What is a wheel bet in horse racing

WHEEL/KEY. This type of wager can be used when you feel that one of your selections will finish in a certain position, either first, second or third. The horse you select to finish in a certain position is your “key” horse. The other horses you have selected may then finish in any order and you are a winner.


What does a wheel bet mean in horse racing?

Wheeled bets allow you to wager on numerous combinations. Select more than one horse to finish in any position, and any number of other horses to finish in the remaining positions.

How do you bet a wheel?

A Full Wheel bet is when you select a specific horse to win, and then select each remaining horse to fill out the remainder of the top finishing positions.

What is a wheel Trifecta?

Luckily, that’s simple – a trifecta is a bet you can make where you bet on the horses that will finish first, second and third in a race. In order to have a winning bet you not only have to pick the correct three horses, but also correctly pick the order in which they will finish.

What does it mean to wheel a bet?

WHEEL/KEY. This type of wager can be used when you feel that one of your selections will finish in a certain position, either first, second or third. The horse you select to finish in a certain position is your “key” horse. The other horses you have selected may then finish in any order and you are a winner.

What does BN mean in horse racing?

What does BN mean in horse racing? Boxed bet: Boxing a bet means to cover all possible combinations of finish for multiple horses.

What does keying a horse mean?

A basic trifecta key involves selecting a key horse to finish the race in first place. The bettor can add two or more other horses to cover second and third place in any order. The wager wins if the keyed horse finishes first and the other selections finish in second and third place in any order.

What is a superfecta wheel?

A superfecta bet in horse racing is an exotic bet that requires you to predict which four horses will finish in the top four positions in a single racing event.

How often does a Favourite horse win?


On average favorites win about 35% of horse races. But, that win percentage can fluctuate based on the distance, surface, class, etc. For example, favorites are more likely to win dirt races than turf races.

How does Pick 3 work in horse racing?

On a PICK 3 bet you select the winning horse in three consecutive races. This is usually offered on the first and last 3 races of the day, although some tracks may offer this bet on any three consecutive races.

What does superfecta mean in horse racing?

The superfecta is a type of wager in USA and Canada parimutuel betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first four finishers of a race in the correct sequence.

How much is a trifecta wheel bet?

Even though the minimum bet for a boxed trifecta is only $1, you will need to pay a minimum of $6 if you select three horses. Example: Let’s say you select horse #8, #6, and #3 to finish in any order with a boxed trifecta bet. You will need to pay $6 as the three horses can finish in six different combinations.

How many combinations are in a 4 horse box?

$1 Trifecta box of 3 horses = 6 possible combinations = $6. $1 Trifecta box of 4 horses = 24 possible combinations = $24.

What does a 4 horse trifecta box cost?


Trifecta Box Costs:

$1 Trifecta Box with three horses$6 (6 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with four horses$24 (24 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with five horses$60 (60 possible combinations)
$1 Trifecta Box with six horses$120 (120 possible combinations)

How much is a $2 exacta box with 4 horses?

A $2 box of four horses would be (4 x 3 x 2) = $24. As you can see the cost of the exacta box increases greatly with each additional horse. Also remember that you can wager a $1 exacta box. This reduces the amount of your wager by 50% but also reduces your earnings by 50%.

What does LTE stand for with horses?

Lifetime Earnings (LTE) in National Cutting Horse Association shows are listed behind names in the pedigrees of sale horses . Produce Earners (PE) is listed after horses that have produced earners of that amount.

What does boxed first 4 mean?

Box First 4 This means having four or more selections and they can finish in any order as long as they fill the first four positions. If you have boxed four horses then to receive 100 per cent of the dividend, you must place $24 at stake.

What is a boxed quinella?

Boxed Quinella – A Boxed Quinella lets you combine as many runners as you like in your Quinella bet. If any two of your selections finish 1st and 2nd, your Quinella is resulted as a winning bet. Banker Quinella – If you fancy a runner as a certainty to win, then a Banker Quinella is what you’re after.

What are exotics in horse racing?


Exotic betting refers to an extremely popular group of horse racing wagers that all include a component where you must wager on multiple horses. This can take place during one race or over a span of multiple races. Many bettors love exotic wagers because you can make a lot of money in a short period of time with them.

