Unveiling the Top 7 Design Trends From the London Design Festival 2023

London Design Festival 2023: A Glimpse Into the Future of Interior Design
If you’re passionate about interior design and the latest trends, the London Design Festival is undoubtedly an event that captures your attention. In 2023, this prestigious festival showcased a fascinating array of design trends, themes, and innovations. As a Senior Editor at Houzz UK and Ireland, I’m excited to bring you an insider’s look at the 7 Trends From the London Design Festival that dominated the scene.


1. Classic Revivals: Honoring Timeless Craftsmanship

Trend Report: London Design Festival 2022 | Design Insider

At the heart of this year’s London Design Festival was a profound appreciation for classic design. Several brands seized the opportunity to exhibit revived pieces and items inspired by the craftsmanship of iconic designers. For example, Ligne Roset reintroduced its timeless Kashima sofa, paying homage to Michel Ducaroy’s 1976 design. Meanwhile, Carl Hansen & Son unveiled the Nature collection, a tribute to Danish designer Kaare Klint. Aram wowed attendees with three new rugs inspired by Eileen Gray’s artistic legacy.

2. Tech-Enabled Sustainability: Crafting a Greener Future

In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, the festival showcased the fusion of tradition, sustainability, and technology. The Material Matters exhibition exemplified this trend with its innovative approach to design. Wicker Story exhibited woven products designed using technology to create intricate patterns, skillfully crafted by artisans, reducing wastage. The use of 3D printing also took center stage, as HagenHinderdael showcased their 3D-printed coffee tables made from sugar, recycled milk packaging, and coffee waste.

3. Embracing Vibrant Colors in Lighting Design

Things to see and do at London Design Festival 2022 - Design Week

Lighting designers shone brightly at the festival by embracing vibrant colors. Established & Sons, in their playful installation "Love at First Light," introduced the colorful Filigrana Light series and the captivating Mark Light by Martino Gamper. Mud Australia showcased a collection of porcelain lamps in soft pastels designed by Zachary Hanna and Shelley Simpson, adding a touch of color to interiors.

4. The Art of Collaboration: Designing Together

London Design Festival unveils sneak peek of its 2019 collaborations and  events β€’ Hotel Designs

Collaboration emerged as a prominent theme at the festival, encapsulated in the Brompton Design District’s theme, "Conviviality – The Art of Living Together." Brands like Fels and The New Craftsmen fostered collaboration between designers and communities. Fels’ Farm Shop project invited designers to Grymsdyke Farm in Buckinghamshire to create elements of a dining collection, emphasizing the connection between design, setting, and community. Similarly, The New Craftsmen’s "Join, Assemble, Hold" project showcased cabinets that serve as focal points for gathering and community bonding.

5. Spaces That Boost Well-Being

A notable shift in interior design is the increased focus on well-being. The festival featured exhibits emphasizing the psychological effects of our surroundings. "An Exploration of the Aesthetic at Home" urged visitors to consider the joy and beauty within their living spaces. Metculture’s pottery exhibit, "The Preciousness of Superfluous Things in the Space," celebrated the value of everyday items like utensils. Morag Myerscough’s installation, "Nice to Meet You Again," explored the impact of color on psychological health through a panel discussion.

6. Innovative Lighting Manipulation

Lighting designs took a creative twist, offering users the ability to manipulate emitted light. Motarasu showcased the "Dawn" wall light, designed by Danish Bly Studio, featuring an oak beam supporting a circle of washi paper. This innovative design allows users to open and adjust the paper to direct light as needed, making it ideal for shared spaces like bedrooms.

7. Shaping the Future Through Creative Collaboration

September | 2013 | Brian Condon

Lastly, the Greenwich Peninsula Design District hosted a panel discussion titled "Shaping the Future: The Importance of Creative Collaboration." This discussion explored the significance of both physical and digital spaces in fostering collaboration, a theme that resonated throughout the festival.
In summary, the London Design Festival 2023 dazzled attendees with an exciting array of trends and themes. From classic revivals and tech-enabled sustainability to vibrant color in lighting design and a heightened focus on well-being, this event truly reflected the dynamic evolution of interior design. The festival’s emphasis on collaboration and innovation ensures that the future of design remains bright.
If you’re passionate about design and innovation, mark your calendar for the next London Design Festival. It’s where the future of interior design comes to life.

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What is the London Design Festival?

The London Design Festival (LDF), returning between September 17th and 25th, is a dynamic celebration of design excellence. This annual event transforms the city into a hub of creativity, welcoming leading minds, designers, practitioners, retailers, and educators. Its mission? To spotlight London as a global design capital and ignite a profound celebration of design innovation. During this vibrant week, the festival becomes a stage where creativity thrives, fostering a unique blend of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation. Don’t miss out on this unrivaled design extravaganza! πŸŽ¨πŸ™οΈπŸŽ‰

What is the UK’s leading contemporary design trade event?

Looking for the UK’s foremost contemporary design trade event? Look no further! This exceptional event covers a vast spectrum, including interiors, office setups, kitchens, bathrooms, eco-friendly design and construction, and even international showcases. Held annually in conjunction with the London Design Festival, it’s a mecca for contemporary interior design and cultural enthusiasts. Spanning four expansive floors, the exhibition hosts over 180 brands, all dedicated to the promotion of design, retail, and groundbreaking innovation. 🏒✨🌍

What are the latest fashion trends in London?

What’s hot on the streets of London fashion? The latest trends are all about breaking the mold. Unconventional tailoring steals the spotlight, featuring slouchy blazers effortlessly layered over tank tops. Pair them with cropped pants for a chic twist, or go bold with pleated sweatpants. Don’t forget the footwear: dress shoes make a statement, especially when paired with oversized socks. London’s love affair with vintage pieces continues to flourish, giving your wardrobe a touch of timeless charm. πŸ‘žπŸ§₯πŸ›οΈ

What is must see at London Design Festival?

What’s the must-see attraction at this year’s London Design Festival? Make sure to visit St Paul’s Cathedral for a truly mesmerizing experience. Here, you’ll encounter Spanish artist Pablo Valbuena’s captivating installation, aptly named "Aura." This remarkable artwork serves as one of two significant projects commemorating the 300th anniversary of Sir Christopher Wren’s passing. πŸ›οΈβœ¨πŸŽ¨

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