Can I grow bell peppers and tomatoes in the same greenhouse?

Can I grow various crops, e.g. tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and strawberries, all together in the same greenhouse? Or will this become an insurmountable issue for me?

It is advisable to avoid growing various crops in the same greenhouse. Each has its own optimum environment (temperature, light, humidity, etc.), fertilizer, and water requirements.

You may, however, produce a primary crop, such as tomatoes, and have a “few” of something different to experiment with. But, in such scenario, the system should be tailored to the primary crop. If you decide to grow a larger scale of more than one kind of vegetable, it is best to grow each in a separate greenhouse which will be set up for the required conditions for that crop. But, be certain that there is a market for that second or third crop. Tomatoes are the most easily sold. Some veggies will do well in certain places but not in others (for example cucumbers and lettuce).

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  • Can you grow tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse?

    You can choose to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse border for them to have a sufficient place to climb, get enough sunlight, and for them to get enough water most of the time. While there will be fewer infections, there may not be enough water.

  • Can you grow tomatoes and bell peppers together?

    Since they have comparable growing needs, they may really be grown pretty effectively together. Diseases common to both tomato and pepper include Verticillium wilt and bacterial spot.

  • Is it OK to plant peppers next to tomatoes?

    You may hear that you should avoid planting eggplants and tomatoes near peppers. Yet, they can coexist if you rotate where you plant them every few years.

  • Are tomatoes and bell peppers companions?

    Is it possible to grow tomatoes and peppers together? Sweet and spicy peppers make good companion plants. Possibly because they are related; they are both nightshade plants.

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