When is turkey mating season

The general time frame for turkey breeding across the United States is February through early June. But as we mention above, these vary based on …

How long does turkey mating season last?

Gobbling, during breeding season, usually starts in March and can last through May. This is when the males puff out their feathers, fan their tails and “strut their stuff.” Hens lay eggs after the first mating. The nest is a shallow, leaf-lined depression on the ground, and contains 12 to 15 eggs.

What do turkeys do during mating season?

Every morning during the mating season, just before sunrise, the male turkeys start loudly gobbling to attract the females. Once the females come around, the males fan out their tail feathers and raise their body feathers while they dance around. Their dancing display is meant to entice the females to mate with them.

What time of year are turkeys aggressive?

“Feeding turkeys, whether intentional or not, can cause turkeys to act tame and may lead to bold or aggressive behavior, especially in the breeding season from March through May.

How long are turkeys pregnant?

about 28 days

In between laying eggs, the hen will focus on feeding and bulking up to withstand the upcoming incubation period. Once all the eggs have been laid, the hen will incubate them, day and night, for about 28 days.

What food attracts wild turkeys?

Turkeys love acorns and pecans, as well as dogwoods, huckleberries, blueberries, and other fruits found in the understory. Planting food plots: Follow these tips to establish food plots as a supplement to natural forage. Food plots can also be used to increase turkey sightings and harvest success.

What is a group of turkeys called?

Very young birds are poults, while juvenile males are jakes, and juvenile females are jennies. A group of turkeys is called a rafter or a flock. A wild turkey’s gobble can be heard up to one mile away and is a primary means for a tom to communicate with his harem of hens.

How long should you call turkey?

But don’t call too often – less is more. Calling every 15 minutes or so and starting off quieter and then getting more aggressive/louder as the day goes on are good rules of thumb.

Why do turkeys chase each other in circles?

The circular nature of their march is just a result of their instinct to stay within the safety of their flock. In other words, what looks like extremely ominous behavior to human eyes is actually just a bunch of birds who can’t decide how scared they should be of roadkill.

Why does a male turkey walk on a hens back?

And if all goes his way, breeding. Once a hen accepts a gobbler’s advances, she will lay down on her ventrum and expose her dorsal aspect to the gobbler. The tom will climb onto the hen’s back as she lifts her tail up exposing her vent and copulation takes place.

How long does it take turkey to start laying eggs after mating?

It could be 7 or 8 months to a year before she starts to lay. If she was hatched in the Spring, she usually won’t lay till the next Spring. If you are trying to breed domestic turkeys, know that some breeds can’t successfully mate without “help”.

How do you get sperm from a turkey?

Collecting semen from a chicken or turkey is done by stimulating the copulatory organ (the phallus) to protrude by massaging the abdomen and the back over the testes.

Why are female turkeys alone?

The hen doesn’t incubate the eggs (sitting on them to keep them warm) until she’s laid them all. Hens travel in a females-only flock, but they become more solitary and secretive in May when it comes to nesting. She’ll hang out with the flock and feed until she needs to lay an egg.

Do turkeys like to be petted?


Turkeys love to be stroked, petted and cuddled. They will remember your face and if they like you, they will come up to you to greet you. Turkeys also love music and will cluck along with the songs.

How do you respond to a turkey gobble?

If you get a gobbler to respond, move as close to his position as you can without being detected. This is a great morning or afternoon tactic. When the birds are already on the ground and you are prospecting for gobblers by walking ridges, if you get a gobbler to respond you need to cut the distance in half or more.

Are turkey heads poisonous?

It is not toxic but very normal. A turkey has visible blood vessels below the skin and thats why its head,face,snood and wattles are red.

How long are turkeys pregnant?

about 28 days

In between laying eggs, the hen will focus on feeding and bulking up to withstand the upcoming incubation period. Once all the eggs have been laid, the hen will incubate them, day and night, for about 28 days.

How long does a turkey stay fertile after mating?

Make sure they’ve worked things out and that the male has mastered his form. Sometimes things can be clumsy in the beginning and you want a good secure mating pattern to ensure fertile eggs. After the hen is mated, she will lay fertile eggs for a week to 10 days.

Why does a gobbler walk on a hens back before mating?

A male turkey gobbles for one reason and one reason only: to attract as many receptive hens to his position as possible. Period. This one fact needs to be remembered foremost when hunting turkeys. We as turkey hunters try to attract gobblers to our position with replicated hen vocals.

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