Tanner Massey’s Show-Stopping Performance on ‘The Voice’: Gwen Stefani’s Incredible Save

The latest episode of ‘The Voice’ brought an electrifying showdown during the Knockout Rounds. On November 7th, viewers were treated to a remarkable performance by Tanner Massey, as well as other talented contestants, including Chechi Sarai and Rudi from Team Gwen Stefani. Let’s dive into the highlights of this gripping episode.


A Battle of the Best

The Voice

Before the contestants entered the high-stakes elimination stage, they had the privilege of honing their skills with Gwen Stefani and this season’s Mega Mentor, Wynonna Judd. Each singer had the chance to fine-tune their song with the guidance of these music industry icons.

  • First in the spotlight was Tanner Massey, who showcased his vocal prowess with a rendition of "In My Blood." His performance left Wynonna Judd deeply moved, comparing it to the powerful emotions she felt when her mother passed away.

  • Chechi Sarai followed with an equally impressive performance, earning praise for her modern sound and the nostalgia it invoked, reminiscent of musical legends from the past.

  • Rudi, who had previously surprised the coaches with her quirky bows during rehearsals, took everyone aback with her unexpected song choice, "Smokin’ Out the Window."

The Triple Showdown

Viewers can watch the astounding three-way Knockout performance featuring Massey, Sarai, and Rudi in the video below:

Watch ‘The Voice: Tanner Massey, Chechi Sarai, and Rudi – Knockout Round

Coaches’ Reactions

After witnessing the final polished performances, the coaches shared their thoughts:

  • Niall Horan expressed some regret about not retaining Tanner Massey on his team, acknowledging the significant growth the young singer has undergone.

  • John Legend applauded Chechi Sarai’s remarkable stage presence and impressive vocal range.

  • Reba McEntire praised Rudi’s confidence and her ability to make the audience feel at ease.

Gwen Stefani’s Difficult Decision

The moment of truth arrived when Gwen Stefani had to decide which contestant would advance to the next stage. Ultimately, she chose to advance Tanner Massey, citing his remarkable potential and the impressive progress he has made.

Rudi’s Multiple Offers

Rudi faced a fortunate turn of events. Not only did she receive steal votes from both Reba McEntire and John Legend, but her coach, Gwen Stefani, also offered her a save. With the ball in her court, Rudi had a tough decision to make. After careful consideration, she followed her heart and decided to remain with Team Stefani.

Where to Watch ‘The Voice’

For fans of ‘The Voice,’ the show airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST on NBC. Stay tuned for more incredible performances and talent in the competition.

Don’t miss the drama and talent on ‘The Voice.’ You can also catch up on past seasons to see how some of the most popular singers from the show have evolved over the years. It’s a journey filled with surprises and unforgettable moments.

"WATCH: ‘The Voice:’ Tanner Massey Slays Knockout Round as Gwen Stefani Offers a Save" is the headline for this episode, and it indeed lived up to the excitement and drama expected from ‘The Voice.’

Gwen Stefani’s Game-Changing Save: Rudi’s Dilemma

What song did Tanner Massey sing in the Knockout Round of ‘The Voice’?

In the Knockout Round of ‘The Voice,’ Tanner Massey delivered a heartfelt rendition of Shawn Mendes’ hit song, "In My Blood." Massey chose this song because it resonated deeply with him, serving as a poignant reminder of the challenges he faced in the past. It reflects his struggles in making connections and forming friendships, particularly during a time when he moved frequently and eventually transitioned to online schooling to continue his education.

Massey’s emotive performance of "In My Blood" on ‘The Voice’ captured the essence of the song’s message, leaving a lasting impact on the audience and the coaches.

Did Tanner Massey win the Knockout?

Yes, Tanner Massey emerged as the winner of the Knockout on ‘The Voice.’ After considering the feedback and support from fellow coaches, Gwen Stefani ultimately made the decision to advance Tanner Massey to the next stage of the competition. The consensus among Stefani, John Legend, and Niall Horan was that Massey’s remarkable performance deserved the recognition and the opportunity to continue his journey on the show.

How does The Voice judging work?

The judging process on ‘The Voice’ follows a unique format. During the blind auditions, the musician coaches make their decisions solely based on the contestants’ voices, without any influence from their appearance. This is made possible by the use of rotating chairs. When a coach is impressed by an artist’s voice, they express their interest by pushing a button to select the artist for their team. The visual element is intentionally removed during this phase, emphasizing the importance of vocal talent in the initial selection process.

What is the format of The Voice?

The format of ‘The Voice’ comprises five distinct stages of competition:

  1. Producers’ Auditions: The initial stage where contestants are screened by producers.

  2. Blind Auditions: Contestants perform while coaches listen with their chairs turned away. If a coach is impressed, they turn their chair and recruit the artist.

  3. Battle Rounds: Selected artists compete against each other, and coaches choose the winner from each pairing.

  4. Knockouts (since 2012): Introduced in 2012, this stage involves contestants performing solo, and coaches select who advances.

  5. Live Performance Shows: The remaining contestants perform live, and the audience, along with the coaches, determine the winners.

This multi-stage format offers a unique and engaging competition experience on ‘The Voice.’

What’s the point of The Voice?

‘The Voice’ serves as a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their vocal talents. The show features a panel of four coaches who evaluate and guide selected artists. These coaches not only provide valuable critiques but also compete among themselves to mentor the winning act. The ultimate goal is to identify and nurture outstanding musical talent, leading to the crowning of a winning coach and artist. ‘The Voice’ is all about discovering and developing the next big star in the world of music.

Who won The Voice Australia 2023 tonight?

Tonight, the coveted title of ‘The Voice Australia 2023′ was claimed by Tarryn Stokes, a talented backing vocalist from Victoria. Under the guidance of UK pop sensation Rita Ora, Tarryn emerged as the winner, securing a grand prize of $100,000 and a recording contract with Universal Music Australia. Tarryn Stokes’ remarkable journey on ‘The Voice’ culminated in a well-deserved victory, marking a significant achievement in her music career.

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