How many calories turkey sandwich

​Calories:​ You’ll get about 360 calories in a turkey sandwich. ​Total fat​:​ A turkey sandwich has 11 grams of total fat, which includes 6 …

How many calories are in a turkey deli sandwich?

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. … Region: US.

3 ozturkey breast74

Is a turkey sandwich healthy?


Turkey is low in fat and lower in calories than many other meats. Three ounces has about 90 calories and three grams of fat. It provides a variety of B-vitamins and the antioxidant selenium.

What is a healthy amount of calories per day?

Generally, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men.

How many calories are in a homemade sandwich?

Calories in HomeMade Club Sandwich

Saturated Fat7.0 g
Polyunsaturated Fat1.5 g
Monounsaturated Fat6.4 g
Cholesterol79.4 mg

Are sandwiches good for losing weight?


It can totally be the afternoon meal you need to get through the rest of your day. And, despite what grilled cheeses and BLTs would have you think, sandwiches can absolutely help you work toward your weight loss goals.

What is the healthiest deli sandwich?


Shapiro recommends eating red meat no more than twice a week, but a roast beef sandwich would be a great option for one of those times (it’s a relatively lean cut). Skip the cheese, and give it some edge with mustard and sauerkraut on rye for a great lunch.

How many calories are in a large turkey sandwich?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 350(1463 kJ)
Cholesterol50 mg17%
Sodium2020 mg84%
Total Carbohydrate45 g15%
Dietary Fiber4 g16%

How many calories are in a turkey sandwich from Subway?


Six-inch turkey breast sandwich28046g
Six-inch roast beef sandwich32045g
Six-inch veggie delite sandwich23044g
Six-inch subway club sandwich31046g

How many calories are in an average sandwich?

There are 252 calories in 1 Sandwich. … Other common serving sizes.

Serving SizeCalories
1 oz86
1 sandwich252
100 g304

How many calories is a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread?

480 calories

Turkey & Cheddar Cheese On Wheat Bread (1 sandwich) contains 62g total carbs, 58g net carbs, 17g fat, 23g protein, and 480 calories.

Can I eat turkey sandwich to lose weight?

Turkey and chicken sandwiches are great staples if you’re trying to lose weight, but they’re far from the only sources of low-calorie protein and fiber. Other lean protein foods include beans, seafood, tofu, low-fat and non-fat dairy products, eggs, pork tenderloin and lean cuts of beef.

Is turkey good for losing weight?

Turkey is generally lower in saturated fat than beef. As such, it may be a better choice for heart health. Fat-free turkey is also the lowest calorie option if you’re interested in weight loss.

What can I eat for lunch instead of bread?

Awesome bread alternatives

  1. Oatcakes.
  2. Wholegrain Crackers.
  3. Flatbreads.
  4. Lettuce leaves.
  5. Cabbage leaves.
  6. Collard leaves.
  7. Oat pancakes.
  8. Karelian pastries.

What foods are low in calories?


33 Foods That Are Very Low in Calories

  1. Apples. Apples are highly nutritious and one of the most popular fruits in the United States (1). …
  2. Arugula. Arugula is a dark leafy green with a peppery flavor. …
  3. Asparagus. …
  4. Beets. …
  5. Broccoli. …
  6. Brussels sprouts. …
  7. Cabbage. …
  8. Carrots.

How many calories do you burn walking a mile?

Walking one mile at a moderate pace of 3.5 mph: 113 calories burned. Walking one mile at a fast pace of 4.5 mph: 128 calories burned. Walking one mile at a moderate pace of 3.5 mph uphill: 139 calories burned. Walking one mile at a fast pace of 4.5 mph uphill: 157 calories burned.

How many calories are in a deli sandwich?

Any Sandwich is Fine, Right?

6” Veggie, turkey or ham sub230-280 calories
12” Club sub w/ bologna, ham and salami820 calories
Low-carb sandwich430-480 calories
Philly chicken wrap550 calories
Large roast beef sandwich620 calories

Is eating a sandwich healthy?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most popular sandwiches in America are burgers and sandwiches made up of cold cuts and poultry. Generally, these types of sandwiches aren’t really very healthy because they are high in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar.

What sandwich ingredient gives energy to your body?

Turkey. Turkey is a lean, low-calorie way to pack on muscle. It is also bursting with three essential B vitamins, B3, B6 and B12, which help your body to release energy from food and digest protein.

What can I eat for lunch under 200 calories?


