How do you keep plants warm in the night?

As you take precautions to stay warm and comfortable for the colder months, don’t forget about your plants. Even the most cautious gardeners might be caught off guard by changing weather conditions. Since the cold may destroy plant roots, some forethought is required. Rainbow Run Farm brings you these plant protection tips for last-minute frost and unexpectedly cold weather.

1. Bring potted plants inside when possible (But, first check for spiders and other insects). While cold weather gardening may be safe if precautions are taken, not all plants can resist freezing temperatures or frost.

2. Apply hay or mulch to insulate plants . To preserve root systems, this strategy retains both heat and moisture. Water jugs filled with warm water and placed in the mulch provide even more protection from the cold.

3. Cover plants at night with a plant protective blanket. . Keep frost or freezing rain at bay with our breathable Easy Gardener Natural Burlap. Secure the blanket with reusable fabric pegs or staples for fabric and garden.

4. If time permits, construct a cold frame or purchase a ready-made greenhouse. . Make cold weather gardening a low-risk venture by housing your plants in an enclosed space. Keeping heat in and frost out helps to maintain plant life during cold spells.

5. Wrap each plant in an insulated vertical layer. . Construct a frame by placing plant-height stakes in the ground a few inches out from the plant. Tie the plant up and build a burlap “wall” around it. Fill the space between the burlap and plant with hay or another natural form of insulation. Warm water-filled jugs, which are optional, give extra warmth.

Limit your expectations; last-minute frosts may make saving the whole plant difficult. While the leaves may not survive, understand that all hope is not gone. In rare circumstances, surviving stems and roots allow for regeneration.

The goal of plant protection is to save root systems from the potentially destructive effects of cold temperatures and frost. You have a plethora of plant-saving options at your disposal, ranging from repurposed milk jugs filled with warm water to our plant-protecting blanket. Rainbow Run Farm is dedicated to assisting you in growing healthy, vigorous plants. Explore our natural, plant-protecting solutions to mitigate the hazards of cold-weather gardening.

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