Wynonna Judd’s Impact on ‘The Voice’: Jacquie Roar and Team Reba Shine

On a recent episode of The Voice, the renowned country artist Wynonna Judd made her much-anticipated debut as the show’s "Mega Mentor." In the episode that aired on November 6th, Judd teamed up with her old friend Reba McEntire to guide Team Reba’s contestants through the challenging Knockout Round.


Team Reba’s Three-Way Knockout Round

Wynonna Judd arrives on

Team Reba was faced with the task of choosing one contestant out of three to move forward. The contestants vying for a spot on the team were Alison Albrecht, Jacquie Roar, and Tom Nitti. Here’s how Judd and McEntire helped each of them prepare:

Alison Albrecht’s Casual Approach

For Alison Albrecht, Judd and McEntire offered guidance on breaking free from the pressure of the Voice stage. They encouraged her to imagine herself casually singing in the car with legendary country icons.

Jacquie Roar’s Vocal Power

Jacquie Roar received valuable advice from Wynonna Judd, who urged her to tap into her lower register. Judd emphasized that greater vocal power could be found in lower notes, which she recommended Roar to utilize for a more impactful performance. McEntire shared her experiences and emphasized the challenges of hitting higher notes.

Tom Nitti’s Unique Choice

Being the sole male contestant in the trio, Tom Nitti stood out with his choice to sing a soulful Temptations classic. McEntire commended his choice, and Judd was impressed, advising him to match his appearance with the song and ditch the microphone stand for added stage presence.

The Performances

The Knockout Round performances were a testament to the contestants’ growth and the mentorship they received. Jacquie Roar’s rendition of Maren Morris’ "Girl" showcased her transformation from a tender beginning to powerful notes. Alison Albrecht chose Carole King’s classic, "It’s Too Late," focusing on vocals and winning praises from the coaches. Tom Nitti closed the round with a sultry take on the Temptations’ "(I Know) I’m Losing You," lifting his cowboy hat for that extra flair.

Coaches’ Feedback

Just like the Battle Rounds, all the coaches had the chance to provide feedback and decide who they’d advance in the competition. John Legend acknowledged Jacquie Roar’s performance as the standout.

Conclusion: Wynonna Judd’s Impact

Wynonna Judd Joins

Wynonna Judd’s addition as a Mega Mentor on The Voice brought invaluable insights and mentorship to Team Reba. Her guidance, along with Reba McEntire’s, transformed the contestants and elevated their performances. The competition continues to intensify as these talented artists vie for the ultimate title.

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The Impact of Wynonna Judd on Team Reba: Themed Questions and Insights

Has anyone from The Voice made it big?

When it comes to The Voice, several contestants have found immense success after their appearances on the show. Notable winners include:

  • Cassadee Pope (Season 3 winner)
  • Danielle Bradbery (Season 4 winner)
  • Sawyer Fredericks (Season 8 winner)
  • Jordan Smith (Season 9 winner)

These talented individuals have gone on to achieve significant recognition and success in the music industry. Their journey from The Voice has certainly propelled them to make it big in their careers.

Who is the Mega Mentor on The Voice Season 24?

In the exciting Season 24 of The Voice, the role of Mega Mentor will be taken on by the renowned singer, She Is His Only Need. She will provide valuable mentorship to the remaining contestants as they prepare for the highly anticipated three-way Knockouts. Her expertise and guidance promise to be instrumental in shaping the contestants’ performances on the show.

Do the Coaches on The Voice Really Coach?

When it comes to coaching on The Voice, the level of involvement can vary significantly among the coaches. While all Voice coaches assist their teams in selecting outstanding music, the extent of their coaching involvement differs. Some coaches, it appears, take a very hands-on approach, even delving into production details. The level of engagement depends on the individual coach, and it can vary greatly from one season to another, making each season of The Voice a unique experience.

Why Don’t The Voice Winners Become Famous?

The challenge of achieving lasting fame for The Voice winners is compounded by the stigma associated with reality shows. Many winners of TV’s singing competitions, including The Voice, often face the perception that they are labeled as singers rather than full-fledged artists within the music industry. This distinction can impact their journey to fame and recognition, making it a complex road to success.

Who is the Most Successful Winner of The Voice?

Among the talented winners of The Voice, Cassadee Pope stands out as the most successful. She achieved victory in Season 3 in December 2012 and has continued to make a significant impact in the music industry. While other winners, such as Jordan Smith (Season 9 winner in December 2015) and Danielle Bradbery (Season 4 winner in June 2013), have had remarkable careers, Cassadee Pope’s consistent success makes her the standout among the champions of The Voice.

Who is the Most Famous Contestant from The Voice?

The Voice has seen several outstanding contestants, and some have risen to become prominent stars in the music industry. Notable among these are Cassadee Pope, who claimed victory in Season 3, Danielle Bradbery, the Season 4 winner, Sawyer Fredericks, who triumphed in Season 8, and Jordan Smith, the Season 9 champion. These contestants’ remarkable journeys on the show have propelled them to fame and recognition.

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