The tomato is sown by which method?

Hint: There are several techniques for planting seeds. Tomatoes are a popular and healthful fruit/vegetable. To begin, tomato seeds are grown into seedlings, which are then transplanted to the crop-field.

Complete answer: Tomatoes grow well in warm weather. It requires low-to-medium rainfall. Tomato seeds may be planted in June and July for an autumn-winter yield. Seeds for the spring-summer crop should be planted in November. Bright sunlight aids in the development of dark red tomatoes. Tomato seeds are sowed in order to develop seedlings for field transplantation. After a few days, the seeds develop into seedlings, which are subsequently transplanted to the field. It is a common method of sowing in some plants e.g. tomato, eggplant, peppers, fruit trees, African palm, coconut, and some other ornamental crops. Tomato seeds are treated with a fungal culture before planting Trichoderma viride in order to prevent damage or wetness. Sowing is usually done in lines keeping a 10-15 cm distance in between. Seeds are sown at a 2-3 cm depth and then covered with a thin layer of soil. They are then softly watered.
So, the correct answer is C, i.e., Transplantation

Note: Transplantation is a kind of indirect seeding. A seed is cultivated in a nursery bed in this. This method of sowing seeds is convenient for extending the growing season of crops. It protects young plants from pests and illnesses. Also, the germination issues associated with direct seeding may be avoided with this manner.


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  • What is the method of sowing tomato?

    Sowing should be done thinly in lines 10-15 cm apart. Seeds are sown at a depth of 2-3 cm and covered with a fine layer of soil followed by light watering by water can. To maintain the proper temperature and moisture, the beds should be covered with dry straw, grass, or sugarcane leaves.

  • What is the method of propagation of tomato?

    Cut roughly 6-8 inches (15-20.5 cm) of the sucker or new growth at the apex of the branch using sharp pruners. The tomato slice may then be immersed in water or planted immediately into soil medium. The cutting should root in approximately a week in water and be ready to transplant.

  • How are tomatoes planted?

    Sow tomatoes from seed indoors 6 weeks before the latest estimated spring frost date in your location if starting from seed. Put seeds in tiny trays 1/2 inch deep. Put seedlings outside approximately 2 weeks later, or when temperatures remain in the mid-50s both day and night.

  • Is tomato a direct seed or transplant?

    Tomatoes grown from seed in the garden develop taproots. Tomatoes that are started in pots and then transplanted in the garden (or in a larger pot and then the garden) end up with that cluster root, one that doesn’t grow much deeper than it’s stuck in the garden.

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