Who is jake from state farm

Jake, portrayed by actor Kevin Miles (credited as Kevin Mimm), is a Chicago native with a background in acting. He studied at the Chicago Academy for the Arts and Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts in St. Louis before relocating to Los Angeles. Since 2020, he has been the face of State Farm commercials. Although widely recognized for his role as Jake, Miles has also played various other roles in the entertainment industry.


Who plays Jake in ‘State Farm’?

Who Is Jake from State Farm? All About Kevin Miles

Jake, played by actor Kevin Miles (credited as Kevin Mimm), hails from Chicago and holds a background in acting. Having studied at the Chicago Academy for the Arts and Webster University’s Conservatory of Theatre Arts in St. Louis, he later relocated to Los Angeles. Since 2020, Miles has been the prominent figure in State Farm commercials. Beyond his role as Jake, he has also taken on various other roles in the entertainment industry.

Is Kevin Miles a ‘Jake from State Farm’?

Who Is Jake from State Farm? All About Kevin Miles

Kevin Miles, the latest portrayal of "Jake from State Farm," has a Hollywood success story. Initially, he faced the challenges of sleeping in his car upon arriving in Los Angeles. However, according to Forbes, Miles has risen to stardom, even collaborating with Drake in commercials. His journey from car-sleeper to celebrity highlights the transformative nature of his career in the entertainment industry.

Who is Jake Mimms & why did he get a state farm gig?

Jake Mimms’ dedication paid off when he secured the State Farm gig, a turning point in his career. Selected from over a hundred actors during auditions, Mimms emerged as the New Jake. This opportunity not only marked a significant breakthrough but also paved the way for interactions with celebrities like Drake and Aaron Rodgers, showcasing the diverse opportunities that unfolded in his career.

Where did Jake Stone go to work after State Farm?


Following his time with State Farm, Jake Stone transitioned to working at Pub II, where the khakis featured in the advertisement are now displayed on the wall. This unique move in his career adds a distinctive touch to the story. It’s worth noting that in 2015, a false rumor circulated claiming the real Jake from State Farm, not Jake Stone, had been found dead in a hoax involving a fabricated murder scenario.

Who is Jake the State Farm guy?

State Farm’s iconic khaki-wearing representative, commonly known as "Jake from State Farm," is portrayed by Kevin Miles, originally named Kevin Mimm. Taking on the role in 2020, Miles succeeded Jake Stone, the actor from the well-known 2011 ad. While audiences recognize him as Jake, his real-life identity adds a layer to the character behind the khakis in State Farm’s commercials.

Why did they replace Jake from State Farm?

Why State Farm Replaced Original Jake Actor in Commercials

The original Jake from State Farm, an employee from the Bloomington, IL office, temporarily left the company and later returned to resume working for State Farm. The concise answer is his return to employment. However, the more detailed explanation is that State Farm decided to bring in an actor for the role when they envisioned "Jake" delivering more than the iconic "Um, khakis" line, prompting the change in casting.

Did Jake from State Farm used to be white?

Was Jake from State Farm always black? - Quora

The initial Jake, introduced in 2011, was a white State Farm agent named Jake Stone, featured in the iconic TV commercial for an extended period. The decision to replace him with a black actor, without altering the character’s name or office setting, is part of the enigmatic landscape of "diversity" changes. The transition from a white to a black portrayal raises questions about the motivations behind this casting shift.

Is Jake from State Farm in P90x3?

Recently discovered that Kevin from Tony Horton’s P90x3 workouts is none other than @1KevinMiles, also known as Jake from State Farm!

Why is Jake from State Farm famous?

Jake from State Farm gained fame as a character in a widely popular State Farm Insurance commercial. As a customer service employee, Jake becomes unintentionally embroiled in a spousal misunderstanding, contributing to the commercial’s widespread recognition and popularity.

How did Ryan Reynolds help Jake from State Farm?

Reynolds acted as a liaison to Swift’s team, according to Dewey. State Farm and Maximum Effort, keen on avoiding any misinterpretation, collaborated through Reynolds to emphasize their intention not to mock Swift but to acknowledge the viral moments from that weekend.

Is Jake from State Farm a meme?

Yes, Jake from State Farm has evolved into a prominent meme and a widely recognized phrase, primarily stemming from the popularity of the "State of Unrest" advertisement. These memes typically portray Jake in various humorous or compromising situations, often arising from misunderstandings, contributing to his status as an internet meme sensation.

In conclusion, Jake from State Farm, brilliantly portrayed by Kevin Miles, has become more than just a character in insurance commercials. From the iconic khakis to the humorous memes, Jake’s journey encapsulates the intersection of advertising, pop culture, and the ever-evolving landscape of internet humor. Whether it’s the mystery behind casting changes, the actor’s real-life endeavors, or the viral moments that ensued, Jake from State Farm has left an indelible mark on the collective consciousness, solidifying his place not just in advertising history but in the cultural zeitgeist.

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