What does starting price mean in horse racing


In horse racing SP stands for starting price, in simple terms the available odds on a horse at the start of the race in which it is running: here’s all you need to know.


Should you take the starting price?

You should take a starting price on the fixed odds betting market if you feel the selection will be backed and the odds will go shorter in price.

What is a starting price win?

The starting price, or SP as it’s sometimes referred to, is the price a horse goes off at when a race gets underway. These prices are set by on-course bookmakers but are largely governed by what happens on the betting exchange.

How do you price a race horse?

The Timeform Knowledge: Pricing Up A Race

  1. A horse’s odds can be converted into percentages by dividing 100 by those odds plus one (if dealing in fractional odds), or by dividing 100 by those odds (if dealing in decimal odds).
  2. So, if a horse is 5/1 in fractional odds, the calculation is 100/((5/1)+1) = 16.67%

What odds start?

In horse racing, the starting price (SP) is the odds prevailing on a particular horse in the on-course fixed-odds betting market at the time a race begins.

What does SP mean on Ladbrokes?

Starting Price or SP betting is when you back a horse or dog and do not take a price ie: you do not take the fixed betting odds. Instead you leave your bet to be settled at the official Starting Price or SP. The SP is the official returned price of a horse from the racecourse at the point the race started.

Do you get your stake back on each way bet?

Each Way Explained This means you can receive a return on your bet if your selection wins, but also if it just places. When placing an each way bet, you stake an amount on both the win and the place. So if you place £5 each way, you’ll be placing £5 on the win and £5 on the place, a total of £10.

What does SP stand for in horse racing?

starting price

In horse racing SP stands for starting price, in simple terms the available odds on a horse at the start of the race in which it is running: here’s all you need to know.

Who sets the odds in horse racing?

In Racing, We Don’t Set The Odds – You Do (Well, to Some Extent). Odds are determined by the total money wagered on each horse, and fluctuate until race time. The favorite horse isn’t necessarily the best – it just has the most money wagered on it. Historically, favorites win only one-third of the time.

How are racing odds calculated?


To calculate the exact odds on your horse, just subtract the take from the total pool, then subtract the amount bet on your horse to give you the amount of cash to be paid out.

How do you work out market percentage?

The bookie’s percentages are calculated by dividing each horse’s decimal odds into 100, and then adding them all together to calculate the total percentage. In the below example then, Bold Personality is set at decimal odds of $2.50. … What are betting market percentages?

HorseOdds% of market
Fine Cotton$51 (50/1)2%

How do you read an Australian horse racing guide?

Form Guide Abbreviations Explained

  1. 1-9 = finished the race in 1st to 9th position.
  2. 0 = finished the race further back than 9th.
  3. s = indicates a spell which is generally 3 months (some form guides use x)
  4. f = fell during the running of the race.
  5. p = pulled up during the running of the race.

What is the price of a bet?


When it comes to sports betting, the term “price” refers to how much it will cost to make a particular bet. The price is associated with every wager type including money line, runline, puckline, prop bets, the point spread, the total and anything else you can think of.

What does EW mean in horse racing?

each-way bet

An each-way bet consists of two bets of equal cost, a win bet on your selection to win an event and a place bet on it to finish within a certain number of places specified by the bookmaker beforehand.

What is Open win in horse racing?

The Open Win, also known as the Tote Win, is when you bet on a horse to win a race. You do not get a fixed price of the horse, but instead you get a dividend that is declared at the end of the race.

Which bookies are best odds guaranteed?

Here are the bookmakers that offer the best odds guaranteed offers with their horse racing and sports betting options:

  1. bet365 Best Odds Guaranteed. …
  2. Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed. …
  3. Betfair Best Odds Guaranteed. …
  4. William Hill Best Odds Guaranteed. …
  5. Coral Best Odds Guaranteed. …
  6. Paddy Power Best Odds Guaranteed.

What does each way SP mean?

Starting Price (SP) SP Bets guarantee to pay the final bookmakers fluctuation from the bookmakers on track as declared by the Bookmakers Pricing Service (BPS) by the stewards on track, sportsbet.com. au’s own Fixed Odds through our website are not included. SP is available on Win-Only and Each-Way Bets.

What does 3 places mean in horse racing?

If the Each Way Terms are 3 places at 1/5, this is what happens: My horse is a winner. This means you will be paid for your win part of your bet at the odds chosen when you placed the bet and for the place part of your bet at 1/5 of your odds.

What is a bad each-way bet?

In horse racing, you may have heard the term “bad each way race,” this means that it’s a bad each-way race for the bookmaker and there is value on offer for the punters. A classic example of a bad each-way race might be eight runners with five outsiders and three horses towards the head of the market.

