When do turkeys roost

Turkeys don’t always roost in the same tree, but they prefer one over the other if they’re not disturbed. The evening hours are the most common roosting times …

Do turkeys roost before dark?


“Roosting” a turkey means finding where it sleeps and using this information to plan a successful hunt. Every night as the sun sets turkeys will go to roost.

What is the best time to roost a turkey?

Do turkeys gobble on the roost in the evening?


The Evening Turkey Difference Most studies of gobbling activity show that the evening, though it sees more gobbling than midday, has only 10 to 30 percent of the gobbling a typical morning sees. The toms might be tuckered out after a long day, much of it spent waddling after hens.

Where do turkeys go in the middle of the day?

If you can legally hunt past noon—or simply want to scout—midday is the time to sneak toward loafing areas. Preseason scouting likely uncovered a few select, shady areas adjacent to field edges and feeding zones. Turkeys congregate here to escape the midday heat. Turkeys also spend the midday hours dusting.

How do you bait a turkey?

Why does a gobbler walk on a hens back?

A male turkey gobbles for one reason and one reason only: to attract as many receptive hens to his position as possible.

How do you hunt midday gobblers?

During midday hunts, birds are more likely to come in silently. Be patient and give birds ample time to commit to your location. If a gobbler is hung up and out of sight, consider adding movement to your calls. Call while walking away from the bird to give the impression that you are leaving the area.”

Do turkeys have a routine?

Sunrise to Two Hours After Sunrise. A gobbler will start the day gobbling on the roost, often strutting on the limb, to demonstrate his dominance to other males and to attract hens. After flydown, the gobbler will often go to a predetermined strut zone to gobble and strut.

How does cold weather affect turkey hunting?

Turkeys are hardy and cold doesn’t affect them much. However, if bitter temperatures arrive after it’s been mild, turkeys may be quiet for a day or two as they adjust to the change. Much like hunters on cool mornings, turkeys prefer to sleep in and may delay flying down from the roost.

When should you start calling for turkeys in the morning?

They respond to calling any time of day but they come to the calling better in the morning at first light. Another good time is between 9:30-11:30am when the gobbler(s) leave the tended hens and seek out other ones. I have had good luck at this time of day by simply giving an occasional yelp or content purr.

Do turkeys care about blinds?

Turkeys won’t care about your blind. Most of the time, I set my blind up right in the middle a field and decoys 8-10 yards out in front of it.

How do you know if there are turkeys on your land?

Look for signs, such as scratching in wooded flats, tracks and strut marks on logging roads, and scat and wing feathers near roosting spots. Slip into the woods a few mornings and listen for gobbling — not just on the roost but after flydown.

Will turkeys come back the next day after being shot at?

I have had them come back in the same day. They will come in from a different direction usually though.

Is it worth turkey hunting in high winds?

High winds are the bane of most turkey hunters, but especially in areas you hunt long enough, bird behavior becomes more predictable during big breeze events. The weather conditions will concentrate birds into smaller locations, making them at times easier to hunt if you know where to look.

Does rain affect turkey hunting?

Turkey Hunting in the Rain. Not all wet days affect turkey behavior the same way. Some rainy conditions actually make turkeys gobble more, whereas others shut them up. Thunder shocks toms into sounding off; steady drizzle and overcast skies seem to prolong gobbling activity well into the day.

How do you get turkeys to gobble at night?

Do turkeys like cloudy days?

1) Foggy Days This can cause turkey to stay on the defense until the fog is cleared out. Therefore, your best bet is to slip in before daylight and stay low. Turkey will typically gobble just fine in this weather, however, they will withhold flying around.

How far do turkeys go from their roost?

Using ridges, hollows and foliage for cover, you should have no trouble sneaking within 200 yards of a roosted turkey. Whenever possible, try to cut the distance to 125 or even 100 yards.

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