a welcoming atmosphere. The addition of a red rug not only introduces warm color and pattern but also cleverly conceals dirt and scuff marks.

2. Portland’s Cottage Chic

Interior designer Stephen Peck breathed new life into a cottage in Portland, Maine, reusing existing kitchen shelving. By adding hooks to a wall-mounted unit, he transformed it into a handy spot for hanging bags, leashes, and coats. Hexagonal slate-look porcelain tiles bring a modern touch, while a colorful rug provides a practical solution for snowy boots.

3. Isle of Wight’s Victorian Charm

Home Tour : Isle of Wight Victorian - Room for Tuesday

On England’s Isle of Wight, Imperfect Interiors revamped an entry hall with a strong Victorian-era influence. The lively tiled floor, tongue-and-groove paneling, and herb garden-inspired paint color anchor this space with character. Cushions add an elegant touch, elevating the utilitarian aspects of the room.

4. Westfield’s Historical Blend

Top 10 New Entries and Mudrooms

Ellie Mroz Design achieved a perfect blend of classic and modern in Westfield, New Jersey. The new mudroom, with its brick herringbone floor, light pewter gray cabinetry, and brass accents, harmonizes seamlessly with the historical home. A mix of open and closed storage, along with a built-in bench, provides both style and functionality.

5. Indianapolis Plum Pizzazz

In Indianapolis, Whittney Parkinson Design took a bold approach with a striking shade of plum in a hardworking mudroom. Abundant storage solutions ensure a clutter-free space, allowing the vibrant plum to take center stage. Traditional brass hardware and a herringbone floor bring an English country cottage feel to the room.

The Top 10 New Entries and Mudrooms showcased here demonstrate that entryways and mudrooms can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you favor classic charm, modern elegance, or bold colors, there are design ideas to suit every taste.

These spaces are designed to help you corral shoes, bags, jackets, keys, and other on-the-go items while creating a delightful first impression in your home. Incorporating a mix of storage options, textures, and colors, these designs offer inspiration for anyone seeking to upgrade their entry and mudroom spaces.

Remember, your entryway should reflect your style and be a functional part of your home, and these trending designs provide a wealth of ideas to achieve just that.

So, if you’re considering a revamp of your entryway or mudroom, take a cue from these Top 10 designs, and start making a memorable statement in your home today.

Intriguing Elements of Entryway Design You Should Know

What is a mudroom entry?

A mudroom entry is a quintessentially American concept, signifying a secondary entrance in a residence specially designated for shedding the remnants of outdoor adventures. This dedicated space serves as a buffer zone to prevent the infiltration of dirt and dampness into the main house. Here, you can conveniently shed muddy boots, hang coats, and deposit wet clothing, ensuring that the pristine interiors of your home remain clean and unspoiled.

What is the difference between entryway and mudroom?

An entryway encompasses all doorways leading into a home, encompassing not only the primary front entrance but also side and back doors. On the other hand, mudrooms are specialized spaces, typically situated at side or back entrances, with their primary function centered around the daily routines of family members, focusing on storage and organization, particularly for outdoor gear and footwear.

When did mudrooms become popular?


In the 1950s, the term "mudroom" entered the lexicon of colonial architects and was subsequently formalized. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the mudroom gained widespread popularity. During this era, it evolved into a dedicated space for donning raincoats, removing soiled footwear, and taking on a more significant role as a place for welcoming or bidding farewell to family and friends.

What is a mudroom?

A mudroom is a designated area within a residence, typically positioned near the front or rear entrance, where individuals can conveniently shed muddy boots and other outerwear before transitioning into the interior living spaces, which may include the kitchen, dining area, and more.

What makes a good mudroom?

A top-tier mudroom boasts several essential features. These include floors that are easy to clean, ample hooks and storage options to accommodate various items, comfortable benches for seating, and convenient cubbies for organizing shoes and additional gear. These elements collectively define a well-designed and functional mudroom space.

Why are mudrooms called mudrooms?

A mudroom serves as an entryway designed to act as a drop zone or storage area for outdoor essentials. Its name originates from the tendency for dirt and mud to be tracked inside, creating a potential mess in the main living spaces. The primary goal of a mudroom is to confine and contain mud in one dedicated area, effectively preventing it from spreading throughout the house.

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