Virtual horse racing

ZED is a provably fair digital horse racing game built on blockchain technology. Create a legacy by building a star-studded stable of winning racehorses.


How much is a virtual horse?

You can buy and race as many horses as you wish, but each horse costs $15 per month, kind of like training and stabling fees in the real world. You can even elect to pay a one-time $50 supplementary fee to make your horse a candidate for Digiturf’s Breeders’ Cup-style championship days.

How does a virtual horse race work?

Virtual Racing is a visual representation of a computerised random number draw. The odds of the different horses (or dogs) are created by having the horses with the lower odds have more numbers in the draw than horses with higher odds.

Is there a system to virtual horse racing?

There are a few different ways to bet on virtual horse racing including win, each-way, forecast and tricast, with the odds and returns on each of these formulated in advance. Punters are given the chance to study each runner’s previous form prior to a race, although this actually serves no real purpose.

How do you make a virtual horse race?

Virtual Horse Racing for Zoom or Teams

  1. Start a Zoom meeting. Start a Zoom and invite your mates!
  2. Create a Track Night game. Get everyone to join the game by pointing their phones at the QR code.
  3. Get your bets on. Place your bets, watch the races and see who comes top of the leaderboard.

Is digital horse racing profitable?

And it’s from an Australian studio, Virtually Human, who launched Zed in early 2019. Two years later and humble beginnings – selling 4,450 digital horses for $30 each – has turned into a wildly profitable Second Life-style rally.

How much do zed run horses cost?

Zed Run launched in 2019 but caught fire this spring, after limiting the sales of its horses and capitalizing on a general surge of interest in blockchain tech. Horses now range from $130 to $45,000 based on their programmed characteristics, and they can be run in real-money challenges.

Are Virtual Sports fixed?


Virtual games are actually no different to the likes of slot games, in the sense that their outcome is controlled by Random Number Generators. They are tightly monitored and regulated, meaning that they are in no way ‘fixed’, that is unless you play with unlicensed and unregulated sites, where anything is possible.

What is virtual horse racing called?

In horse racing, this is called virtual races. Nowadays, more and more bookmakers are adapting a virtual sports system, allowing their customers to wager their bets on virtual sports.

What is virtual horse?


Virtual Horses provides real-money betting on races that are uniquely generated every 2 minutes. Virtual Horses offers several tracks and distances plus all popular markets, including full forecast, tricast and combination bets.

How do you win a virtual soccer game?

Virtual Sports Betting Strategy & Tips

  1. Understand how Random Number Generators work. The outcome of virtual sports events is determined through a random number generator (RNG). …
  2. Bet small amounts. …
  3. Understand the odds. …
  4. Manage your bankroll. …
  5. Avoid chasing losses. …
  6. Choose a reliable betting site.

How do you set up a race night?

How to Race Night using Money

  1. Step 1: Race Sponsors and Naming the Races. …
  2. Step 2: Runner Sponsorship and Naming the Runners. …
  3. Step 3: Order and Pay for your Race Night. …
  4. Step 4: Admission tickets and Posters. …
  5. Step 5: The Tote. …
  6. Step 6: ‘Lucky Dip’ tickets. …
  7. Step 7: Auction of the Runners. …
  8. Summary.

How do you do a race night at home?

Race Night Introduction on all Horse Racing DVDs

  1. All the starters in the race are numbered 1 to 8, just pick a number you think will win the race.
  2. Go to the tote desk and tell them the numbers you fancy and collect as many tickets as you like.
  3. When the tote desk closes for that race a film is chosen at random and loaded.

Who won the virtual horse race last night?



Secretariat won a virtual Kentucky Derby against 12 fellow Triple Crown winners, 47 years after the chestnut colt won the real race at Churchill Downs.

What Blockchain is Zed run on?


First things first, this game is based on Ethereum’s layer 2: Polygon. This means you’re going to need a Polygon wallet that allows you to communicate with the blockchain.

How many Zed run horses are left?

There will only ever be 38,000 Genesis bred racehorses in the ZED ecosystem. The Nakamoto is the most celebrated thoroughbred given that they are the purest racehorses that exist within ZED and are often known as the Samurai breed. Greatness is born from humble beginnings.

Can you gamble on Zed run?

Betting. Wagering is not currently offered on Zed Run races. ZEST (Zed Extremely Sexy Token) is the future in game token with which betting on these races will be available.

How much is a racehorse?


The cost of racehorses varies greatly depending on their pedigree and conformation. The average sales price of a racehorse is $76,612. The average price for a two-year-old thoroughbred in training is $94,247, and the average cost for a yearling is $84,722.