21 Easy 200 Calorie Meals Perfect for Weight Loss

  1. Zucchini Taco Boats (239 kcal) …
  2. Mexican Mini Bell Pepper Nachos (190 kcal) …
  3. Bell Pepper Stuffed Tacos (225 kcal) …
  4. Greek Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps (233 kcal) …
  5. Shrimp Zucchini Pasta Puttanesca (208 kcal) …
  6. Thai Peanut Salad (201 kcal) …
  7. Zucchini Noodle Chow Mein (187 kcal)

What is the healthiest thing to eat for lunch?

Healthy People Usually Eat These 7 Things for Lunch

  1. Avocado and egg sandwich. …
  2. Summer rolls with peanut sauce. …
  3. Quinoa pear salad with spinach, cranberries and pecans. …
  4. Protein Salad. …
  5. Loaded Vegetable Sandwich. …
  6. Lentil vegetable soup. …
  7. Chicken burrito bowl with rice and beans.

Which cheese is healthiest?


Here are 10 kinds of cheese that are on the healthier side.

  1. Part-skim mozzarella cheese. Part-skim mozzarella is lower in saturated fat than many other cheeses. …
  2. Feta cheese. Feta cheese is a great salad-addition. …
  3. Low fat cottage cheese. …
  4. Goat cheese. …
  5. Ricotta cheese. …
  6. Swiss cheese. …
  7. Cheddar cheese. …
  8. Gouda cheese.

What is the unhealthiest deli meat?

No. Unfortunately, salami is the worst meat on the list as far as nutrition goes. At 110 calories for just a 1-ounce — about three slices — serving, it has some of the highest fat, cholesterol, and sodium of the lunch meats.

What is the healthiest sandwich meat?


Choose the leanest cut of deli meat possible such as turkey, chicken breast, lean ham or roast beef. These type of deli meat have the highest nutritional value compared to others.

How many calories are in a 12 inch turkey sub from Subway?

530 calories

4 items found
Subway12″ Sub – Oven Roasted TurkeyStandard sub recipe 1 sandwich (438g) Nutrition Facts 530 caloriesLog food
Subway12″ Sub – Turkey Breast & Black Forest HamStandard sub recipe 1 sandwich (442g) Nutrition Facts 560 caloriesLog food

How many calories are in a homemade turkey and cheese sandwich?

Calories in Turkey and American Cheese Sandwich

Polyunsaturated Fat0.7 g
Monounsaturated Fat1.3 g
Cholesterol20.9 mg
Sodium1,078.1 mg

What is the serving size of turkey on a sandwich?

Region: US

3 ozturkey breast74
2 ozwhite bread151
1/2 ozlettuce2
1/2 oztomato3

Is Subway worse for you than McDonald’s?

At Subway, they ate 955 calories per meal. There were 45 grams of fat in the McDonald’s meal and 42 grams of fat in the Subway meal. The Subway meal also had a whopping 2,149 mg of sodium (the recommended amount for a full day’s food intake is 2,300). The McDonald’s meal had 1,829 mg of sodium.

How many calories are in a 6 inch turkey sub with mayo?


At only 250 calories per 6-inch sub, the sandwich is extremely reasonable calorie-wise. Of course, if you add higher calorie toppings and condiments, like mayonnaise and cheese, the calorie count can change pretty significantly.

What sandwich at Subway has the least calories?


Veggie Delight The Veggie Delight is the healthiest Subway sandwich of them all. With no meat, you have no choice but to load it up with a ton of veggies. At only 230 calories (without cheese), this sandwich is a steal.

How many calories does a large sandwich have?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 800(3348 kJ)
Saturated Fat29 g145%
Cholesterol156 mg52%
Sodium2560 mg107%
Total Carbohydrate42 g14%

How many calories are in 2 eggs and 2 slices of bread?

Region: US

2 ozbread151
0.39 gramturmeric1
1/2 tspchili powder4

How many calories is a 1/2 turkey sandwich?

There are 154 calories in a 1/2 Turkey Sandwich.

How many calories are in a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with mayo?

Values estimated based on person weighing 140 lbs. … Region: US.

1 tbspmayonnaise94
2 ozwheat bread151
1/2 oztomato2.6
1/2 ozlettuce2.4

How many calories in a turkey and cheese sandwich on a roll?

Hearthside Food

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 sandwich (247g)
How many calories are in Turkey and Cheddar Cheese, on Kaiser Roll? Amount of calories in Turkey and Cheddar Cheese, on Kaiser Roll: Calories 560Calories from Fat 171 (30.5%)
% Daily Value *

How many calories is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread?

Turkey Sandwich (half Whole Wheat) (1 serving) contains 30g total carbs, 27g net carbs, 13g fat, 17g protein, and 290 calories.

Is it OK to eat a turkey sandwich everyday?

Eating a sandwich every day can certainly fall in line with a healthful, well-rounded diet, and, to do so, it is important to incorporate different ingredients often to ensure adequate variety.

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