What is a Yankee bet?


A Yankee consists of 11 bets of equal value on selections in four separate events: six doubles, four trebles and one four-fold. We explain how a Yankee works as well as the benefits and drawbacks of this type of bet. In a Yankee at least two of the selections must be successful to guarantee a return.

What is a pool in horse racing?

All the money wagered on a particular race is placed into a pool and after a house take is deducted, the rest of the money is divided between the people who bet on the winning horse.

How much does the house take in horse racing?


The house takes a percentage off the top (generally 10-30% depending on the sportsbook or track you’re betting with), but all the remaining money is pooled together and odds are calculated when the horses break from the gate.

Are horse racing odds locked in?

Unlike sports, horse racing odds fluctuate every time a bet is made. This is called pari-mutuel betting. In contrast, sports odds are fixed, meaning that once you wager, you’ve locked in the odds you’ve wagered at.

What is Rule 4 in horse racing?

Rule 4 is a general rule of betting which relates to the reduction of winnings when a horse you have backed wins or is placed. They are made when a horse is withdrawn from a race because it becomes easier for the other runners to win. An amount of money is taken out of winnings to balance the effect of the non-runner.

What are 9 to 4 odds?

9/4: For every 4 units you stake, you will receive 9 units if you win (plus your stake). If you see fractional odds the other way round – such as 1/4 – this is called odds-on and means the horse in question is a hot favourite to win the race.

What does 9 to 5 odds pay?

The odds and what they mean

OddsPayoff range

How do bookies set odds for horse racing?

In order to determine these true odds, bookmakers will look at factors such as prior form, statistics, historical precedents, expert opinion and any number of other such factors that could impact the event in question.

How do you set odds?

To find an odds ratio from a given probability, first express the probability as a fraction (we’ll use 5/13). Subtract the numerator (5) from the denominator (13) : 13 – 5 = 8 . The answer is the number of unfavorable outcomes. Odds can then be expressed as 5 : 8 – the ratio of favorable to unfavorable outcomes.

How do you calculate sales growth?

How do you calculate sales growth? To start, subtract the net sales of the prior period from that of the current period. Then, divide the result by the net sales of the prior period. Multiply the result by 100 to get the percent sales growth.

What are the codes for horse racing?

Codes and Definitions

Race TypeDescription

What does 1st up and 2nd up mean in horse racing?

1st Up – the horse’s form in the first race back after any breaks. 2nd Up – the horse’s form in the second race back after any breaks. 3rd Up – the horse’s form in the third race back after any breaks. Firm – Number of starts on a Firm Track, and the number of wins, second place, or third placings.

What does V mean in horse racing?

void race

S – slipped up. U – unseated rider. V – void race. Live coverage. ATR – At The Races.

What does each-way extra mean?

Each Way Extra gives you the option to increase or decrease the number of places in a race when you are betting Each Way on selected horse races at bet365. When you use Each Way Extra you can add places to your Each Way Horse Racing bets and take a reduced price or remove places and increase the odds on your selection.

What does place bet mean?

Definition of place bet 1 : a bet on a horse to finish no worse than second in a race. 2 : a bet that the shooter in a crap game will make his point or that a particular point will appear before a 7.

What does each-way 5 places mean?

It essentially gives you the chance to get a return on your money if the horse you back doesn’t win but instead finishes in 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th place. Each-way means you are betting on two things. The first is that the horse will win. The second is that it will finish anywhere up to 5th place.

How are bet payouts calculated?

Calculating the Payout for a Win Bet

  1. From that odds ratio, you take the first number and multiply it by 2 (remember, if the odds is a whole number, place that over a 1 – for example, 7 would be 7/1)
  2. You take that number and divide it by the second number of the odds ratio.
  3. Add your outlay money to that number.

Which number horse wins the most?

Fascinatingly, this system produces a clear favourite number; number 6. With eight wins over the last 51 years, it’s five ahead of its nearest rivals with numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 11 all boasting three wins each. Only 12 of the last 50 races have gone to horses in the bottom half of the handicap.

Does Paddy Power pay bogs?

Paddy Power offer Best Odds Guaranteed on all UK & Irish Horse Racing from 8am on the day of the race. So, if you take a price on a horse and the Starting Price (SP) is bigger we will pay you out at the bigger odds! For Example: If you take a price of 3/1 and the selection wins with an SP of 4/1, we pay you 4/1.

Who is top sport owned by?

the Merlehan family

TopSport is owned and operated by the Merlehan family, who are innovative, licenced bookmakers themselves with over 30 years of experience of trading with the Australian punter. TopSports’ roots date back to 1900 when Lloyd Merlehan became one of the first on-course bookies to offer sports wagering.

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