How much is a Z1 horse?

The price for the most coveted horses, the Z1 Nakamoto, was $37,112, up 130% from the drop on April 2, when the Z1 Nakamoto could be had for $16,118.

Can you breed your own horses Zed run?


How to Breed Females. If you own a Filly or Mare, you get to go stud farm shopping! Head on over to the "Breeding" section on Zed Run and start looking for a good mate. If you own a male racehorse and already put him in the stud farm, then you can breed within your own stable.

Is virtual gambling rigged?

In addition to the randomness programmed into the game, there can also be streaks of bad luck that will affect individual players. Even when the hands don’t feel random, this is no indication of a rigged game. Historically, there have been instances of rigged games.

Can you bet on virtual Grand National?

You will indeed be able to bet on the virtual race, with several major betting companies, including Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral and Betfair all offering odds on the race.

Is Zed run free?

The ZED RUN team has introduced free racing to allow newcomers to hit the race track fast, and for free.

Can you make money from Zed run?

If you have a horse who can consistently win Races, it stands to reason that you should be able to profit off of that Horse. You get roughly “5.5x” profit for Winning a Paid Zed.

Who invented virtual horse racing?

The company was founded by Chris Laurent and Rob Salha in 2019. ZED RUN is VHS’ first big platform product. To date, the company has more than 125,000 connected users with 14,000+ unique stable owners.

What is a crypto horse?


Crypto horses are digital collectible horses which are created on Ethereum Blockchain. Each horse is unique not only in its appearance or color but their genetic composition is different which shall be stored on the block chain. They have 9 different colors and 35 different attributes.

How much are crypto horses?

Get crypto for getting started Terms apply. The current price is $0.000365 per HORSE. The new price represents a new all time high of $0.000365.

How do you bet on virtual sports?


You will be able to bet on virtual events such as horse races and soccer matches. Pennsylvania also offers virtual sports betting through its lottery. … Some of the bookmakers that offer virtual sports betting include:

  1. Bet365.
  2. Ladbrokes.
  3. William Hill.
  4. BetVictor.
  5. SkyBet.
  6. Lottomatica.
  7. Sisal.

Can you make money on virtual sports?

In answer to the original question, yes, you can earn profits through virtual sports wagering. However, you won’t gain a long-term advantage over virtual sportsbooks.

What is virtual soccer?

A Virtual football game is a game simulator for a real football game. It is run by a special software that is built on a number generator and which processes the game by itself. It is basically like the video games FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer only that there is/are no real-life persons controlling the team/s.

How do race nights make money?

In summary, the easiest and most popular way to raise funds is by selling owners and jockeys in the weeks leading up to your event. However, race sponsorship & advertising can also bring in extra revenue. The most effective way to raise funds on the night of your event is via the tote betting desk.

What happens at a race night?

A) A race night usually consists of between six and nine races each with eight horses. The first five to eight are normal races where you would be expected to sell each of the horses in each race to an owner prior to the race night. The owner names the horse and would get a prize if their horse wins the race.

How does a night at the races work?

Purchase “betting bucks” at the Night at the Races table in $5.00 increments. Each winner will receive betting bucks as the winning payout based on the pre-determined odds for that horse. These betting bucks can then be used to place bets for future races OR to trade in for “Winners Circle” basket raffle tickets.

Who won the virtual Grand National 2021?

Virtual 4th Anibale Fly came home 5th and the number of finishers was spot on with 19 in both races. … Virtual Grand National History.

2021Virtual Grand National ResultActual Grand National Result
3rdAny Second NowThird
4thBurrows SaintFourth
5thMinella Times1st

Is Seattle Slew related to Secretariat?

Seattle Slew was foaled on February 15, 1974, at the White Horse Acres breeding farm in Lexington, Kentucky. He had an impressive family tree: his sire, Bold Reasoning, was the grandson of Bold Ruler, the father of the great Secretariat.

Who won the virtual Grand National last night?



Is it worth investing in ZED RUN?

While it is still in its early stages, Zed Run is one of the most incredibly interesting investment opportunities available right now. It’s the crossing point of three major trends: NFTs, video games, and gambling.

How many users does Zed have?

ZED RUN is VHS’ first big platform product. To date, the company has more than 125,000 connected users with 14,000+ unique stable owners.

What company owns ZED RUN?

Virtually Human Studio

Virtually Human Studio, the parent company of NFT racing game Zed Run, raised $20 million.

When was the last Zed run drop?

ECHO DROP is ZED RUN’s latest Drop Event set to launch on Thursday, 10th June, 2021 (PT/ET).

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