What rifle for turkey hunting

The best rifle for hunting turkey is actually a shotgun. A 12 gauge with 3″ magnum turkey specific loads is the most popular choice. You can bag a turkey …

Is a 22 good for turkey hunting?

Registered. 22 Hornet, 222 Rem., 223 or 22/250 if you hand load and load them down some, all good for Turkey and accurate enough for head shots if possible.

What shot size is best for turkey?

Shooters might use shot as small as #9 for very small birds like quail, or as large as #2 for large birds like geese and swans. For comparison, there are 585 #9 lead pellets in an ounce versus only 90 #2 pellets in an ounce. For turkey hunting, shot sizes 4, 5 and 6 will all work.

What is the best weapon to use in turkey hunting?


The firearm most turkey hunters use is a shotgun, which is the only firearm allowed on most wildlife management areas (WMAs) during spring turkey season. Some people choose to hunt with archery equipment or pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns. When using a shotgun, opt for loads that are meant for turkeys.

Where do you shoot a turkey with a 223?

Yes…… some will scream that a FMJ bullet is illegal….and it is on deer, bear….but it’s perfectly legal for turkey. Shot placement is key…. aim for the top of the leg.

Where do you hit a turkey with arrow?


STRAIGHT ON When a turkey is facing straight towards you, place your arrow between the base of the beard and the base of the neck. There is often a thin vertical line formed by the breast feathers that can act as an aiming point.

Can you hunt turkey with a 20 gauge?


It’s incredibly tough on turkeys and allows more versatility than most any other gun on the shelf. Look across the turkey-hunting community, and you just might find that the 20-gauge is the most popular shotgun in the turkey woods this spring.

What choke is best for turkey hunting?

Full choke has tight constriction. The shot holds together even longer, making this choke good for squirrels, turkey, and other game shot at 40-yard and longer ranges.

How far can you shoot at a turkey?

40 yards is the typical shot distance for most turkey hunting scenarios, and so many turkey hunters start at this distance.

How can I get better at turkey hunting?


13 Tips & Tactics for Better Spring Turkey Hunting by Jay Scott


Can you shoot a turkey in the body?

Hitting a turkey square in the body with a deer rifle is a good way to destroy your Thanksgiving dinner. When aiming at a turkey, keep the bird’s head above the bead. A common practice is to aim for the turkey’s wattle. Killing a turkey with a bow is much more difficult than killing one with a shotgun.

What makes a good turkey gun?

For a dedicated turkey gun, 22- or 24-inch barrels are common. If you’re looking at an all-purpose gun, a 26-inch barrel provides a happy medium that performs well in the spring turkey woods or during fall waterfowl and upland seasons. If you’re looking at an all-purpose gun, fit is an important consideration.

What is the best barrel length for turkey hunting?

20″-24″ barrels: These short barrels are best left to turkey hunters, who are taking careful aim at standing-still birds.

What is the ultimate turkey gun?

What color should you not wear turkey hunting?

Never wear bright colors, especially not red, white, blue or black because these are the colors of a wild turkey gobbler. Watch out for red, white or blue on your socks, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hats, bandannas, etc. Wear dark undershirts and socks, and pants long enough to be tucked into boots.

Is turkey hunting hard?


Their keen eyesight makes up for their lack of smell and they can detect even the slightest amount of movement, so hunting them is challenging. We encourage you to learn all you can before hitting the woods to begin your turkey hunting adventures – a safe and successful hunt depends on it.

Do you use a scope for turkey hunting?

A scope makes a hunter shoot a shotgun more like a rifle than a scattergun, which is exactly what is needed for turkey hunting. An important plus for a scope is that it’s easy to sight in, which is important when patterning a smoothbore.

Is a 410 good for turkey hunting?

Properly set up and fed the right ammunition, the 3-inch 20-gauge turkey gun is extremely lethal, and lighter to pack around the woods, and it produces measurably less recoil than the old-school 3-inch 12-gauge. Taking that to the next level today is the use of the . 410 bore as an effective turkey hunting tool.

Is a Remington 1100 a good turkey gun?

REMINGTON MODEL 1100 The 28-inch barreled version with its fixed full choke is another nice do-all gun that will excel on clays and even upland bird hunting as well as bagging turkeys. At 25-yards, it put a plenty deadly pattern on target even with its rather light loads and fixed Full choke.

Where do you aim when hunting?


Aim right behind the shoulder and one-third of the way up from the deer’s belly line to penetrate the lungs, heart or one of the major arteries. For sharper quartering away positions, aim for the offside shoulder farthest away. Often, this means just behind the rib cage, sending the bullet through the stomach first.

Can you carry a pistol while hunting in Texas?

No, Concealed weapons, in accordance with Concealed Handgun laws of Texas, are used for personal protection, not hunting. If you are archery hunting – you are still hunting. You may carry concealed if so permitted but the handgun is not to be used for hunting purposes no matter the species killed.

Do you need special broadheads for turkey hunting?

Expandable broadheads are the usual choice for most turkey hunters. The one thing most bow hunting turkey hunters know is that a compound bow and broadhead combination that punches a turkey and leaves the arrow and broadhead in the vitals, will kill turkeys every time.

What do you shot a turkey with?

D1. Game over. A head shot is one of the most effective shots on a turkey. Some broadheads are even designed specifically to target the head and neck.

How far away can you shoot a turkey with a 12 gauge?

Lead Turkey Loads A good compromise is #5 copper-plated lead pellets loaded in a 12-gauge 3-inch magnum shot shell. With this setup, you’ll be good out to 40 yards, and perhaps 50 if your gun is patterned tight. If you want better range and lethality, you’ll need to consider using tungsten shot.

What is a good 20-gauge turkey gun?


Franchi Affinity 3 Turkey Elite One of few 20-gauge turkey guns available with a pistol-grip stock, the Affinity 3 Turkey Elite is the product of feedback from avid hunters. The Inertia Driven action ensures reliable cycling, while two Rhino extended turkey choke tubes produce consistent patterns.

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