Transforming Spaces: 6 Wonderful New Wood-Filled Kitchens

In the world of kitchen design, one timeless element that continues to captivate homeowners and designers alike is the use of wood. The infusion of wood features in kitchens adds an unmistakable warmth and character to these spaces. In this article, we’ll explore six exceptional kitchens where wood takes center stage, creating inviting and functional culinary havens.


1. The Coastal Elegance

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  • Designers: Adam Steiner of Grey Architecture + Design and Sara Barney of Bandd Design
  • Size: 235 square feet (22 square meters); 11½ by 20½ feet

Homeowners’ Request:
"They wanted to bring together their traditional style and add a contemporary yet beachy twist to the space,” says interior designer Sara Barney. “It needed to feel warm, layered, and inviting.”

Wood Details:

  • White oak cabinets
  • Wood beams and flooring
  • Rattan-wrapped counter stools

Other Special Features:

  • Light blue lower cabinets (De Nimes by Farrow & Ball)
  • Quartzite countertops and backsplash
  • Aged brass pulls
  • Custom plaster vent hood cover

Noteworthy Moment:
The challenge here was the giant slab backsplash. “It was so complicated to take it to the ceiling by the range that we almost stopped it at range hood height," Barney says. But with some skillful adjustments by the fabricator, they made it work seamlessly.

2. Simple and Streamlined

  • Designers: Tom Lenchek, James Efstathiou, and Taylor Proctor of Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects
  • Location: Copper Harbor, Michigan
  • Size: 186 square feet (17 square meters); 12 by 15½ feet

Homeowners’ Request:
"The owners wanted a simple, streamlined kitchen with open shelving rather than upper cabinets and a functional island for entertaining," explains project architect James Efstathiou.

Wood Details:

  • Maple veneer cabinets matching Baltic birch plywood walls and ceilings

Other Special Features:

  • Europly plywood countertops and short backsplash with black laminate covering
  • Blackened-steel hardware, shelf, and range backsplash
  • Black stainless steel appliances

Designer Tip:
"With open shelving and no upper cabinets, you have to be committed to organization," Efstathiou advises.

3. Family-Centric Design

Tour HGTV host Jenny Marr

  • Designers: Danielle DiVittorio Malloy of DiVittorio Architecture & Design and Janet Marena of JTM Interiors
  • Location: Los Altos, California
  • Size: 289 square feet (27 square meters); 17 by 17 feet

Homeowners’ Request:
"The homeowners were looking for a functional kitchen that the adults and kids of the home can use," designer Danielle DiVittorio Malloy says. "A large island was desirable for the family to use when cooking and baking, also for hosting parties with family and friends."

Wood Details:

  • Custom-made and custom-stained rift white oak cabinets
  • White oak flooring and window

Other Special Features:

  • Green-and-gold stone island countertop and backsplash
  • A built-in pullout step for kids
  • Handmade backsplash tiles
  • Bronze light fixtures

Designer Tip:
Maximizing the island space allowed for both decor and preparation space, meeting the homeowners’ preferences.

4. Spec Home Spectacle

Spec Home Webisode 05 | Kitchen & Pantry - Studio McGee

  • Designer: Kirby Foster Hurd of Kirby Home Designs
  • Size: 195 square feet (18 square meters); 13 by 15 feet

Homeowners’ Request:
"This is a new-construction home," designer Kirby Foster Hurd says. "We collaborated with the builder, MassaRossa Luxury Homes, who allowed me full design creativity to create a space that would appeal to the masses."

Wood Details:

  • Stain-grade maple wood cabinets with a custom light stain and matte finish

Other Special Features:

  • Bianco Aurora marble countertops and backsplash
  • Black windows
  • Honey-bronze-and-white pendant lights
  • Honey bronze cabinet hardware and a bronze kitchen faucet

Designer Tip:
To maximize storage, consider adding towers of cabinets, especially when large windows reduce upper cabinet storage space.

Notable Challenge:
Creating a thick countertop profile required relocating one of the kitchen appliances. A reminder that meticulous planning is essential.

5. Harmonious Elegance

  • Designers: Frank and Megan Lin of co(X)ist Studio
  • Size: 368 square feet (34 square meters), including a dining room; 16 by 23 feet

Homeowners’ Request:
The homeowners desired an open-floor-plan concept, with a distinct identity for the kitchen and dining room while maintaining visual connectivity to the living room.

Wood Details:

  • French white oak flooring
  • Native Oak cabinets
  • A wood beam at the vaulted ceiling
  • Half-round painted wood trim under the island

Other Special Features:

  • Long, horizontal windows above countertops for more light
  • Open shelving for visual connection and display

Designer Tip:
When designing on a budget, allocate your funds to enhance the focal points of the space, like plaster details on a wall.

Lesson Learned:
Careful consideration is crucial when altering countertop thickness to avoid appliance fit issues.

In conclusion, these six wonderful new wood-filled kitchens showcase the enduring charm and versatility of wood in kitchen design. Whether you prefer a coastal aesthetic, a minimalist approach, a family-friendly space, or an open-concept design, these kitchens offer inspiration for creating a warm and inviting culinary haven. Wood, in its various forms and finishes, continues to be a key ingredient in crafting kitchens that are both functional and visually captivating.

So, if you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or seeking ideas for your dream kitchen, these kitchens exemplify the timeless appeal of "6 Wonderful New Wood-Filled Kitchens."

Unlocking the Beauty of Coordinating Kitchen Elements

What makes a good kitchen?

A good kitchen combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. What defines such a kitchen? It’s one with a tiled window wall, intentionally free from upper cabinets or shelves, promoting an open and spacious ambiance.

  • Wood cabinets, like the whitewashed oak ones that harmonize with the flooring, offer warmth and charm. These cabinets perfectly complement the farmhouse theme, as noted by designer Meng Yang.

  • Additionally, Carrara white marble takes center stage, gracing the perimeter countertop and backsplash tiles, adding a touch of timeless elegance.

Does wood look good in a kitchen?

Does wood enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal? Absolutely. Wood seamlessly complements nearly any home, making it a natural addition to kitchen spaces where it can serve as shelves, cabinets, countertops, and more. Its versatility shines through as wood can adopt various colors and textures, determined by the chosen stain. In the world of kitchen design, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when decorating with this versatile material.

What are the best kitchen cabinets?

What qualifies as the best kitchen cabinets? Look no further than wood cabinets, specifically those crafted from aspen oak with vertical-grain, flat-panel fronts. According to designer Sessions, these wood cabinets possess the remarkable ability to infuse warmth into the kitchen’s ambiance. Their contrast with the white-and-gray island countertop and backsplash creates a captivating visual effect.

  • Notably, the cabinets’ minimalist hardware allows them to shine as the key design element, emphasizing their unique appeal.

How can I Make my Kitchen look more wood-filled?

How can you infuse more wood into your kitchen’s aesthetic? Start by aligning your design elements. If your floors boast the warm glow of blonde hardwoods, consider staining your cabinets to match. This strategic choice creates a floor-to-ceiling wood-filled effect, imparting a sense of unity to your kitchen space. To add visual interest and prevent overwhelming monotony, you can introduce variety through your countertops, ceiling, and backsplash choices.

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