Wii tennis how to serve fast

To create a fast served ball (the one that’s on fire), you have to hit the ball when it’s at its peak. I don’t have a specific strategy to do so, …


How do you power serve on Wii Sports tennis?

To do a "power serve," press A and wait for the ball to reach the highest point in the air and then strike with the Wii Remote.

How do you do the fast serve switch in tennis?

How do you backspin on Wii tennis?

During the process of hitting the ball, roll your wrist forward. This will give the ball topspin. If you wish to give the ball a backspin, you should roll your wrist backwards.

How do you power serve switch in sports tennis?

To perform a Nintendo Switch Sports tennis power serve, the player needs to perform their downward swing when the ball is at its maximum height. Players will not be penalized for throwing their ball upward one or two times without hitting it.

How do you hit a tennis ball harder?

How do you hit a rocket serve in tennis?

To hit a rocket serve in tennis, you need to hit the ball at its highest point in the air, which is half a second later after you have thrown the ball upwards. You can look at the screen to get the timing right, but you’ll have more consistent results if you count by yourself rather than relying on visuals.

How do you serve a rocket?

Performing a rocket serve is simple: you just need to hit the ball while it’s at its highest point in the air. If done correctly, the ball should launch towards the other team at breakneck speed. Keep in mind opponents can also use rocket serves, so always be prepared for this intense move in games.

How can I get better at switching sports in tennis?


Along with mixing up the speed and direction of basic shots, Nintendo Switch Sports tennis players can further enhance their gameplay by incorporating three types of special shots: topspins, backspins, and lobs. To perform a topspin, the player must twist their wrist toward their body as they swing.

How do you hit a curve in Wii tennis?

More Tips and Tricks:

  1. Play with caution when swinging at a ball that is out of bounds. Rather, let it drop as this will score you a point.
  2. Have your Wii-mote positioned and ready before your opponent is ready to serve. …
  3. Play on both sides of the court. …
  4. Direct your shots properly. …
  5. Practice your power serve.

How do you do a trick shot in Wii tennis?

How do you curve the ball on Wii?

3 Press and hold ‘b’ and roll the ‘ball’ as hard as you can. 4 Release it when your arm is pointing straight down, so that the ball will roll along the alley, and won’t hop when you release it. If done correctly, the ball will then curve, and crash directly into the first pin. You should get a strike.

How can I increase my racket speed?

How do you hit heavy topspin?

How do pros hit so hard tennis?

How do I get my serve in every time?

How can I improve my serve?

Place the ball in the middle of your hand, meaning exactly where the palm spreads out into fingers. Hold the ball with your thumb on top gently. Always toss with a straight arm using only your shoulder joint. Release the ball at around your eye level and keep lifting the arm up following the ball.

What is the best way to serve the ball with maximum power in tennis?

Hitting the ball at your maximum reach in your service stance will generate the most power. Of course, you can throw it a foot higher than your maximum reach and wait for it to come down, but this will reduce the power.

How do you curve the ball on a switch in tennis?

Curved shots By twisting the Joy-Con during and after your kick motion, you can add spin to the ball and send it in an arc instead of a straight line.

How do you quick set on Nintendo sports?

Note that only the player who will spike the ball can set up the quick attack. To perform a quick attack, jump by swinging the controller upward right before the Setter tosses the ball. A Quick! text will appear on the screen if the setup is successful.

How do you aim in Nintendo tennis?

Tennis Controls

  1. Serve: Swing the Joy-Con up and then down to "serve" the ball to the other side of the net.
  2. Shot: Swing the Joy-Con to hit the ball when it comes back your way.
  3. Backspin: Twist the Joy-Con. …
  4. Topspin: Twist the Joy-Con the opposite way as a Backspin, so that the back of your hand is facing your body.

How do you pitch fast in Wii baseball?


To throw a really fast pitch, work on flicking the Wii-mote quickly without selecting one of the special baseball pitches. With Wii Baseball you can throw different types of pitches by pushing A (Screwball), B (Curveball), and A+B at the same time (splitter).

How do you lob the ball in Wii Tennis?

Adding Spinedit For example, if you motion as if you are hitting over the top of the ball, this will produce a low shot with topspin, or if you motion as if you are ‘slicing’ the bottom of the ball, this can produce a ‘lob’ shot with a lot of backspin.

What’s the highest skill level in Wii Tennis?


It’s quite possible that 2399 is actually the highest skill level in the game, not the second-highest.

How do you do the secret strike on Wii Resort?


Achieve a Secret Strike. To earn the Secret Strike you must roll your ball along the entire top of the gutter guard. Roll a Spare or Strike in every frame except for the third roll of the 10th frame.

How do you bowl 300 on Wii sports?


Good old Wii sports bowling – perfect game! To do this, I line up my dashed bowling line 1.5 markers to the right, turn my Wii remote 90 degrees to the left, and release the ball late, when the mii has his hand in the air. Hope you enjoyed!

How do you throw a ball straight in Wii bowling?

How do you accelerate a tennis forehand?

What are the 5 steps of a tennis swing?

Five Steps for a Killer Tennis Forehand

  1. React to the ball. To hit a forehand, you must first reach the ball. …
  2. Set up your shot. As the ball travels closer, make minor footwork adjustments to receive it in your striking zone. …
  3. Begin your swing. …
  4. Follow through. …
  5. Prepare for the next shot.

How do you get power on your forehand?

Is topspin better than flat?

But sometimes, if the ball is higher, a flat hit may be a better option than playing topspin. It’s useful to be able to play both shots – topspin and a flat hit. This will add more variety to your attacking game. If you normally topspin everything, try throwing in the occasional flat hit.

How do you hit the sweet spot in tennis?

How do tennis players deal with heavy balls?

How do you hit a tennis ball harder without going out?

How do you hit more in front in tennis?

How do you hit the ball early in tennis?

How do you hit a 100 mph tennis serve?

How can I improve my tennis serve accuracy?

Why are my serves going long?


If your serve is going long on you, there are a couple of things that are likely happening. 1, the contact point is too low. 2, your serve needs more spin. And 3, you are decelerating on your swing through your contact.

How do you get a strike every time in Switch Sports?

All you need to do to have consistent speed is make sure that when you whip your wrist over, your arm has forward motion whilst you do it. This means you’re going to bowl with both power and spin; the perfect combination for trying to get strikes every time in Switch Sports bowling.

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