Aaron Lewis Tour 2023: Vocal Rest Forces Abrupt Calendar Changes



Aaron Lewis Wipes His 2023 Tour Calendar Due to Vocal Rest

Aaron Lewis, the acclaimed singer and Staind frontman, has made the difficult decision to bring his 2023 touring year to an early close. The announcement, made on December 6, reveals that the remaining dates on his American Patriot Acoustic Tour are being postponed. This unexpected development is attributed to doctor-ordered vocal rest, a necessary step after an intensive year of recording and performing.

Statement from Aaron Lewis

In a statement, Lewis expresses the need for this break, saying, "Life has reminded me I’m creeping up on 52. After recording a new Staind album, a new solo album, and playing 150-plus shows this year, my doctors have insisted I take this month off to give my voice some much-needed rest before I do damage to my cords."

Lewis acknowledges the challenge of this decision, stating, "It kills me to say this, but I have to listen to the professionals." He extends warm wishes for the holiday season and assures fans that he looks forward to returning in 2024.

Affected Tour Dates

The postponements affect seven tour dates, with rescheduled dates already set for all but one. Unfortunately, the show originally planned for December 17 in Saginaw, Mich., has been canceled. However, fans in Saginaw have a silver lining, as the December 16 event has been moved to August 10, 2024.

Rescheduled Tour Dates

For fans holding tickets to the affected December tour stops, all tickets will be honored on their respective rescheduled dates. Here is the list of rescheduled dates:

  • Concord, N.H. — Rescheduled from Dec. 7 to April 3
  • Springfield, Mass. — Rescheduled from Dec. 8 to Feb. 17
  • Verona, N.Y. — Rescheduled from Dec. 9 to Feb. 16
  • Nashville, Ind. — Rescheduled from Dec. 14 to Aug. 25
  • Nashville, Ind. — Rescheduled from Dec. 15 to Aug. 24
  • Saginaw, Mich. — Rescheduled from Dec. 16 to Aug. 10
  • Saginaw, Mich. 12/17 — Canceled

Aaron Lewis’ dedication to his craft has taken a toll on his vocal cords, prompting this necessary hiatus. Fans are encouraged to visit Lewis’ website for more information on the rescheduled dates. While the disappointment of cancellations lingers, there’s optimism as the artist prioritizes his health, ensuring he can continue delivering memorable performances in the future.

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Behind the Scenes: Factors Influencing Aaron Lewis’ Tour Calendar Changes

Why did Aaron Lewis reschedule his 2023 American Patriot Acoustic Tour?

Country artist and Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis, has made the decision to postpone the remainder of his 2023 American Patriot Acoustic Tour, citing mandatory vocal rest as prescribed by his doctors. The necessity for this hiatus stems from Lewis’ intense schedule, including recording a new Staind album, a solo album, and performing over 150 shows in the current year. In his own words, "Life has reminded me I’m creeping up on 52." Consequently, to prevent potential damage to his vocal cords, Lewis heeds his doctors’ advice and has rescheduled the affected tour dates for the upcoming year.

Is Aaron Lewis reuniting with Staind?

Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis, is set to embark on a solo journey in early 2023. While Lewis has reunited with Staind in recent years, his focus remains on building his solo career in the country genre. This upcoming solo endeavor provides him with the opportunity to showcase the more melodic and songwriter side of his musical talents, as he plans to undertake an acoustic tour. The decision to go solo for this tour indicates Lewis’ dedication to exploring different facets of his musical repertoire.

Where is Aaron Lewis touring?

Aaron Lewis is presently on tour, spanning across 1 country, with 40 upcoming concerts. The next scheduled tour date is at the Kovalchick Convention & Athletic Complex in Indiana, followed by a performance at the Bergen Performing Arts Center in Englewood. For a comprehensive list of opportunities to experience Aaron Lewis live, refer to the upcoming concerts for 2023 & 2024. Stay updated on the latest tour locations and catch the artist in action at a venue near you.

How long do Aaron Lewis concerts last?

Concert durations can vary, typically lasting about 2-3 hours based on factors like the artist, opening acts, encores, and more. In the case of Aaron Lewis concerts, the duration is generally around 1.25 hours. Keep in mind that specific setlists may differ between venues, offering a unique experience for each concert. For those curious about what songs to expect, Aaron Lewis is likely to perform a setlist that showcases his diverse musical repertoire during the tour.

Why did Aaron Lewis cancel his 2023 tour dates?

Country artist and Staind frontman, Aaron Lewis, has made the decision to postpone the remaining dates of his 2023 American Patriot Acoustic Tour due to mandatory vocal rest as advised by his doctors. The singer/songwriter is under strict vocal rest orders to safeguard his vocal cords after an intense year, including recording new albums and performing over 150 shows. In response to these health concerns, Lewis has rescheduled the affected tour dates for the following year, prioritizing his well-being and ensuring he can deliver top-notch performances in the future.

What prompted Aaron Lewis to take vocal rest in 2023?

Aaron Lewis, the esteemed singer and Staind frontman, reveals that the decision to undergo vocal rest in 2023 stems from a combination of factors. As he approaches 52, Lewis acknowledges that the rigorous demands of recording a new Staind album, a new solo album, and participating in over 150 shows this year have taken a toll on his vocal cords. In his own words, "Life has reminded me I’m creeping up on 52." Consequently, acting on the advice of his doctors, Lewis is taking a month off to provide his voice with the much-needed rest, preventing potential damage and ensuring the longevity of his musical career.

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