How much does it cost to Box 5 horses in a superfecta?

Superfecta Box

# of Horses$.10 Base Bet Cost

How much does a 10 cent superfecta pay?

With the 10-Cent Superfecta, you can make several combinations and use more than four horses for as little as a few dollars. To give you perspective, in a 14-horse race, there are almost 24,024 superfecta combinations possible. With a 10-Cent denomination, that is a $2,400 bet.

What is the best gate for horse racing?

Unlike auto racing where the No. 1 position is coveted, horse owners and jockeys usually prefer gates in the No. 2 to No. 10 positions.

What are the best barriers in horse racing?

Remove your Barrier Bias

5 to 7266024637
7 to 9214443492
9 to 11133582125

How often do 100 1 horses win?

On average the strike rate is around 0.3% so it is expected that there will be many runners, but few winners to get back to that level. Out of all those runners only R Hannon has had two 100/1 winners. One jockey has had three 100/1 winners.

How can you tell which horse will win?

Here are the factors to take into consideration when trying to select a winning horse:

  1. Horse Form.
  2. Going.
  3. Distance.
  4. Breeding and Pedigree.
  5. Trainer Form.
  6. Age.
  7. Connections.
  8. Days Since Last Race.

What is a Daily Double in horse racing?

A daily double is a parimutuel wager offered by horse and dog racing tracks (and at jai alai frontons) in North America. Bettors wager on the winners of two races, pre-designated by the track for a particular race day. The Daily Racing Form’s glossary defines a daily double as two consecutive races.

How do you pick 4 in horse racing?

The goal of a Pick 4 is to pick four consecutive winners, while the goal of the Pick 5 is to correctly select the winner of five straight races. These bets are very difficult to win but the payoff can be massive. Bettors with strong opinions that go against the grain of what other people think can be richly rewarded.

What is above a trifecta?

quadfecta (plural quadfectas) (gambling, horse racing) A bet in which the bettor must select the winners of the first four places (i.e., first, second, third, and fourth) of a race in the correct order.

What is a trifecta but with four?

Superfecta. This wager is like the exacta and trifecta, but the bettor is picking the exact order of finish for the top four runners in a particular race.

Is there a Quadfecta?

Quadfecta definition (by extension) A set of four wins at related events; a set of four events.

What does Exacta key box mean?

An exacta key box bet allows you to focus on one selection and select other "non-key" selections to finish alongside the "key." The Key Box exacta bet is very useful when you have one runner you are focusing on and wish to cover more options in your exactas, at a lower total cost than boxing all your selections.

What is difference between Key and Key box?

The term ‘key box’ means that you are keying a horse(s) with other selections in a box bet. Only your “key” horse is being used in all possible combinations.

How does a quinella payout?

How Much Does a Boxed Quinella Payout? The payout on your boxed quinella bet depends on your flexi percentage. Simply multiply the percentage by the official dividend, and that is your payout for the quinella. For example: if the quinella dividend is $50 and your flexi percentage is 200%, your payout is $100.

How does a trifecta payout?

To figure out your trifecta payout, you simply multiply your flexi percentage to the declared dividend. For example: if the trifecta dividend is $1,500, and your flexi percentage is 200%, your payout is $3,000.

What is the difference between an exacta box and a quinella?

An exacta is similar to a quinella in that it involved the first two horses, but with the Exacta you must pick the first two horses in the exact finishing order. You might choose the Exacta over a Quinella if you think one horse has a clear advantage over your second pick.

How much does a $2 Win Place Show bet cost?


This traditional bet basically combines the win bet, place bet and show bet on a single ticket. You will essentially have three different bets rolled into one selection. You also need to keep in mind that when you make a $2 across-the-board bet that you will need to pay a total of $6 to cover your ticket.

How hard is it to hit a trifecta?

Trifecta wagers can be difficult to hit, because you can imagine all of the different three-horse combinations that could possibly come in. Even in something as small as a six-horse race, the number of combinations run extremely high.

How does a 50-cent trifecta work?

If you play a trifecta box with the #1, #2, and #3, for example, as long as the #1, #2, and #3 all finish in the top three, you win. A 50-cent trifecta box with three horses costs $3, as you’re playing six 50-cent combinations.

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